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Mormon News

Mormon Church halts all public gatherings worldwide

Los Angeles - The Mormon Church announced Thursday it is suspending all public ceremonies and gatherings of its members around the world over the new coronavirus pandemic.

Mormons allow baptism for children of same-sex couples

Los Angeles - The Mormon Church on Thursday announced it would now allow the children of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender parents to be baptized, regardless of whether the parents are members.

Thomas Monson, head of Mormon church, dies aged 90

Washington - Thomas Monson, who had headed the Mormon church since 2008, died at age 90 in the US state of Utah, the church announced."With tender feelings we announce that Thomas S.

Mormon women's leader says excommunicated from church

Los Angeles - The Mormon church has ex-communicated the founder of a prominent women's group for "conduct contrary" to its laws and order, according to an email cited Monday by the woman involved.

Michael Crapo, Mormon Idaho senator, accused of DUI in Virginia

Alexandria - A conservative U.S. senator from Idaho, who has said publicly that he doesn't drink alcohol because of his Mormon faith, was arrested in Alexandria, Virginia early Sunday morning and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, police said.

New poll: More Mormons voted for George Bush than Mitt Romney

Former President George W. Bush outperformed Mitt Romney, the first Mormon to represent a major party, among Mormon voters nationwide, according to new poll.

GOP nominee Mitt Romney doesn't have the complete Mormon vote

Even as a majority of voters identifying themselves as Mormon plan to vote Mitt Romney for US President, there are Mormons that plan to vote to re-elect Barack Obama.

Op-Ed: Why Mitt Romney can never and will never release his tax returns

Why are Mitt and Ann Romney so adamant that "you people" have seen all the tax returns you are going to see from them? Is it a result of Mitt's years as a Mormon bishop, a guy who tells YOU what to do and not the other way around?

Op-Ed: What logical reason does Mitt have for not releasing tax returns?

Washington - When Mitt Romney was being vetted as a potential vice presidential nominee to run with John McCain in 2008, he presented the campaign with 20 years of his tax returns.

Op-Ed: Why doesn't MSM discuss Romney's religious beliefs?

During this presidential campaign, where Republican big wigs have been urging Mitt Romney to raise President Obama's religious beliefs, place of birth, and association with radical preachers, why is no one asking Mitt Romney about his beliefs?

Hiker survives 4 days in Utah desert with broken leg, no food

Escalante - Victoria Grover, 59, a physician assistant from Wade, Maine, survived four days in the remote Southern Utah high desert without food and shelter, and with a broken leg.

After 'baptism' of Anne Frank, Amsterdam honors Holocaust victims

Amsterdam - Over the weekend, a service in Amsterdam honored Holocaust victims and the memory of Dutch protestors who fought against the Nazis.

Pew: GOP will rally around its nominee

While Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney continue to be political punching bags, a new Pew Research report indicate most people, who consider themselves a member of the GOP, would vote for Romney, if he becomes the nominee.

Missing Mormons: The Absence of Romney and Huntsman Jr.

Why were Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman Jr. absent at The Republican Iowa Family Forum debate? It couldn’t have had anything to do with their Mormon beliefs, could it?

Herman Cain: 'We're not running for theologian-in-chief'

In an appearance on CBS News' 'Face The Nation' on Sunday, Republican presidential front-runner Herman Cain expressed criticism for the comments directed at Mitt Romney's Mormon identity by a prominent supporter of the Rick Perry campaign.

National day of mourning held in Haiti on Feb. 12

Port-au-prince - One month after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, which killed approximately 230,000 people, the nation is holding a national day of mourning. The January 12 quake also left 300,000 people injured and about one million homeless.

Salt Lake City passes gay rights legislation with Mormon support

The largest city in Utah passes landmark gay rights legislation which sets the tone for equal rights in the arenas of housing and employment. Salt Lake City becomes the first city in Utah to pass such an ordinance.

Sexy Mormon Moms' Calendar Stirs Controversy Special

A calendar featuring sexy photos of scantily clad Mormon moms is causing controversy within the Church and across the country.

Op-Ed: Gay Advocates Brave on Prop 8, Cowards on Iran's Gay Holocaust

It's so much easier to pick on the kid everyone hates than the violent bullies doing all the real damage. Gay rights advocates could not be more vocal against the Mormons. And they could not be more silent on Iran's gay Holocaust. Even Penn and Black.

FLDS 'Defines' Its Policy On Marriage

In the wake of the controversy of alleged sex abuse and the marrying of underage girls to older men, the FLDS has stepped forward to go in-depth on its marriage policy.

A Massive Culture Shock Awaits The Children of the FLDS

As the over four-hundred children taken from the FLDS compound in El Dorado, Texas, the state government must prepare for the inevitable culture shock that they will come across.

Psychiatrist Said Girls In The FDLS-Sect Too Young and Immature For Marriage

According to a child psychiatrist who had interviewed the children rescued from the polygamist sect compound in Central Texas, they had the notions of fear of eternal damnation drilled into their heads.

Will All Mormons Vote for Romney?

Over the last year, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has answered questions about his religion. As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints head to the polls, how will they vote? Do they feel obligated to support him?

Romney to Address His Morman Faith

Mitt Romney, Republican presidential contender, will attempt to reassure voters about his Mormon faith in a speech titled "Faith in America" in Texas this Thursday.

John Edwards for Democratic Nomination?

John Edwards has been ferociously attacked since his announcement to run for the Democratic Nomination as President. Lets look at what really matters, his voting record!

Will Mitt Romney's Mormon Faith Hurt His Chances For Presidency?

Unlike Evangelicals, Mormons believe Jesus appeared in America after his resurrection and that God himself was once a man. Not knowing much about Mitt Romney, I did a little is what I found............

Would Americans elect a Mormon Presdent?

Mitt Romney, governor of Massachusetts just may be running for president. Would americans be able to look past his religion and elect him?

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U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo  R-Idaho  gives his victory speech at the Republican Party election headquarter...
U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, gives his victory speech at the Republican Party election headquarters held at the Doubletree Riverside Hotel in Boise, Idaho.

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