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Nuclear reactors News

One of America's oldest power companies is going carbon-free

New Jersey energy company Public Service Enterprise Group Inc (PSEG) plans to shut all but three of its fossil fuel-fired power plants in a bid to cut carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2046 from 2005 levels, according to Chief Executive Ralph Izzo.

Finding cracks in nuclear reactors using a form of A.I.

A system under development at Purdue University uses artificial intelligence to detect cracks captured in videos of nuclear reactors and represents a future inspection technology to help reduce accidents and maintenance costs.

Global fears grow with building of nuclear reactor in Karachi

Karachi - China has reportedly signed an agreement with Pakistan to supply two nuclear reactors to the energy-starved country, despite an international ban on supplying nuclear technology to the country.

N. Korea may be restarting nuclear reactor for atom bomb research

U.S. security think tank 38 North has analyzed satellite imagery and surmises that North Korea may be restarting a research reactor to carry on atomic bomb research.

Japan's nuclear reactors near active volcanoes 'unsafe'

The unexpected eruption of Mount Ontake in Central Japan on Sept. 27 has renewed concerns over nuclear power plants' safety. A prominent vulcanologist is disputing the decision to put two Sendai nuclear power plant reactors back on line.

Nuclear waste in Kara Sea could spread to other continents

In 1992 the world learned the former Soviet Union had used the Arctic Ocean as a dumping ground for liquid and solid nuclear waste. The waste, including nuclear subs was mostly confined to an area off the coast of Novaya Zemlya, in the Kara Sea.

Kodak kept nuclear reactor in its basement, packed with uranium

Rochester - A well-kept secret for three decades, it is now coming to light that Eastman Kodak kept a nuclear reactor, including uranium, in a basement bunker near its Rochester, N.Y. facilities.

Japan drafts bill to help compensate Fukushima nuclear disaster

Fukushima - Politicians in Japan have passed a bill to help Tokyo Electric Power pay billions of dollars in compensation to those hurt by the nuclear disaster in Fukushima.

Candu nuclear reactors may be able to recycle spent nuclear material

At long last spent nuclear fuel from other reactors may be recycled in Candu style reactors.

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