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Environmental stressors affect cell aging

Researchers have looked at cell aging, by studying yeast to mimic human cells. They found that caffeine potentially increases cell aging.

Depression can 'speed up aging'

Cells in the bodies of depressed people appear older and contain chromosomes that are shorter, according to a new study. This can lead to physical manifestations of aging.

Interview: Detroit rapper Danny Brown Special

Detroit - Wednesday afternoon, I sat down with Detroit rapper Danny Brown to discuss a variety of topics including his upcoming album "Old" and going on tour with fellow rapper Action Bronson.

Photo Essay: Amsterdam, tapestry of old and new architecture Special

Amsterdam - Unlike Hongkong, Montreal and a few other cities, Amsterdam does not have an internationally known and recognized skyline. Instead, the Dutch capital is more like a tapestry where sometimes the architecture is very modern, then again charmingly old.

U.S. Congressman claims energy bill will kill senior citizens

Speaking on the floor of the US House, Representative Paul Broun (R-Georgia) made the ominous assertion that old “people are gonna die” if the America Power Act becomes law.

Professor finds century-old Oxford Dictionary

Next time you are playing a game of Scrabble think twice before reaching for the Oxford Dictionary because errors do exist, as proven by an Australian professor who recently found an error that was almost a century old.

Robocats perfect companion for the elders

The Royal Academy of Engineering earlier published a report, suggesting that robot cats and other man-made domestic pets could help older people.

70-Year-Old Grandma Gives Birth to Twins

70-year-old grandma, Omkari Panwar, gave birth to twins on Friday. This makes her the oldest woman ever to give birth.

Old Ain't What It Used To Be

Remember when old was sixty? During the 1980s television portrayed middle-aged women as old, senior citizens. Today's old looks pretty good. Sixty no longer means leisure suits and retirement homes. Look at Goldie Hawn, she's 60ish and still going strong.

Silver surfers beat the young as Web wizards

Retired people surfing the internet are spending more time online than their younger counterparts. "Silver surfers" dedicate an average of 42 hours a month to the World Wide Web, compared with 37.9 hours among 18 to 24-year-olds.

Being An Old Git Is Not Just A Bad Joke

We have delighted ourselves in creating some of the best loved film and TV characters over the years through the stereotype of a grumpy old man, yet scientists say that it's a trait they actually can't help. Aging affects your sense of humour

What happens to your old consoles?

Now that the new Generation for gaming is here, what do you do with your old consoles? Do you just put them in the closet for 10 years then chuck them or do you still play them?

Digital Journal: Then and Now

Do you wonder how Digital Journal looked back in 1999? How Digital Journal was before User news? Then this post will show you the history of the site with tons of pictures.

It's Never Too Early To Start Training To Be Old

Geriatric specialists claim that people should start planning now for how life is going to be for them when they are old.

MIA Gives Old Crotchety Man Anchor Desk...Just For a Few...

I value our Senior Citizens, so as an interesting experiment, I drove around until I found an old guy sitting in his rocking chair, on his porch, clutching a shotgun. When he told me to get off his lawn, I knew I had the right guy...He will fill in for me

Owners want to tear down the 100 year-old house

The fate of a historic Queen Anne cottage that a developer plans to tear down has divided residents of Toronto's Beach neighbourhood.

‘World’s oldest person’ dies in El Salvador

Records showed Hernandez to be 128, but Guinness never acknowledged.

Remember the Old Negro Spirituals?

I was driving home tonight and the tape was playing...this old traditional Negro Spiritual came on and I found myself singing along. I first heard this song done by the brother and sister group, Selah.

Abduction attempt of a 14 year old girl

Simcoe County police are looking for a man who tried to abduct a 14 year old girl on her way to school Friday.

17 Year Old Sentenced To Life For $2 Robbery

A 17 year old was arrested for armed robbery for $2 and on 10 Year probation he smoked Marijuana was sentenced to life imprisonment.

'Old women are no good'

After he had raped her the second time, he told her: "Old women are no good." It's reported that she had never done any harm to the man but one of her family members had run over and killed his brother. That's some really sick payback.

Amazing 4 Year Old Drummer

This 4 year old plays better than most adults

Nine-year-old boy assaulted, cut

Police believe a man tried to abduct a 9 year old Nova Scotia boy.

How Old Is Too Old To Drive?

After an 84-year-old driver plowed through an elementary school lunchroom this week, killing an 8-year-old boy, his mother pressed lawmakers to bar the elderly from getting behind the wheel.

Wall falls on boy as storms rage in england

Storms have raged through England killing nine people including a 2 year old boy it was believed he was out walking with his child minder at the time and the wall collapsed on them, his head injuries were so serious that he died at the scene. Such a...

Old dog Haven is heaven on earth for old dogs

A nursing retirement home for old dogs.

How Old are your Spices?

Check the age of the Spices in your Kitchen Cabinets with a Date Code Decoder from McCormick.

Girl Kicked Off Plane After Tantrum

Flight attendants working for AirTran Airways in Florida had enough of obnoxious passengers-- including one 3-year-old little girl, whom they kicked off the plane.

16-Year-Old Kid Gets 90 Years for Viewing Porn?

A 16 year old kid gets 90 Years Prison Sentence and has to go through 2 year ordeal to clear his name.
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Old Image

The abandoned Michigan Central Station train depot
The abandoned Michigan Central Station train depot
This bridge is one of the last of its kind in this part of NY
This bridge is one of the last of its kind in this part of NY
And abandoned schoolhouse
And abandoned schoolhouse
Atelier Teee
This bridge is one of the last of its kind in this part of NY
This bridge is one of the last of its kind in this part of NY
Senior veterans from various service associations including  Lin  Barrett  fourth from the left.
Senior veterans from various service associations including "Lin" Barrett, fourth from the left.
This bridge is one of the last of its kind in this part of NY
This bridge is one of the last of its kind in this part of NY
An old blackberry cell phone on a Bell mouse pad.
An old blackberry cell phone on a Bell mouse pad.
Image of a London Bus  1927
Image of a London Bus, 1927
This bridge is one of the last of its kind in this part of NY
This bridge is one of the last of its kind in this part of NY
AZAdam (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Retirees at a National Guard Officers Association conference
Retirees at a National Guard Officers Association conference

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