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Lunar News

NASA seeks solutions for lunar loads

NASA has launched its crowdsourcing challenge, “Lunar Delivery.” With NASA’s recent discovery of water on the moon, the ability to take goods off of rovers and put them onto the lunar surface is more critical than ever.

Hong Kong's Lunar New Year fairs get a protest makeover

Fpo - Protest-themed Lunar New Year fairs have sprung up across Hong Kong to raise money and morale for the city's pro-democracy movement despite stiff resistance from local authorities and pro-Beijing politicians.

NASA is drawing up a long checklist for the lunar 2024 project

The next mission to the Moon is on and a new team of astronauts are set to touch down on the lunar surface in 2024. With the date announced, how ready is NASA? Some commentators are wondering if the announcement is premature.

Chinese communities around world welcome Year of the Pig

Fpo - Chinese communities around the world welcomed the Year of the Pig on Tuesday, ushering in the Lunar New Year with prayers, family feasts and shopping sprees.

Feng shui masters say Trump secrets could be nosed out in Year of Pig

Fpo - As the Chinese zodiac turns into the Year of the Pig next week, feng shui masters are predicting turbulence and division for world leaders at home -- not least President Donald Trump, who risks having past secrets revealed.

Feng shui masters predict claws out in Year of Dog

Hong Kong - As the Chinese zodiac switches into the Year of the Dog later this week, Hong Kong feng shui experts predict anything but a walk in the park for global leaders.

New type of rock found on the surface of the moon

Beijing - China's lunar rover has been beset with problems, but it has now surprised scientists by returning data indicating it has discovered a new kind of rock on the moon.

Lunar lava tunnels could be locations for underground moon cities

Scientists believe that gigantic underground lava tubes exist on the moon, which may provide safer localities for the construction of moon cities and exploration bases, than the surface does.

'Blood moon' awes sky watchers in Americas and Asia

Washington - Stargazers in the Americas and Asia were treated to a lunar eclipse Wednesday, a celestial show that bathed the moon in a reddish tint to create a "blood moon.

Americas to get glimpse of total lunar eclipse

Washington - A total lunar eclipse, the first since December 2011, will take place Tuesday with the Americas best placed to get a glimpse.

Frog takes giant leap from NASA space rocket

At the launch of a NASA's LADEE unmanned moon orbiter, it was to be a frog that stole the show. That's one giant leap for frogkind.

First mission to Moon's south pole announced to start in 2016

ILOA and Moon Express, Inc. announced Thursday that they will send the world's first mission to the south pole of the Moon to open the possibility that the public will be able to access images from the Moon online.

First lunar eclipse of 2013 marked for April 25

Stargazers, prepare for the first lunar eclipse of the 2013 season. Many flock to websites in the hopes to find visibility and viewing information.

Russia is back in the Space Race with a new lunar program

According to the Russian space agency, Russia's next unmanned mission to the Moon will launch in 2015, with a total of three lunar exploration missions planned over the next five years.

Video: Russia plans manned lunar base in next 10 years

The video discusses the possibility of a manned lunar base in the next 10 years. Russia is speeding up the space race and is also making future plans for Mars.

Lunar eclipse visible from western North America on Saturday

Skywatchers in western North American who rise early on Saturday will get a chance to see this month’s total lunar eclipse. A total lunar eclipse will be visible in the early morning hours on Saturday, Dec. 10.

U.S. students hitch a ride on NASA's Grail mission to the moon

Tours, multi-media events, and education programs for the youth are nothing new for NASA. Science is relevant to the entire world; NASA’s desire to incorporate it into the everyday lives of children and youth from the United States is commendable.

China building large telescope to explore space

China has been aggressively showing its ambition for space exploration over the past two years. After launching the nation's first lunar probe -- Chang'E-1 -- in 2007, now a giant radio telescope is being built in Shanghai for space data collection.

Latest NASA moon mission confirms water on moon

The moon has water! This is the preliminary finding of the team of NASA scientists analyzing the data from the impact of the LCROSS Centaur in the Cabeus lunar crater.

Japan's lunar 'Princess' shoots for the moon

Japan has launched its first lunar probe on Friday, nicknamed Kaguya after a fairy-tale princess, in the latest move in a new race with China, India and the United States to explore the moon.

Japan is Going to the Moon

Japan has announced that it plans to send a lunar orbiter satellite to the moon sometime this summer.

China developing lunar rover for mission

Scientists in Shanghai are developing a nuclear-powered lunar rover for the country's first unmanned mission to the moon in 2012, newspapers reported Monday.

Inflatable Lunar Shelters

NASA is getting ready to test an inflatable structure that may one day be used as an outpost on the moon. The tests will be conducted at the Langley Research Center in Virginia. The structure was "created by NASA contractor ILC Dover LP".

Lunar dust 'may harm astronauts'

A study suggests the smallest particles in lunar dust might be toxic, if comparisons with dust inhalation cases on Earth apply.

China Going to the Moon

China wants to join the USA in the race to the moon??

China ushers in year of the pig

People across China are celebrating the arrival of the Lunar New Year - China's most important festival. The year of the pig is supposed to bring good luck and prosperity

Russia Studies Exotic Lunar Elevator - Cable System to the Moon

"Russia's Space Research Institute has been studying the idea of a space-elevator cluster to economically deliver payloads from the Earth to the Moon and back."


"NASA announced Monday it will establish an international base camp on one of the moon's poles, permanently staffing it by 2024, four years after astronauts return to the moon."

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Lunar Image

Total lunar eclipse captured January 20-21  2000
Total lunar eclipse captured January 20-21, 2000
The Grail probes will slip into the moon s orbit to study its uneven lunar gravity field
The Grail probes will slip into the moon's orbit to study its uneven lunar gravity field
The Moon
The Moon
Gregory H. Revera
Rising from fire and smoke  NASA s twin Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) mission lau...
Rising from fire and smoke, NASA's twin Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) mission launches atop a United Launch Alliance Delta 2 Heavy rocket. Leaving from Space Launch Complex 17B on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, the spacecraft launched at 9:08:52 EDT Sept.10, 2011.
CREDIT: NASA/Darrell McCall
Representation of a Russian Moon space ship at the margin in the Moon s orbit
Representation of a Russian Moon space ship at the margin in the Moon's orbit
Artist s concept of a lunar base
Artist's concept of a lunar base
NASA/Dennis M. Davidson
Full Moon
Full Moon
Aligning his camera on the same star for nine successive exposures  Sky & Telescope contributing pho...
Aligning his camera on the same star for nine successive exposures, Sky & Telescope contributing photographer Akira Fujii captured this record of the Moon’s progress dead center through the Earth’s shadow in July 2000. Credit: Sky & Telescope / Akira Fujii
Sky & Telescope / Akira Fujii
A copy of Sidereus Nuncius   a short astronomical treatise  published in New Latin by Galileo Galile...
A copy of Sidereus Nuncius, a short astronomical treatise, published in New Latin by Galileo Galilei on March 13, 1610.
A skylight in the Moon’s Marius Hills.
A skylight in the Moon’s Marius Hills.
NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University
Moon logo exhibition used at the National Maritime Museum.
Moon logo exhibition used at the National Maritime Museum.

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