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Op-Ed: Why Harper is just not ready to be trustworthy

Ottawa - Harper has claimed that Canadian voters have a clear choice between a proven leader that they can trust, namely him, or two risky and unproven leaders, Justin Trudeau of the Liberals, or Thomas Mulcair of the New Democratic Party.

Op-Ed: Duffy trial signals time to abolish Senate, that is unless....

It is the beginning of week two of disgraced former senator Mike Duffy's trial and he and his lawyer, Donald Bayne, will press on with their contention that senate residency rules are confusing. It wasn't Mikey's fault - it was the rules!

Op-Ed: Costly Mike Duffy trial another reason to abolish Senate

The trial of the rather sad sack Mike Duffy is underway in Ottawa and as a taxpayer I feel ripped off by the former senator for costing us more tax money than he already has. The entire Duffy episode gets me angry at our dubious Senate all over again.

Police officer charged with a fraud offence in Hamilton

Canadians have become sensitive about the hired help dipping into public funds via claims for money they didn't earn. Senators Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin are being investigated for essentially that. Politicians is one thing - but police officers?

P.M. Stephen Harper 'stunned' Nigel Wright paid Mike Duffy's debt

Ottawa - A lot of media and many Canadians may not believe Prime Minister Stephen Harper's story on the Mike Duffy senate scandal, but he's sticking to it. Mr. Harper told Postmedia News today he did not know how Duffy's $90,000 debt was paid.

Op-Ed: Conservatives paid Deloitte $20 million for advice on budget

In a recent story on Deloitte, an accounting firm that gets contract work from the federal government and who investigated Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy, Postmedia News noted facts every Canadian should digest. Warning: they may not go down easy.

Op-Ed: RCMP investigation expands to Prime Minister's Office

Ottawa - The Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigation( RCMP) into Mike Duffy's Senate expense claims has expanded to see if there is evidence that there was wrongdoing by others including people in the Prime Minister's Office (PMO)

Op-Ed: PMO may have acted badly, but Mike Duffy is still guilty

Ottawa - The RCMP is investigating Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Office thanks to accusations from Sen. Mike Duffy. But it's important someone reminds Canadians that whether the PMO acted improperly it still remains that Mr. Duffy cheated us.

Op-Ed: Pamela Wallin, Mike Duffy are two peas in a cheater's pod

Senators Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin each cheated the Canadian taxpayer. That may only be alleged right now but that will change in due time. But neither is willing to fess up and each has gone on attack to take the heat off themselves.

Op-Ed: Senator Mike Duffy can run from Canadians — but he can't hide

The news that Canadian Senator Mike Duffy has suddenly taken a medical leave from the Senate, just in time to avoid being suspended without pay from the chamber, is somehow not surprising. He's been down the lack of integrity path before.

New, damning allegations against Canadian Senator Mike Duffy

The RCMP officer investigating Senator Mike Duffy filed papers in court making new allegations of his misuse of funds. Cpl. Greg Horton says Duffy paid $64,916 of Senate money to a friend for doing “little or no apparent work."

Op-Ed: Either abolish the Canadian Senate — or give me a seat

Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin are back in the news as we learn more of their having cheated the Canadian taxpayer, allegedly. The whole affair has begged the question - do we need the Senate? Or should the 'chamber of sober second thought' be abolished?

Op-Ed: Sen. Mike Duffy — Confess so we can stop spending taxpayer money!

The embattled, and let's say it right off the top, dishonest Canadian Senator Mike Duffy is making things more difficult with regard his false residency and travel claims. He's also making things more expensive for the Canadian taxpayer.

Sen. Pamela Wallin audit results to be released by mid-August

Ottawa - The Senate committee devoted to the investigation of Sen. Pamela Wallin and its chair, Sen. Gerald Comeau, said late this week that results of the Wallin audit will be out Aug. 13. So far she's had to repay $38,000 to the Senate.

Pamela Wallin mirrors Mike Duffy with false residency claims

Ottawa - Senator Pamela Wallin seems to be following in the footsteps of Senator Mike Duffy. Wallin was being investigated for false expense claims, as Duffy was, and now, again like Duffy, her residency claims have become a topic of interest.

Poll: 42 percent of Canadians think Harper knew of Duffy bailout

Ottawa - A new poll finds 42% of Canadians believe that Prime Minister Stephen Harper knew of the $90,000 Nigel Wright gave to Senator Mike Duffy to help him extricate himself from a scandal. Duffy owed the money for false residency claims.

Op-Ed: Job idea for Canadian Senators so we know what they do

I don't wanna be flippant about the Senate. I mean it's serious stuff to us Canadians, no? It's our chamber of sober second thought, a hallowed place of governance. To refer to it mockingly would be, if not sacrilege, then...blasphemy?

Op-Ed: If Senate stays choose members from recipients of Order of Canada

Even before all this unfortunate business of fudging senators, allegedly, a.k.a. Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin, Mac Harb and Patrick Brazeau, I was not enamored of the Senate. I didn't see it doing anything elected officials or their committees couldn't do.

Op-Ed: Judge confirms fraud occurred in 2011 Canadian election

Ottawa - A federal judge has ruled that election fraud occurred during the May 2011 election. While the Conservative Party (CPC) database was used, fraudulent activity was not tied directly to the CPC and activity did not affect the outcome of the election.

Prime Minister Harper 'not happy with Senate,' says little else

Ottawa - Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper waded into an ongoing scandal revolving around Senator Mike Duffy, and other senators, Tuesday on Parliament Hill, but offered no solution. The P.M. did not comment directly to reporters on any of those involved.

Op-Ed: Did Prime Minister know of chief-of-staff's Mike Duffy payment?

When Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's chief-of-staff Nigel Wright resigned, he said that he paid off Mike Duffy's debt to the Canadian taxpayer without the knowledge of his boss. Could that really be the case?

Op-Ed: Senator Mike Duffy scandal is fruit from poisoned political tree

With Nigel Wright, the now-former chief of staff for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, resigning Sunday, the ongoing Mike Duffy false residency claims scandal seems to have made the big time. The do-do has hit the fan and we can expect more of it.

Op-Ed: Canada — PM Harper's Chief of Staff Nigel Wright resigns

Ottawa - Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Chief of Staff Nigel Wright resigned amid the Senate scandal involving his help with the repayment of $90,000 for beleaguered Senator Mike Duffy's expense claims. Wright says that he accepts full responsibility.

Op-Ed: Why was Mike Duffy appointed to the Canadian Senate?

Ottawa - Mike Duffy had long wanted to become a Senator before he was named to represent Prince Edward Island by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on December 22, 2008. Given that Duffy has now embarassed Harper's government why was he ever appointed?

It gets worse for Canadian Senator Mike Duffy

Ottawa - False residency claims by Conservative Senator Mike Duffy are still in the spotlight, and it now appears he also filed false expense claims. Further, in a developing story, there are also allegations that Duffy tried to use his influence on the CRTC.

Op-Ed: Canada — Should Senator Mike Duffy resign in view of false claims

Ottawa - Senator Mike Duffy, a native of Prince Edward Island, was one of three Senators whose living allowance expense claims were reviewed during an external audit. Liberal Senator Mac Harb and Independent Senator Brazeau were also audited.

RCMP probe senators Duffy, Brazeau, Harb for false housing claims

In what is an ongoing saga of payments illegally taken by 3 members of Canada's senate, the RCMP have stepped in and criminal charges now seem possible. The senators being probed are Mike Duffy, Patrick Brazeau and Mac Harb.

Op-Ed: Canadian Politicians — A culture of entitlement

Ottawa - Taxpayers are on the hook for more than $7.2 million on trips and more than $13.2-million on research assistants for the country's Senators. MPs amassed more than$32-million in travel expenses. Abuse appears to be rampant with questionable expense claims.

Op-Ed: The deception of cheater Mike Duffy tarnishes Canada's Senate

Mike Duffy had no more integrity as a journalist than he is proving to have as a member of Canada's senate. I remember in the 80's Duffy lobbing soft tosses at the Conservatives; a cheerleader for the the party he now is part of.

Op-Ed: Senator Duffy Off to a Bad Start?

It seems that newly appointed Senator Mike Duffy got off to a bad start when he made his first address in the Senate today.

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Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper  in his Centre Block office on Parliament Hill. with his form...
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, in his Centre Block office on Parliament Hill. with his former Chief of Staff Nigel Wright, (R)
Jason Ransom
Senator Wilbert Keon (L) and Senator Mike Duffy (R) share a laugh during the Prime Minister s speech...
Senator Wilbert Keon (L) and Senator Mike Duffy (R) share a laugh during the Prime Minister's speech at Senator Keon's retirement dinner on Parliament Hill. May 10, 2010
Jason Ransom
Prime Minister Harper (R) speaks with Senator Mike Duffy (L) after a caucus meeting on Parliament Hi...
Prime Minister Harper (R) speaks with Senator Mike Duffy (L) after a caucus meeting on Parliament Hill. March 10, 2010
Deb Ransom
Canada: Senate Chamber
Canada: Senate Chamber
Photo courtesy scazon.
Canadian senator Mike Duffy  a former member of the Conservative Caucus  leaves the courthouse after...
Canadian senator Mike Duffy, a former member of the Conservative Caucus, leaves the courthouse after being cleared of all 31 fraud, breach of trust and bribery charges he had been facing in relation to the Senate expense scandal.

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