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Nvidia News

NVIDIA AI helps the U.S. research cancer treatments

NVIDIA has announced a new partnership with the National Cancer Institute and the U.S. Department of Energy. The company will supply artificial intelligence software that it hopes will accelerate cancer research and "deliver a decade of advances."

NVIDIA criticised for forcing people to log in to its gaming app

NVIDIA has been criticised by customers after a recent overhaul of its graphics card software introduced mandatory logins to use the advanced features of its hardware. An account is now required for simple tasks like driver updates, to user discontent.

Acer unveils the world's first curved laptop, offers insane specs

Acer has unveiled what is possibly the most overkill gaming laptop ever created, a 21-inch curved goliath featuring an Intel Core i7 processor, two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards and five cooling fans to keep it all running.

Adobe has built 3D digital paint that feels like the real thing

Adobe Research has collaborated with NVIDIA to build the world's first 3D Oil Painting Simulator. The goal of the project, known as "Wetbrush," is to create 3D digital paint that behaves like the real thing down to the feel of it on the virtual canvas.

NVIDIA unveils world's fastest GPU, tailored to virtual reality

NVIDIA has unveiled a pair of new workstation graphics cards that are the most powerful models ever built. They are designed to enable artists, graphic designers and developers to work faster and with more creativity than before, building new experiences.

NVIDIA unveils 'crazy, reckless' $1,200 GTX TITAN X graphics card

NVIDIA has unveiled a new extremely high performance PC graphics card for enthusiast hardware buyers. The new GTX TITAN X is based on NVIDIA's Pascal architecture and replaces last year's card of the same name. It is one of the fastest GPUs ever built.

Tablet News: Nvidia's entry, small screens and Microsoft prices

Microsoft, Nvidia and established names such as Lenovo are all gearing up for a new wave of competition in the tablet market.

Nvidia puts plans for new Silicon Valley campus on hold

Graphics chipmaker Nvidia Corp has halted plans to build a flashy new campus that could have rivaled the architectural ambitions of major Silicon Valley neighbors like Facebook Inc and Apple Inc....

'Grand Theft Auto V' coming to PC this fall according to NVIDIA

According to Chris Evenden, NVIDIA’s Senior Director of Investor Relations, 'Grand Theft Auto V' may be available for the PC by Fall 2013.

Video: Evolution of PC graphics over a 14-year span

YouTube user PerfectHandVideos uploaded a long video that details the evolution that PC games have gone through in regards to graphics. This video tracks the progression of game graphics from 2000 to 2013.

Archos entering portable gaming industry with the GamePad

Archos, historically being a smaller player in the mobile communications industry, is taking another leap towards making a mark with their latest release.

Video: Razer Edge CES 2013 demonstration

Las Vegas - The company called Razer has unveiled its gamer-themed tablet called the Razer Edge which can function like a regular tablet, a laptop, and a portable console.

Valve's 'Steam Box,' a possible rival to Playstation or Xbox?

Game developer Valve, working with Nvidia and the Xi3 Corporation, has plans for a home-based console for its library of games available on the Steam Network.

Nvidia's 'Project Shield' handheld, look out Nintendo & Sony

With the unveiling of "Project Shield," Nvidia could become a possible competitor to Sony and Nintendo in the mobile game console market.

YouTube, Nvidia push 3D streaming video

In an effort to further introduce 3D into user's daily lives, YouTube has teamed up with Firefox and Nvidia to offer better quality 3D streaming video.

Nvidia 128 core Graphics Card

Their new professional grade graphics cards have 128 cores. Yes, 128. That's the equivalent of 128 1.35GHz processors all working together at the same time. While it's aimed at graphics and video pros, I'm pretty sure it would do a pretty good job at runn

Nvidia Shares Affected by Weaker Playstation 3 Demand

Growing concers surrounding the slow demand of the PS3 is having an impact on some of its partners. Nvidia

Finally NVIDIA drivers for Linux

Drivers by NVIDIA for Linux x 86 platforms!

NVIDIA's acquisition of PortalPlayer could be iPod-driven

From the article at appleinsider it appears there's possibly more coming to ipod? Possibly more to the purchase by nvidia?

Nvidia to Buy PortalPlayer for $357M

The year of the aquisitions continues

Nvidia to bring "World's Fastest GPU" to Notebooks

Nvidia to team with Dell's enthusiast line of notebook computers.

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Nvidia Image

NVIDIA Quadro P6000
NVIDIA Quadro P6000
The NVIDIA TITAN X  the company s most powerful graphics card ever
The NVIDIA TITAN X, the company's most powerful graphics card ever
Nvidia Quadro
Nvidia Quadro
sean dreilinger
NVIDIA GeForce Experience 3.0 official images
NVIDIA GeForce Experience 3.0 official images
Project Wetbrush  the world s most advanced 3D Oil Painting Simulator
Project Wetbrush, the world's most advanced 3D Oil Painting Simulator
Project Wetbrush  the world s most advanced 3D Oil Painting Simulator
Project Wetbrush, the world's most advanced 3D Oil Painting Simulator
 Project Shield   the codename for Nvidia s mobile gaming console.
"Project Shield," the codename for Nvidia's mobile gaming console.
Nvidia: Project SHIELD
Nvidia: Project SHIELD
Nvidia Corp.
NVIDIA GeForce Experience 3.0 official images
NVIDIA GeForce Experience 3.0 official images

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