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Mammals News

Platypus: On the brink of extinction

A new research report flags an urgent issue relating to the remaining platypus population. The study says that action is urgently needed to minimize the risk of the platypus vanishing entirely, as the result of habitat destruction to dams and weirs.

Mammals gave up night life only after dino doom: study

Paris - The earliest mammals were night creatures which only emerged from the cover of darkness after the demise of the daytime-dominating dinosaurs, researchers said Monday.

One mammal kills more of its own species than any other

A new survey has revealed the most murderous mammals, in terms of killing the most number of its own species. Guess what is top of the list? Surprisingly it is not the human, the bear or the wolf.

Dolphins appear to talk in sentences

Dolphins are super-smart and they have a language. New research has probed the complexity of this language and concludes that dolphins not only communicate words with each other, but they are also capable of constructing sentences.

Four species of Giraffe revealed

From the early beginnings of biology giraffes have been thought of as one species. This is no longer so, according to new research based on genetic analysis. There are four species of giraffe.

Zebras don't use their stripes for camouflage, new study reports

It's a question that has intrigued scientists for decades: "Why do zebras have stripes?" Thanks to a recent study, we may now be much closer to the answer.

Dinosaurs really were warm-blooded, study suggests

Dinosaurs grew quickly and were warm-blooded just like modern mammals, says a scientist who researched the metabolism of these ancient creatures.

Two new Jurassic mammals discovered

Beijing - Archaeologists working in China have unearthed the fossil remains of two diminutive mammals. These findings suggest considerable species diversity existed during the Jurassic Period.

Sixth great extinction imperils amphibians, birds, mammals and us

The earth is entering into a dark period of human-caused devastation that is threatening 41 percent of all amphibians, 26 percent of all mammals, and 13 percent of all birds. We have ourselves to blame for much of this, an acclaimed journal has found.

Small prehistoric animal provides a glimpse into early herbivores

Scuttling around in its ancient world, this minute carnivore is the earliest member of a lineage that gave rise to rhino-sized herbivores

How do animals survive the winter?

The winter has been particularly severe this year, especially the "polar vortex" in North America. While many people have shivered and coped, spare a though for the animal kingdom. How do they get through the frosty months?

How marine mammals hold their breath for long time underwater

Marine mammals like seals, dolphins and whales can stay underwater for long periods of time, even more than an hour, while humans can only do so for a few minutes at most.

Top 5 photos of animals in the womb

Scientists are showing us what other mammals look like in the womb, thanks to revolutionary four-dimensional scanning technology. Here are the top five photos of animals in their mothers' wombs.

Study: Dogs are smarter than cats

Oxford - A recent study by Oxford University provides ammunition to those on the side of canines in the discussions over whether dogs or cats are the smartest.

Some mammals thought to be extinct have been rediscovered

Some animals which had been believed to be extinct for many years have been sighted in the wild, and it is hoped that more of these species are waiting to be rediscovered.

Hippo Zorro lives happily at Cape Town sewage works

A scarred, 800kg runaway hippo named Zorro now is "happy and relaxed" at his new home in the municipal sewage works near Cape Town. The young male needed to beat a hasty retreat from the jaws of his beachmaster-dad Brutus at a nearby nature reserve.

100 Dolphins Stranded in Shallow Waters of the Philippines

Philippine fishermen joined hands in guiding about 100 Dolphins that were stranded in the shallow waters of the the Philippines to the deep waters in oder to save their lives.

Natural Capital What Do We Know?

Paul Ehrlich is the co-author of an analysis of the 408 new mammalian species discovered since 1993, not all the news is good.

IUCN Red List Reveals World’s Mammals in Crisis

The most comprehensive assessment of the world’s mammals has confirmed an extinction crisis, with almost one in four at risk of disappearing forever.

Report identifies 11,000 endangered animal and plant species

Habitat destruction and alien species invasion are to blame.

Fossil Discovery Turns Scientific Theory on Its Head

"The discovery of tiny fossilised bones of a mouselike creature in the Central Otago region is the first hard evidence that New Zealand once had its own indigenous land mammals. The finding could prompt a major rewrite of prehistory textbooks."

Mammal Extinction Linked to Earth Wobbles

According to a new Dutch study, wobbles or variations in Earth's orbit can be linked to the extinction of rodents and mammals.

New Discoveries About The Intelligence Of Birds

HAMBURG (dpa) - Many seabirds are able to navigate to within centimetres of their nests, even in the middle of a hurricane while an eagle can spot prey from a remarkable height.When it come to manoeuvrability and perception, birds are vastly superior t...

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Mammals Image

Photos of various animals in the womb  including elephants
Photos of various animals in the womb, including elephants
Courtesy Channel 4
Australia s feral cat population is being blamed for the loss of a number of endemic species.
Australia's feral cat population is being blamed for the loss of a number of endemic species.
Eddy Van 3000 from in Flanders fields
Taken at Australia Zoo in Beerwah  Queensland  AU
Taken at Australia Zoo in Beerwah, Queensland, AU
A different angle of a puppy resting in his mom s womb
A different angle of a puppy resting in his mom's womb
Courtesy Channel 4
A puppy photographed in the womb
A puppy photographed in the womb
Courtesy Channel 4
A baby dolphin photographed in the womb
A baby dolphin photographed in the womb
Courtesy Channel 4
A penguin photographed in the egg
A penguin photographed in the egg
Courtesy Channel 4

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