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Mental health problems News

Consumers opting out this National Mental Health Awareness month

The flurry of alerts, notifications and voice services that flood our daily lives can have a lasting negative influence on our mental health. These negative influences gave been assessed in review from Accenture Interactive’s company Fjord.

Growing up scared: Siblings can be bullies, too

Durham - A new study upturns what has long been conventional wisdom: that sibling bullying—the cruel, persistent one-sided torment from one sibling to another—is simply a rite of passage. In fact, the effects are the same as those bullied by a classmates.

Dealing with depression Special

For far too long now I have suffered with depression; it wasn’t until recently that I have started to find the strength to overcome it. For years depression had ruled my life and I finally decided that I was not going to let it control me any more.

Op-Ed: Cannabis users linked to mental illness?

Many people throughout the world use cannabis, more commonly known as marijuana. But, according to a new study, people who have a mental illness are now linked to using marijuana more than people without a mental illness. I don't believe it to be true.

Ann Romney fears for Mitt's 'mental well-being' if elected

Reno - Ann Romney told a television station Thursday that if her husband were to become President, her biggest fear would be for his "mental well-being."

Adolescent drug abuse high even among sick kids

Glue sniffing and other types of inhalant use is a pastime for some adolescents but a risky one, according to recent research. A study revealed 1 in 20 young people with serious respiratory conditions have used deadly inhalants in the past year.

Sadism and Masochism Mental Health Cry for Help

Practices of sexual masochism and sadism aren't games but mental health conditions in need of intervention. The practices can be deadly for people either by accident or murder.

11-year-old's suicide brings attention to high costs of bullying

A young boy recently committed suicide because of bullying at school. Kids had been making fun of him and calling him gay. So he killed himself. He is one of many who do this or live with mental health problems because of bullying.

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