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Oppression News

Op-Ed: Refugees, Totalitarians and the West

The solution to the migrant crises in Europe is not open borders or donations to refugee camps. Instead, oppressors must be removed and there must be a concerted effort help to create tolerant, pluralist societies.

Desmond Tutu: I will NOT vote ANC!

Desmond Tutu has confirmed that he will not be voting for the ANC in the upcoming elections, and has subtly called on South Africans to do the same by advising them to think and pray before they vote, and not to just vote "like cattle".

SABC bans DA television commercial critical of ANC

The South African Broadcasting Commission (SABC) has banned and refuses to show a Democratic Alliance (DA) political television commercial critical of current ANC government, ahead of the coming May elections.

At Pennsylvania jail, guards staged inmate fights for food

York - Three Pennsylvania prison guards stand accused of running what one of them called the “Retard Olympics" — forcing inmates to fight each other in exchange for food, police said.

Op-Ed: Americans, let's stop and reflect a moment shall we?

America is facing some of the hardest times we have faced since the great depression. But honestly, is it really that bad? A moment of reflection reminds us that we are luckier than most.

18 sanctioned hairstyles North Korean women encouraged to choose

In a world where oppression is often discouraged, North Korea issues 18 approved and sanctioned hairstyles that women are encouraged to choose from. Men have only ten choices to choose from.

Lawyer on UK Churches: 'no legal grounds to resist' gay marriage

United Kingdom - Following a coalition government decision to legalize same-sex marriage last fall, a Catholic attorney warns that the Catholic Church and others could be prosecuted despite assurances to the contrary from PM David Cameron's government.

Op-Ed: Bahrain's Sordid Suppression

The continuing suppression in Bahrain following the brutal and callous crackdown of a peaceful countrywide democratic insurrection is utterly reprehensible. As is the western powers avoidance to help those seeking justice in their righteous struggle.

Op-Ed: Russia Then And Now Special

Moscow - When the Israelites fled Egypt, they wandered in the desert for forty years until the generation born into slavery had died.

Berlin Wall, symbol of Communist oppression rose 50 years ago

Berlin - Germany has marked the coup-like overnight building of the Berlin Wall, aimed at preventing further defections to the West by those living in the shadow of East German Communism.

Op-Ed: Deadly dangers of Freedom of Speech, alive tomorrow in Sri Lanka

What’s happened to journalists and others who speak out against the dictatorial government of Sri Lanka? Who’s on the “hit list” the government’s state intelligence units have drawn up? One day they’re here, the next day they’ve vanished.

Op-Ed: Oppression Borne Out Of Fear

Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress are afraid of us. They know there is unrest among the heartland of America, despite the mandate the November election supposedly gave them.

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