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North America News

Pixies to perform show dates in North America this winter

Acclaimed rock group Pixies will be playing six concerts in North America this winter. They just released a new album "Beneath the Eyrie" on September 13.

Canadian company produces its first battery-grade cobalt sulfate

Ontario - First Cobalt Corp. announced it has successfully produced a battery grade cobalt sulfate using the First Cobalt Refinery flowsheet, bringing the company closer to recommissioning the only permitted primary cobalt refinery in North America.

Pot-infused beverage market could hit $600 million by 2022

With recreational cannabis already legal in Canada, and more states in the U.S. opting to legalize the product, the interest in cannabis-infused alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is on the rise.

GM offering buyouts to 18,000 salaried employees in N.A.

General Motors will attempt to cut costs by offering buyouts to about 18,000 white-collar workers in North America. The offer was announced on Wednesday and is focused on salaried workers with 12 or more years of service.

Western North America drought conditions fuel deadly wildfires

Hot and dry, with no rain in sight - This has been the weather forecast for much of the western coast of North America for the past several weeks, worsening drought-like conditions leading to hundreds of wildfires.

Nana Mouskouri talks 'Forever Young' CD, music career, world tour Special

Best-selling music artist Nana Mouskouri chatted with Digital Journal about her new album "Forever Young," her respected career, and her upcoming shows in North America, as part of her 2018 world tour.

Genus of extinct North American horse was 'evolutionary dead end'

A new branch of the horse family, called the stilt-legged horse, has been named after the Canadian who first studied its fossil remains in the Yukon, where it lived until the end of the last ice age.

Wire transfers a thing of the past thanks to Plooto Special

Toronto - Business analysts as reported by Huffington Post, to Business Weekly and Forbes have all noted the impact small business has made upon the economy.

Toronto is the fastest-growing tech market in North America

A new report shows that Toronto is North America’s fastest-growing tech market. The fourth largest city in North America is becoming a leader in all things technology and innovation.

Deadly snake fungus has now been found in wild snakes in Europe

A fungal disease that has been killing wild snakes in over 30 states in the U.S. and Canada has now been identified for the first time in wild snakes in Europe, according to the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

Deadly fungus found in over 30 species of snakes in US and Canada

Fungal diseases are an emerging threat to animals worldwide, including bats, frogs, and salamanders. Now, at least 30 snake species in North America are being hit with a deadly fungal infection and scientists want to know why.

Heiltsuk village site on BC's Triquet Island is 14,000 years old

Some rare finds by archaeologists on Triquet Island on B.C.'s Central Coast are lending credence to the oral history of the Heiltsuk Nation that talks of a land that never froze, where their people have lived since "time immemorial."

North American ice sheet disappearing due to global warming

Rising temperatures in the Canadian Arctic are causing the last remnants of the ice sheet that once covered much of North America to disappear. According to a new study, the Barnes Ice Cap will be gone in 300 years.

Anchovy-stuffed olives from Spain recalled in U.S., Canada

American Roland Food Corp. of New York, NY, in cooperation with the manufacturer in Spain, is recalling one lot of Roland Manzanilla Olives Stuffed with Anchovies due to a product quality issue. The recall covers the U.S. and Canada.

Google, FB team up to build undersea cable from U.S. to Asia

Facebook and Google have teamed up to take part in the construction of a high-capacity internet cable connecting North America and Asia.

Waters off North America's west coast affected by climate change

The ocean chemistry along North America's West Coast is changing rapidly because of global carbon dioxide emissions and action needs to be taken now to mitigate the effects of these changes.

Chance of snow for Christmas? That depends on where you live

Christmas weather conditions around the world this year are as varied as the fishes in the sea. From western North America, to southern Australia, and from Brazil to London, El Nino has really been messing around with us.

Scientists: Ban live salamander imports to stop deadly fungus

Scientists in the U.S. are calling for a ban on the import of live salamanders to save their wild brethren from a deadly fungus that has wiped out their populations in the Netherlands and caused a rapid decline in salamander populations across Europe.

Yukon fossil bones provide DNA, shakeup camel family tree

Ice age camel bones, discovered in the Yukon, are rearranging the camel family tree. Until their extinction around 13,000, western camels were quite common in western North America.

East Asia traded with New World 1,000 years before Columbus

Artifacts found in Alaska confirm that East Asians from China, Korea and Yakutia traded with North Americans a thousand years before Columbus arrived.

Tick-borne diseases put us at risk in warming world

Millbrook - Warmer spring and fall temperatures, in the Northeastern United States have influenced the earlier emergence of the black-legged tick, a carrier of Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases, while other species have expanded their geographical range.

Armin van Buuren to tour North America and Canada in December

Electronic dance music fans in North America and Canada are in for a real treat in December. Armin van Buuren will be touring in the area.

Backpacker arrested for remaining in U.S half hour too long

A South American backpacker visiting the United States was locked in federal detention after reportedly over-extending his stay by 30 minutes. Diego Simonassi said he roamed freely with just a backpack in the United States for six months.

Evidence of 'super bacteria' found in North American squid

A strain of bacteria which is resistant to most normal antibiotics was discovered at a grocery store in Saskatoon, Canada. This has some troubling implications for food safety.

Lorde announces fall tour in North America

Two-time Grammy winner Lorde announced that she will be returning to North America this fall. Her tour will begin in Philadelphia's Mann Center on September 5.

Samsung plans to launch Tizen smartphone in Russia and India

The much talked about Tizen brewed by Samsung Electronics is becoming a reality. Samsung is preparing the launch of an Tizen based smartphone to two countries.

USA should be prime viewing for Tuesday's red moon

There's going to be a red moon rising over North America early Tuesday morning, only it's not exactly red but only looks that way.

Recent flu vaccine efficacy estimate higher in Canada than Spain

Canadian researchers estimate that this season's flu vaccine is about 70 percent effective so far, which is much higher than the recent 24 percent estimate reported by a Spanish team.

Canada's Caribou habitat endangered because of climate change

The North American caribou, and in particular, the Woodland caribou found in the southern Canadian Rockies and northern America are already an endangered species. Now, there is concern over their specialized habitat disappearing, perhaps forever.

Singer Lorde to tour North America in 2014

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Lorde has announced a North American tour, where she will play 16 dates throughout the country.
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Singer Lorde to tour North America this fall
Singer Lorde to tour North America this fall
Andrew Whitton
North American Indian migration into North Dakota
North American Indian migration into North Dakota
National Park Service
Grizzly bears in Yellowstone National Park.
Photo taken: Feb. 24  2013.
Grizzly bears in Yellowstone National Park. Photo taken: Feb. 24, 2013.
Servheen Chris / National Digital Library of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service
Grizzly bear on a rock overlook.
Grizzly bear on a rock overlook.
Bauer, Erwin and Peggy, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo)  photographed in Eastern United States.
Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo), photographed in Eastern United States.
A man falls while slipping on ice during freezing rain on Roosevelt Island  a borough of Manhattan i...
A man falls while slipping on ice during freezing rain on Roosevelt Island, a borough of Manhattan in New York January 5, 2014. The man got up and walked away from the fall
With permission by Reuters / Zoran Milich
North American Drought Monitor

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