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Naked Man News

Naked French burglar ends up in psychiatric ward

Saint Etienne - French police had an interesting case on their hands this week, after getting calls from residents in and around Saint Etienne that a naked man had burgled their homes.

Naked man flees bar, grabs car, drives far - but caught by cops

Goody's Bar in Clarendon, Virginia, called in the police last night to deal with a naked male in their establishment. Apparently the man did not want to put clothes on and wasn't about to leave.

Naked man climbs tree and tells police he is making it his home

Over the weekend a 40-year-old man climbed a 40-foot pine tree in Arab, Alabama, with no clothes on. He told police that he was cleaning it up and going to make it his home.

Naked man rescued after becoming stuck inside a washing machine

Melbourne - A man has been rescued by fire fighters and paramedics after becoming wedged naked inside a washing machine, while trying to surprise his girlfriend.

Male passenger strips naked & wants to fight easyJet pilot

Passengers on an easyJet flight to Manchester got more than they bargained for after being abused by a male passenger. The man also stripped naked at the airport and tried to fight with the plane's captain. Police tasered him and arrested him.

Video: Nude man runs in front of Spanish Queen Sofia at hospital

Madrid - Spanish King Juan Carlos was about to undergo hip surgery at Madrid's private Quirón University Hospital. While Queen Sofia was heading into the hospital, a naked protester appeared.

CCTV captures moment naked man gets locked out of his hotel room

Footage of a naked man placing the leftovers of room service outside his hotel room door but inadvertently locking himself out after forgetting to hold his key has emerged online

Video: Naked man climbs on SEPTA bus, attacks cameraman

Philadelphia - The video shows a naked man running into the middle of traffic in Philadelphia and climbing onto the front of a SEPTA bus. He stands on the bike rack, puts his boxers on his head, and peers into front of the bus. Then he wags his penis at passengers.

Vid: Naked man straddles Prince George's statue, Whitehall closed

London - On a cold, windy day, a man climbed to the top of the 30 ft statue of Prince George, the Duke of Cambridge in Whitehall. He stripped naked and shouted down at sightseers as he struck acrobatic poses on top of the statue.

Woman discovers naked stranger in her bed

It's like the story of Goldilocks and the three bears but this time a Swedish woman discovered a naked stranger sleeping in her bed.

Maine police find naked man at the bottom of portable toilet

Brunswick - Police took a 29-year-old Brunswick man into protective custody Friday night after they found him at the bottom of a portable toilet on a disc golf course in River Road.

Another 'zombie' attack

Palmetto - Another person has gone the route of attacking a victim and trying to tear out a chunk of flesh. Palmetto, Florida was the site of the latest attack

Mugshot of naked cannibal, Rudy Eugene, released

Miami - Police have released a mugshot of Rudy Eugene, 31, the naked cannibal shot dead by an officer in Miami, Florida, during an attack in which he tore with his teeth at a victim's face.

Naked man protests TSA security search at Portland Airport

After he beeped positive for explosives at airport checkpoint John Brennan stripped naked to protest his innocence. Man shares the same name with counter-terrorism adviser to President Obama John O. Brennan.

Naked man steals socks from Walmart

Downingtown - A naked shopper was arrested at Walmart wearing only a pair of socks stolen from the store. The incident was captured on Walmart's security cameras.

Naked man killed on freeway after jumping from ambulance

Tustin - A California man jumped out of a moving ambulance Friday afternoon as it traveled on Interstate 5 through Orange County. He was killed after being hit by a truck.

Woman drags naked man by his beard

Kansas City - An elderly woman dragged her neighbor by his beard to her front door after she awoke in the middle of the night and found him standing over her naked.

Freelance writer arrested for being naked near school

Naked and confined to a rock, a South Lake Tahoe man was said to be observing buzzards face down when area students came upon him. The man was arrested for trespassing and loitering, as well as being held for allegedly being naked.

Naked man dies after being tasered by police

A Houston man died after he was tasered by police. The man was found naked and the officers said he resisted and struggled, so they had to taser him.

Tasered Man Dies After 10-Foot Fall

On Wednesday, police were called to where a naked man was climbing on a fire escape, ranting and screaming. The man climbed to a ledge, picked up a fluorescent tube and swung it at the police. An officer fired his Taser and the man fell to his death.

Naked Man Stuck In Window!

19 Year Old found Naked trying to rob an apartment.

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Queen Sofia was awaiting the arrival of King Juan Carlos at Quirón University hospital in Madrid  w...
Queen Sofia was awaiting the arrival of King Juan Carlos at Quirón University hospital in Madrid, when a nude protester came prancing in.
Queen Sofia was awaiting the arrival of King Juan Carlos at Quirón University hospital in Madrid  w...
Queen Sofia was awaiting the arrival of King Juan Carlos at Quirón University hospital in Madrid, when a nude protester came prancing in.

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