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Nerves News

Advances in gene therapy to help paralysis

A new study has successfully used gene therapy to cure paralyzed rats. Some degree of limb function was restored to the rats. The success raises hopes that the treatment could be deployed to assist people who are unable to move their limbs.

3D bioprinting regenerates nerve cells

In the latest technological leap with 3D printing, scientists are close to using a device to regenerate neurons. This is through the use of a tissue-printing machine.

'Magic' electronic implant leaves arthritis sufferers pain free

A major breakthrough has taken place in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. A revolutionary approach using an electronic implant has brought significant relief to those who suffer the most painful symptoms of the disease.

Nerve cells linked to locust swarming

Nottingham - Researchers have linked nerve cells found in desert locusts that trigger ‘gang-like' gregarious behavior when they come together in a crowd. The research informs about brain chemicals and the control of behavior.

New light shed on emotional fear

Bad experiences and unpleasant events can remain etched into the brain for a person’s entire life. A new study has identified the brain processes at work that enable ‘bad thoughts’ to remain.

Scientists map out the 'emotional body'

Liverpool - Scientists examining neurons that respond to gentle touch has shown that people find strokes on another person's back and shoulder more pleasurable than strokes to the forearm and hand. This has led to the creation of an "emotional map" of the human body.

Altering neurons improves autism in mice

Fixing impaired neurons appears to ease the symptoms of autism in laboratory studies on mice, where mice have the disorder. This is according to a new study published in the journal Neuron.

How do nerves 'fire'?

Nerve cells recycle tiny bubbles or "vesicles" that send chemical nerve signals from one cell to the next, according to a new study. The process is much faster and different to previously thought.

Complicated electronics: The first retina wiring diagram produced

Researchers have created a neural wiring diagram of a chunk of mouse retina by analyzing thousands of electron microscopy images. This has produced the first map of an animal's retina.

Video: Is this the most easily scared guy in the world?

Arendal - Basse Andersen from Arendal (Norway) is probably the most easily scared guy you have ever seen. His workmates are constantly pulling pranks to give him a fright.

Filming Blood Vessel Cells Enables Researchers to Understand Cancer Cells' Migration

A new method of filming blood-vessel cells that move in accordance with targeted signals has been developed by researchers at Uppsala University in collaboration with researchers at the University of California.

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Stained pyramidal neurons in cerebral cortex
Stained pyramidal neurons in cerebral cortex
UC Regents Davis campus

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