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Fossils shaking up our understanding of human origins

There is a broad consensus among scientists that human evolution began on the African continent. Generally, fossils of Homo sapiens have been found in East Africa or even Sub-Saharan Africa, but a fossil find in Morocco has set evolution on its head.

Modern humans may have wiped out Hobbits

Hobbits once existed. However, modern humans may have been responsible for destroying them. That's what one study is suggesting.

Op-Ed: Early humans were more advanced than previously believed

For many years, Darwinian science illustrators depicted early humans as apelike and primitive. However, as paleo-anthropologists discover more information, their evidence points toward more advanced prehistoric human populations.

Neandertals, Modern Humans Interbred, Bone Study Suggests

Why not?.. I sure those guys had the same feeling about sex back then as guys do today... "The More the Better"... True?...

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