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New anti-forgery 50-euro note launched

Paris - A new 50-euro note was launched in the 19 eurozone countries on Monday featuring a host of innovative touches designed to make it harder to forge.

Expedia apologizes after customer gets note saying "f--k you"

Los Angeles - A woman in Los Angeles said her New Year's travel reservation was suddenly canceled by Expedia. Asides from that, she said an employee left a nasty message on her itinerary.

Galaxy Note 5 design flaw gets S Pen stuck in device backwards

A major design flaw in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 could allow users to accidentally break one of the most attractive features of the device by inserting the S Pen backwards after use. Testers have found it becomes completely stuck and breaks pen detection.

Samsung reveals its Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ phablet flagships

Samsung has launched its two new premium-tier phablet-sized Android smartphones at its Unpacked event in New York. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ is joining an updated, glass-backed stylus-touting Note 5 — but the latter device won't be coming to Europe.

You can eject the Samsung Galaxy Note 5's stylus with your voice

A leak has suggested that Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 5 phablet will be able to automatically eject its stylus from the body of the phone when told to using a special voice command in a manner that has been likened to scenes in Star Wars.

Microsoft has bought popular to-do list app Wunderlist

Microsoft has announced that it has bought the immensely popular productivity app Wunderlist. The acclaimed app allows users to create synchronised to-do lists with reminders and due dates and then share lists with friends, family and co-workers.

Samsung letting Apple Watch hype end before launching its own

Samsung has reportedly postponed the launch of its anticipated next-generation smartwatch until much later this year as it faces strong opposition from the popular Apple Watch. Samsung's new offer is expected to have a round display for the first time.

Dropbox is making a new app for note-takers

The cloud storage provider Dropbox is working on a new productivity app for note-takers. Currently in testing with a limited number of users, the online app will rival services like Microsoft OneNote, Google Keep and Evernote.

Five different Samsung Galaxy S6 versions shown off in photo

A new promotional image leaked online has suggested that there could be as many as five distinct versions of Samsung's next-generation flagship handset, the Galaxy S6, including one equipped with the wrap-around Edge display from the Galaxy Note Edge.

AT&T to sell the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge from November

AT&T have announced that they will be selling Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge curved-screen phablet in select retail stores from this month.

Josh Gracin seeks help for depression following suicide note

Josh Gracin, an American Idol season 2 fourth place finalist and country music singer, is getting treated for depression.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date could be September 3rd

The successor to Samsung's successful Note 3 phablet device, the Note 4, could be with us in a little over three months according to a Samsung insider.

Employee leaves note telling their boss to be on time

Grand Rapids - A BP gas station employee in Grand Rapids, Michigan, left his boss an angry note for all of the store's customers to see.

Op-Ed: Why Samsung could dominate the smartphone market completely

The Mobile World Congress, to be held at Barcelona is just a day away, but Samsung is one of the smartphone manufacturers that have been reportedly working on several different angles.

Note from traffic cop goes viral

On Sunday a photo of a note that was placed on a vehicle was posted to Reddit. The note was from an on-duty traffic cop.

Mom sent sweet note to second grader, got not-so-sweet response

A mom sent a sweet loving note to her second grade son in his lunch box, but the grouchy recipient returned a blunt response. Coming from a boy only being honest about his feelings, mom was sport enough to see the funny side of it.

Burglar apologizes, returns loot and adds $50 for broken door

A burglar in the small Ontario city of Guelph has had a change of heart and has returned all the loot along with a letter of apology and $50 to repair a door broken in the heist.

TSA agent loses job after leaving note about sex toy in luggage

The TSA has decided to remove an employee from their job after a hand-written note saying “Get Your Freak On, Girl” was left in a woman's luggage with her vibrator.

Please excuse Kennedy from class, signed Barack Obama

Kennedy Corpus missed the last day of school but chances are she will be excused when she turns in a note for her teacher. The Green Bay student was with her father at a town hall meeting that President Obama was attending.

Loaf of Bread Costs $16 million Zimbabwe Dollars

With rising inflation and election turmoil, the prices of basic food items have skyrocketed in Zimbabwe. A loaf of bread now costs 16 million Zimbabwe dollars.

Robber leaves note: 'Sorry, wrong house'

A robber broke into a house and stole Christmas gifts, money and items but later realized it was the wrong house. In a strange report, the robber actually left an apology note to the homeowner.

Ransom Note Generator

Don't have any magazine's around and need to kidnap somebody for ransom? Well the internet has now provided the ransom note generator!

Shane Richie's Note Of It's All Too Much

Ex Eastenders star and all round TV actor, Shane Richie leaves an apparent suicide note says The UK Sun newspaper.

Funny Car Apology Note You will ever See

A Funny Car Apology Note after an Accident

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Microsoft has acquired listing app Wunderlist
Microsoft has acquired listing app Wunderlist
Fellow Operation Beautiful activist and best friend  Grace.
Fellow Operation Beautiful activist and best friend, Grace.
Operation Beautiful
A note found in a  time capsule  containing half a billion German Reichsmarks hidden in 1930 in the ...
A note found in a "time capsule" containing half a billion German Reichsmarks hidden in 1930 in the organ in Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway.
Per Fridtjov Bonsaksen - Fair Use
Operation Beautiful

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