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Mri News

Multicolored MRI scanners improve disease detection

A new generation of MRI scanners are being developed to improve the detection of diseases and thus improve patient diagnosis. These scanners use multicolored light for this improved sensitivity and detection.

Arum awaits doctor's clearance for Pacquiao to start training

Top Rank Promotions owner Bob Arum insists Manny Pacquiao needs to undergo the required medical examinations including MRI before he can finalize negotiations for his next fight.

Ordinary sugar used to detect cancer

A new and safer way to detect cancer in mice that eliminates potentially dangerous radiation from CT and PET scans and uses ordinary sugar for imaging has been found by London researchers.

Safe MRI detects chemotherapy heart damage early for children

Children are especially vulnerable to the effects of cancer treatment drugs that might manifest years after receiving chemotherapy. Canadian researchers are using a special MRI to find children's heart damage from chemotherapy early.

Cinematic-MRI captures twins 'fighting' in womb, live birth

London - A fascinating video shows a pair of twins "fighting" inside the womb before they were born. The remarkable footage, captured by the Imperial College London's fetal care center, is the raw unprocessed movie image taken by the cinematic-MRI machine.

World's helium supply running low

Helium, an element commonly used in party balloons, has become so scarce that scientists are worried it will be gone within the next 30 years. Researchers are blaming party patrons for squandering the element which cannot be made artificially.

MRI imaging drugs can be deadly

The FDA warns that some injectable drugs that are used in MRI scans can be deadly to patients that have kidney disease. The drug can cause hardening of the skin and tissue around organs.

Study: Brain scan reveals insight into anxiety disorder

Researchers at Stanford University examined 16 people who suffered from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and discovered that "scrambled connections" in the brain may be the cause of the problem.

MRI dislodges rusty nail embedded in man's nasal cavity

After 30 years of unknowingly being embedded in the nasal cavity, a routine medical uncovers and helps expel a pretty common object.: a one-inch metal nail.

MRIs give researchers insight into Foreign Accent Syndrome

A rare neurological disorder called Foreign Accent Syndrome has puzzled patients and physicians for decades. FAS comes on suddenly with the afflicted person speaking in a consistent “foreign” accent.

MRI Technology Joins The Race For Oil

Oil hit the $100 a barrel level this week and the signs it'll level off aren't good. A small New Brunswick company is coming to the rescue of the oil giants with a technology which allows analysts to peer into rocks for the rich black goo inside.

Study Suggests Women At Risk for Breast Cancer Should Get An MRI

According to new guidelines released by the American Cancer Society, women at risk for breast cancer should go get an MRI.

Health Tip: MRI Isn't for Everyone

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a scan that is not suitable for all type of people with diseases.

M.R.I Scan now show health risk!!

How much fat do you have around youre organs???

Buckyballs with a Surprise

More cool things coming from those Diligent Researchers...

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Mri Image

Cervical spine MRI with enhancement showing multiple sclerosis.
Cervical spine MRI with enhancement showing multiple sclerosis.
National Institute of Health
This fMRI data  revealed  the dead fish was thinking. BIRC holds the promise of improved imaging wit...
This fMRI data 'revealed' the dead fish was thinking. BIRC holds the promise of improved imaging with increased diagnostic accuracy and fewer false positives.
An MRI brain scan
An MRI brain scan
Ben Beiske
Manny Pacquiao with hospital staff
Manny Pacquiao with hospital staff
High resolution image from a normal volunteer (left) and a patient suffering from multiple sclerosis...
High resolution image from a normal volunteer (left) and a patient suffering from multiple sclerosis (right).
UBC MRI Research Centre

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