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Osama News

Al-Qaida leader threatens U.S. over fate of marathon bomber

Cairo - The leader of the al-Qaida terrorist group blamed for destroying New York's World Trade Center in 2001 is again threatening the United States, this time over the fate of convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Osama K. charged with 'terrorist murders' over Brussels attacks

Brussels - Osama K. has been charged with taking part in "the activities of a terrorist group and terrorist murders" in connection with the Brussels airport and subway bombings, prosecutors said Saturday.Osama K.

US intelligence in Jordan captured Bin Laden's son-in-law

Bin Laden's son-in-law Suleiman Abu Ghaith, who once served as an al Qaeda spokesman, was in US custody on Thursday following a secret operation involving Jordanian intelligence services, the CIA and the FBI.

Pakistan jails Bin Laden's relatives

On Monday three wives and two daughters of Osama Bin Laden have been sentenced to six weeks in jail for illegally entering Pakistan.

Op-Ed: American-Pakistani Friendship — At an End?

American-Pakistani friendship is not ending -- it never existed. We can find ways not to need their assistance. Lowering our profile in the Muslim world is a good place to start.

Highly trained dog, Cairo was part of SEALs that killed bin Laden

Washington Navy Yard - A highly trained dog called Cairo was part of the SEAL Team six that raided Osama bin Laden’s compound, Abbottabad eventually killing him.

Terrorists attack Pakistan largest naval air base

Karachi - At least 10 members of the Pakistan security forces were killed along with four guerrillas when a Taliban sieged a Navy base in the country’s largest city, Karachi.

Killing bin Laden: I would do it again – Obama

London - US President, Barack Obama told BBC he would order another raid like the one which killed Osama bin Laden if necessary, to stop terrorist attacks.

Pakistan Prime Minister: Washington helped create al-Qaeda

Islamabad - Yuzuf Raza Gilani, Pakistan prime minister told parliamentarians that it was Washington that helped create al-Qaeda during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Osama bin Laden 'was not armed' during raid

Watching a White House press briefing on Tuesday, WH Spokesman Jay Carney read from a prepared narrative and told the world that when he was shot and killed, Osama bin Laden was providing resistance but was "not armed."

Teenagers ask Yahoo important question: Who is Osama bin Laden?

As American citizens rejoice that special operations personnel murdered the mastermind behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Osama bin Laden, many teenagers are asking: Who is this bin Laden guy?

Pakistan said to be embarrassed over Bin Laden intelligence gaffe

Pakistan has admitted that it is embarrassed by the intelligence failure that allowed authorities there to not be aware of Osama Bin Laden’s presence in the country.

Prominent U.S. Muslim group welcomes news of Bin Laden's death

Washington - A prominent U.S. Muslim advocacy and civil rights group has welcomed the news that Osama Bin Laden was killed yesterday by U.S. troops.

Op-Ed: The bastard is dead — What now?

The instigator of one of the world’s ugliest conflicts is dead, and may any other fanatic exploiting human misery join him, preferably soon. The problem remains whether the terrorist industry will continue making other people die for their beliefs.

Is Osama Bin Laden hiding in Washington?

Washington - Is Osama bin Laden hiding under the noses of the United States government in Washington, DC? The Iranian President says so in an interview on Good Morning America.

Op-Ed: Hey bin Laden, I'm talking to you

The news today of the release of new pictures of lower Manhattan following the 9/11 attacks is very similar to opening an old wound.

Osama bin Laden on death bed?

Time Magazine has reported that Osama bin Laden is suffering from a severe kidney disease and may have only a few months to live.

Clinton and Osama to Meet, According to The Detroit News

President Bush may not have been able to find him, but according to the Detroit News, Hillary Clinton will be meeting with Osama bin Laden. Maybe there was something to her claim that she knew how to deal with terrorists after all.

Killer elephant nicknamed 'Osama' shot dead in India

The wild elephant nicknamed “Osama bin Laden” that has been terrorizing villagers in eastern India for the last two months was finally shot dead. Osama is blamed to have killed at least 11 people and injured dozens of others.

Osama bin Laden's son wants to meet the pope

Omar bin Laden is one of the many children Osama bin Laden fathered and now in a bizarre news story Omar is seeking out a meeting with the pope. Omar is describes himself as a practicing Muslim.

Detainee admits he was Osama Bid Laden's driver

A man being detained at Guantanamo bay has admitted he was a driver for Osama Bid Laden and he also had some knowledge of terrorist attacks. His defense is denying that he had any role or knowledge of terrorist attacks.

Bush Misses the Point, Again

In a speech President Bush gave at a Coast Guard Academy graduation ceremony, he pointed to declassified intelligence that says Osama Bin Laden thought about sending a top lieutenant to Iraq in 2005. But he's missing the point.

Obama Osama?

Is a terrorist really going to run for president?

If Alive, Osama bin Laden turns 50

Osama's birthday is Saturday.

Taliban Official: Bin Laden Is Alive

A senior Taliban commander says Osama is alive

Killer Jaguar Had Mean Twin Named Osama

A Bolivian-born jaguar that killed a Denver zookeeper was well-behaved as a young cat but his twin was so mean that his handlers named him Osama.

REPORT: US Secret "Task Force 145" Assasinated Osama's Brother In Law

Khalifa had an extensive history in funding, plotting al-Qaeda terrorist activities; Task Force 145 likely scored the kill.

Al-Qaeda Claims To Have Downed A US Military Helicopter

The Iraqi branch of terror network Al-Qaeda said it shot down a US helicopter that crashed in Iraq at the weekend killing 12 US troops.

Mullah Omar says hasn't seen Osama bin Laden for years

Taliban Leader Mullah Omar claims he hasn't met or spoken with Osama Bin Laden since 2001.

CNN Apologizes for Mistaken Headline

CNN apologized Tuesday for mistakenly promoting a story on the search for Osama bin Laden with the headline "Where's Obama?"
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Bashar al-Assad  President of Syria  reviewing the military guard of honour
Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria, reviewing the military guard of honour
 Cheering for Osama: How jihadists use internet discussion forums  aims to re-focus attention on the...
'Cheering for Osama: How jihadists use internet discussion forums' aims to re-focus attention on the ideological content of these websites and to show how pro-jihadist individuals interact on the sites’ forums in order to share religiously-framed justifications for violence.
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Osama's compound illustration
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John Brennan, second from right, in situation room during raid on Osama bin Laden
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One of the still picture of Osama bin Laden shown on a jihadist website.
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