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Trump: new location for US-China trade deal signing to be 'announced soon'

Washington - President Donald Trump said Thursday that an alternative location for his signing of a US-China trade deal with President Xi Jinping will be "announced soon," following cancellation of an APEC summit in Chile.

Essential Science: Neuroscience is aiding self-driving cars

There are many projects underway to attempt to improve the navigation of self-driving vehicles. The answer to improved navigation could rest with neuroscience, in the form of special 'mapping' brain cells.

Q&A: Leveraging predictive analytics to improve the CX Special

Retailers need to focus more on leveraging predictive analytics as so to customize a customer’s journey path and improve their experience. Doing so will increase sales and revenue, according to expert Sean Kendall.

Q&A: How insurance is changing in the age of data Special

Using location data provides many opportunities for insurers. Customers are becoming more receptive to the idea of sharing their data in order to benefit from financial products and services. What does this mean for insurance companies?

Q&A: How location intelligence is empowering businesses Special

With the advanced analytics market expected to witness sustainable growth over 2022, more businesses are leveraging location technology as the key differentiator in improving customer experience, driving revenue and increasing operational efficiency.

Google updates site to clarify location tracking policy

In light of a recent investigation outing the fact that Google doesn't actually stop tracking users and storing their location data when they ask it to, the company has updated their website.

Interview: Data with a location component is increasing in value Special

Modern marketers rely on data to better understand consumers and leverage insights, and as beacons, smartphones and connected devices become more prevalent. This means data with a location component is increasing in value. Santiago Giraldo explains more.

Market in geographical information to rise to $13 billion

More and more companies are reliant upon location data for their businesses, and the rate that this will continue will create a global market for core geographical information in excess of $13 billion by 2025.

Report: 999 needs to adapt to the modern world of smartphones

A report has called for Britain's 999 hotline to allow people to report emergencies by texting or using an app. It says this is more applicable to the modern world and could help in cases where sound isn't viable, such as a break-in.

Facebook to launch new location features as soon as next month

Facebook is reportedly planning to launch a new feature allowing users to share their current location with their friends in the upcoming weeks, with an announcement most likely at their F8 conference early next month.

Facebook faces lawsuit over privacy changes

At the end of last year social networking site Facebook faced widespread criticism over the change in its privacy settings. Now the site is being sued by five people over those privacy changes.

B.C. location makes a huge difference for childhood vulnerability

When it comes to preparing kids for kindergarten, two British Columbia communities are worlds apart. Around 38 percent of the children of kindergarten age in Vancouver start their education "vulnerable" compared to just 6.7 percent of Revelstoke children.

New in Gmail Labs: Add your location to your email signature

A new feature in Google Labs caters to those who travel a lot: Gmail now allows you to add the location from which you are sending an email so recipients know where you are.

Google launches mobile tool to find local polling station

The election is only five days away, and about 12 million have voted already but many have yet to vote. Google has added a simple voting locator tool that helps mobile users find the nearest polling station in the U.S.

Google Maps Shows Your Location for Mobile Phones

Google Maps added another new feature that will help people find their location anywhere in the city or country, and use that location to find other places nearby. Google's new feature is similar to GPS technology but instead uses a cellphone.

Sentence Complete Rapist Released: Where - no one is Saying

Thane Moore was released from prison today after serving 14 tears for the sexual assault of a young woman. Moore is considered to be at risk to re-offend and the public do not know where he now lives.

Forbes Free Wi-Fi Access Location Finder

Find free Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide via free Forbes location finder

When It Comes To ID Theft, Where You Live Matters

The major metropolitan cities in the US have the highest percentage of identity surprise there...that's where the money is!

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