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Napster News

Interview with Wayne Chang: Entrepreneur and investor Special

Wayne Chang, serial entrepreneur and angel investor, chatted with Digital Journal. His latest company, Crashlytics, was acquired by Twitter in 2013 in its largest acquisition at the time.

Napster co-founders launch Airtime, a video chat service

A new video website, Airtime, has just been launched by Napster creators Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning. The company's debut kicked off June 5 in New York City.

Napster creators team up again with social video company, Airtime

It looks like Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning, the duo that transformed the concept of music sharing, are teaming up again in a new venture. Parker is also known for being one of the first investors in Facebook.

Napster launches new digital music service

New Napster sees users get five unrestricted MP3 downloads, and unlimited access to Napster’s award-winning on-demand music streaming service.

Music File-Sharing Lawsuits To End

Effectively ending what some proclaimed to be unjust and time-wasting, the RIAA has finally decided to stop seeking lawsuits against music file sharers.

Best Buy to Acquire Napster for $121 Million

Best Buy announced it will purchase digital music retailer Napster for $121 million. The acquisition bolsters Best Buy's chances at competing against Web music giants Amazon and Apple's iTunes. Napster has close to 700,000 subscribers.

RIAA May Have to Talk to the Supreme Court

"This case is about the ability of an innocent defendant accused of copyright infringement to defend himself in court, litigate his defenses, and, if successful, recover his attorney's fees."

Napster Pleased with Quarterly Earnings

Napster expressed optimism on Thursday ahead of its fiscal third quarter financial review.

Napster: Free download of the day

Online music service Napster is giving away MP3s again--sort of. Starting yesterday, music fans can download a free (and legal) MP3 every day.

Napster on the Block

All I have to say is "Why?"...

Music Industry Pounded in P2P Battle

Washington (djc) - A recent Washington, D.C. federal appeals court ruling said that the American recording industry must first obtain a subpoena from a judge before forcing Internet service providers to reveal the names of online music swappers. The...

CD Baby Gives Upstart Musicians a Digital Chance

PORTLAND, Oregon (voa) — As the large record labels struggle to deal with evolving online music sharing companies like Napster and Kazaa, other businesses are getting a chance to break into the music marketing industry. Like many young people, Derek..

Life After Napster

Will Internet Users Pay for Music? For many Internet users, Napster was easy to get along with. Swapping digitized music was as simple as logging on, opening the program, searching for songs or artists, and downloading. But thanks to a U.S. court...

Napster Remains Shut Down

SAN FRANCISCO — Embattled music software company Napster Inc. remained shut down Friday, five days after the company began blocking what little free music was being swapped. Napster officials declined to discuss the reasons for the blackout or how ..

Napster Goes Dark For Upgrades To Prepare For Fee-Based Service

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Napster's song sharing service went dark Monday as the company continued to upgrade the network in preparation for advanced music-identification tools and the pending launch of a revamped, fee-based system. "File transfers have b..

U.K. Record Labels Ink Napster Deal

LONDON — Hundreds of independent record companies in Britain and Europe signed a licensing agreement with Napster on Tuesday that will immediately make thousands of tracks available to computer-users worldwide. Britain's Association of Independent ..


During the academic summer break, the University of Toronto at Scarborough campus is hardly a buzzing hive of activity. Final exams have long since wrapped up, and the few students moving throughout the halls are likely visitors or eager students takin...

Major Labels Sing Napsters Tune

"When are you thinking of disappearing?" singer Gordon Downie murmurs on the song ‘Nothing But Heartache in Your Social Life’ released on his recent solo album Coke Machine Glow. In the background, film director Atom Egoyan tinkles away on flamenco gu

Vivendi Universal Acquires

PARIS - It was annouced today that Vivendi Universali acquired San Diego-based, Inc. for $372 million ($5 per share) in so called friendly, cash and stock transaction. represents a major acquisition and is expected to strongly reinf...

Napster Usage Drops Substantially

SAN FRANCISCO - Last week a federal judge in San Francisco issued a preliminary injunction against Napster in the course of the yearlong lawsuit. Napster must block songs from being traded through its service. But U.S. District Judge Marilyn Hall P...

A blow to Napster

SAUSALITO, Calif. - Navicenter, a web-based applications hosting firm will soon be offering a free music from the current list of 13,000 choices to any individual visiting the service on or before March 18th. This is a blow to Napster, who is hoping to...

Harmony between the Music and Technology Industries?

LONDON - The music industry has come a long way since the days of chamber music. The gramophone record was the first great advancement in music distribution. ddmi Europe 2001, Europe's premier digital music forum will be addressing concerns faced ...

New York Music & Internet Expo

NEW YORK, NY - The Third Annual New York Music & Internet Expo has outgrown its former home and will expand into the multifaceted Madison Square Garden Expo Center on April 21 and 22, 2001. The Expo was founded on the premise of helping artists establi...

Russians Offer Napster a ''Safe Haven'' In Orbit

LONDON - A British company, AudioBooksForFree.Com (ABFF), founded by Russian émigré Andrey Koltakov has offered the legally-embattled, controversial American service Napster a sanctuary in Russia or in space. "Napster has become a culture-focus and.

Metallica's Final Interview In Playboy

CHICAGO - Metallica, once a fearsome foursome that recently became a tattered trio, is the subject of Playboy's April Interview. In January, during the band's longest hiatus from recording and touring, this heavy metal juggernaut announced the departu...

91 Million Songs Downloaded Using Napster

CAMBRIDGE - In the wake of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on Napster, Webnoize (, estimates that 91 million songs were downloaded using the Napster service yesterday. This compares to 130 million songs downloaded o...

Napster Response to Court of Appeals Ruling

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 12 - The following statements were issued by Napster Inc.: Statement of Hank Barry, CEO: We are disappointed in today's ruling. Under this decision Napster could be shut down -- even before a trial on the merits. The Co...

Music Industry Makes A Start To Stop Internet Pirates

GENEVA (dpa) - The music composer who once sat in a quiet room, bent over a piano and a pile of sheet music and musical scores is light-years removed from the composers of the 21st Century.Whereas Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart first thought out his music sco...

A Bittersweet Ruling For Napster

SAN FRANCISCO - On Monday a federal appeals court struck a serious blow against Napster, saying the music-swapping service could be held liable if its users trade illegally copied songs. The panel’s ruling that Napster’s users are violating copyright
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