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Review: ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ tells it how it is as only Michael Moore can Special

‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ is Michael Moore’s scathing look at how Americans became disenchanted with the political process, allowing Donald Trump to become president.

Obama signs emergency declaration over Flint water crisis

Flint - President Barack Obama on Saturday signed an emergency declaration for Flint, Michigan, clearing the way for federal aid for the city which is undergoing a severe water crisis.

Op-Ed: Twenty-five years later, 'Roger & Me' still pulls no punches

A quarter of a century ago this week, Michael Moore's “Roger & Me” unleashed itself upon the general movie-going public in North America and showed us all what a documentary could be: hilarious, angry, muckraking, irresistibly entertaining.

Michael Moore: US faces tyranny, but not through gun control

Michael Moore has not been shy about his anti-gun stance; but he does believe America is headed down the path to tyranny.

Oscar-nominated Palestinian director Emad Burnat detained at LAX

Los Angeles - A Palestinian filmmaker nominated for an Oscar for his documentary about Israeli occupation was detained and threatened with deportation upon landing at Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday night.

'2016 Obama's America' earns $26 million

The movie 2016 Obama’s America, produced by Gerald R. Molen, has surpassed four out of five of liberal filmmaker Michael Moore’s collection of ultra-liberal films in box office receipts.

Op-Ed: Michael Moore and Oliver Stone on Wikileaks and Free Speech

Washington - Award-winning documentary maker Michael Moore and film maker Oliver Stone write in the New York Times on WikiLeaks and free speech.

Op-Ed: Funniest take on Obamacare ruling? The winner is — Dave Rubin

There have been more tweets and Facebook postings on the subject of the Supreme Court of the United States' ruling that Obamacare is constitutional than doctor prescriptions written for anti-depressants. Wading through them online can be amusing.

Michael Moore tweet to Limbaugh: Who’s the prostitute now, bitch?

As advertisers pull out from Rush Limbaugh's radio show following the insults he threw at Sandra Fluke, he now has to endure a less than complementary pasting from documentary film maker Michael Moore via his Twitter account.

Filmmaker Michael Moore throws his weight behind Jon Huntsman

In an appearance on CNN's "Piers Morgan," filmmaker Michael Moore criticized the Obama White House and expressed the appeal of Jon Huntsman's bid for the presidency.

Michael Moore endorses Obama tax plan, says America is Liberal

Appearing on MSNBC's 'Rachel Maddow Show' on Monday, filmmaker and Liberal activist Michael Moore expressed his pleasure with President Obama's push to implement taxes on upper income Americans.

Unemployment falls in Scotland on a day of mixed employment news

Edinburgh - In news welcomed by the Scottish Government the rate of unemployment in Scotland has dropped for the seventh consecutive time but the news for the Scottish job market is mixed.

Michael Moore praises Senate Page Brigette DePape's 'Stop Harper'

Ottawa - American filmmaker and activist Michael Moore has come out in support of Brigette DePape, a rogue Senate Page who held a red sign during the opening session of the 41st Canadian Parliament that read "Stop Harper."

Michael Moore praises O'Donnell for his comments on Trump and NBC

Filmmaker Michael Moore, in an interview on MSNBC's 'The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell,' praised O'Donnell for his commentary on Donald Trump's "racism" and on the NBC television network's decision to keep Donald Trump employed.

Michael Moore to join Keith Olbermann's Current TV program

Keith Olbermann's supportive commentary on filmmaker Michael Moore's criticism of the Osama bin Laden killing comes on the heels of Mr. Moore's decision to join Olbermann's Current TV program as a contributor.

Op-Ed: Let 'em eat cake

Republican Senator Orrin Hatch has his knickers all in a knot from attempting to work with the Obama administration and Democratic congressional lawmakers. Hatch's efforts to raise taxes on the poor and the middle class are apparently being stymied.

UK government won't block Scottish referendum on independence

Edinburgh - Following the overall majority win of the Scottish National Party (SNP) in Scotland the UK government at Westminster says it will not move to block a Scottish referendum on independence.

Michael Moore candidates himself as Obama's chief of staff

Washington - Republicans ride the widespread dissatisfaction about the difficulties of the economy and strengthen the battle of television commercials, this time will have more money to Democrats financed the campaign for the midterm elections

Michael Moore to Obama: Give me Rahm Emanuel's job

American filmmaker Michael Moore has written an open letter to President Barack Obama in which he warns of heavy Democrat losses in this year's Senate elections and suggests he should replace Rahm Emanuel as White House Chief of Staff.

Op-Ed: Democrats Continue to Intimidate Opposition

Obama supporting Democrats continue to use intimidation as a method of getting supporters of President Obama's agenda items.

Michael Moore: Connecticut, unseat Lieberman or we'll boycott you

Ultra-Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore has called for a boycott of the state of Connecticut if voters there don't start an effort to unseat Senator Joe Lieberman.

Michael Moore receives Tony Mazzocchi Labor Arts Award

Director Michael Moore said he was honoured when he was awarded the Tony Mazzocchi Labour Arts Award for his latest documentary, Capitalism: A love story at the D.C. Labour Filmfest Monday.

Michael Moore: Capitalism is evil

'Capitalism: A Love Story' premieres on Sunday at the Venice Film Festival and will be released at the beginning of October. What does the film entail? Moore's documentary style technique, the financial crisis and a message.

Michael Moore's film Capitalism: A Love Story opens on Oct. 2

The movie explores the disastrous impact that corporate dominance and out-of-control profit motives have on the lives of Americans and citizens of the world.

Op-Ed: Next Film For Michael Moore Targets Economic Crisis

The filmmaker with a message is making another documentary about the current global economic crisis. Slated for release this fall, the film is as yet untitled. Read on for more about an extraordinary man and his work.

Hillary The Movie Faces Tough Audience

"Hillary the Movie" debuted months ago. But now it is being examined by the Supreme Court. Is "Hillary-the Movie" nothing but a political attack ad?

Michael Moore to release new film online for free on Sept. 23

Michael Moore, director of Fahrenheit 9/11, Sicko, and Roger & Me, will release his next movie Slacker Uprising online and for free in high definition. It will be the first major film released on the Web free.

A Story Of Love: Best Friend Gives The Gift Of Life

When Stephen Gottschalk needed a new kidney his best friend Michael A. Moore thought nothing of getting tested to give his friend the gift of life. That test may have saved Moore's life in the long run.

Canadian Healthcare Participants Sick of Sicko

Sally Pipes, a native of Canada who has first-hand experience with the country’s healthcare system, describes her perspective on Michael Moore’s movie, Sicko. Her opinion is shared by some, but not all, fellow Canadians.

Is American Media Failing Us?

American media is in trouble. Plagued by ethical scandals and concentrated ownership, mainstream media needs to adapt or die. Michael Moore isn’t the only American who wants to reform how news is presented to the world.
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Michael Moore Image

Filmmaker Michael Moore  no stranger to controversy  waded in to the discussion and offered DePape a...
Filmmaker Michael Moore, no stranger to controversy, waded in to the discussion and offered DePape a job.
Kai Schreiber
File photo: American filmmaker Michael Moore
File photo: American filmmaker Michael Moore
Photo by Nicolas Genin
A scene from  Fahrenheit 11/9
A scene from 'Fahrenheit 11/9'
Level Film
Michael Moore at the 62nd Academy Awards on March 26  1990. His film  Roger & Me  was not nominated.
Michael Moore at the 62nd Academy Awards on March 26, 1990. His film "Roger & Me" was not nominated.
Alan Light

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