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Op-Ed: US Defense Secretary Esper was a lobbyist for arms maker Raytheon

After the assassination- aka euphemistically as "targeted killing"- of Iranian top general Qassem Soleimani in a US operation in Baghdad on January 3 Raytheon a large US defense contractor saw its stock shoot up and close at a record high.

Arkema chemical plant had help in blocking EPA safety regulations

Two blasts at the Arkema SA chemical plant in Crosby, Texas, about 25 miles northeast of Houston, shook the area early Thursday, sending billowing plumes of black smoke into the sky. The company warns there could be more explosions.

Right to repair: Why tech giants want to stop you fixing devices

"Right to repair" has become a common phrase over the past few years as consumers and lobbyists demand longer lifetimes from their devices. Industry giants are thwarting bills designed to let you repair your products, citing safety and legal concerns.

Michigan law bans local governments from banning plastic bags

Yes, you read the headline right — Michigan has enacted a law that bans local governing bodies from banning, regulating or taxing the use of plastic bags or other plastic containers. And yes, it is a slap in the face to environmental concerns.

Op-Ed: For-profit prisons — Have they taken over our justice system?

For-profit prisons, private companies, have distorted the justice system in this country, making huge profits, and debasing our justice system. The federal government is in one pocket and lawmakers in their other pocket, and we are kept in the dark.

Op-Ed: Oil trains and the new regulations — It all comes down to money

America's energy boom is still going strong, and the oil trains continue to roll, moving millions of gallons of black gold from North Dakota's Bakken oil patch to refineries on the East Coast. But, will new safety rules lead to the end of oil trains?

Senior citizen medical marijuana patient to lobby U.S. Congress

Ahead of his May 12th trial, federal medical marijuana defendant Larry Harvey, 70, goes to Washington, D.C. to lobby the United States Congress in order to stop funding federal prosecutions like his.

Citigroup lobbyists help write bill to deregulate Wall Street

Washington - Lobbyists for one of Wall Street's biggest financial firms helped draft legislation exempting banks from new regulations and allowing them to engage in riskier trades.

President Obama explains borders stance to Israel supporters

Speaking at the annual meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee on Sunday, President Obama sought to further explain the US position, saying 'new demographic realities' would also be considered.

Op-Ed: Political fight over union bill ensnares Wisconsin Supreme Court

The lobbyist-funded multi-million dollar illusory ad campaign that tried swaying support for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's union slashing bill is now flooding Wisconsin's airwaves to buy a Supreme Court seat in its upcoming election.

Op-Ed: Ohio's union-busting 'Jobs Budget' bill coming soon

The "Jobs Budget" bill introduced by Ohio Governor John R. Kasich -- yet another astroturf Tea Party darling making news for all the wrong reasons -- makes Wisconsin's "Budget Repair" bill look good.

Op-Ed: Michigan redefines Democracy to destroy lives one city at a time

Dystopian legislation pushed through Michigan's legislature to enable the preconceived anti-Democratic corporate-driven notions of Governor Snyder doesn't fix budgets. It imposes fascism and rewards cronyism.

Op-Ed: Wisconsin Republicans to meet with corporate lobbyists in DC

Any pretense that the Wisconsin GOP's Koch binge aimed at destroying union workers was meant to save Wisconsin's budget woes flew out the window when details of their meeting with corporate lobbyists in DC were revealed.

California beer group in opposition to marijuana legalization

In a ballot proposition this November, California voters could decide to legalize marijuana. However, California Beer and Beverage Distributors is coming out against the measure.

Senate Panel Passes Derivatives Rules Despite Swarm of Lobbyists

Despite more than 1500 lobbyists, executives, bankers and others swarming to Washington as the Senate took up legislation to rein in derivatives -- the complex securities at the heart of the financial crises -- a Senate panel passed tougher rules

Op-Ed: Lobbyists Appear Regularly on Cable News With no Disclosure

A recent four-month investigation revealed that for the past several years America has been intentionally mislead by many of the cable networks who regularly have registered lobbyists, PR reps and Corporate officials appear with no disclosure

House Financial Reform Bill Bequeaths Bankers $4 Trillion

"The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009," a 1,279 page 'reform' bill passed by the House, does little to protect consumers while insuring up to $4 trillion to Wall Street from the government should the need arise.

‘Born Again’ Evangelicals More Apt to Use Payday Lending

In spite of Biblical prohibitions, evangelicals are more apt to use payday lending services than others. What happened to "never a borrower nor a lender be" in Shakespeare and indirectly in scripture when it comes to quickie loans?

Op-Ed: Is there hypocrisy regarding lobbyists in the White House?

With politicians abroad being called hypocrites for going back on their devout promises to "not" do something that others have done, should we expect any less from our Commander In Chief? "Just say no" to lobbyists in the White House now means what?

Obama Administration Does Not Look To Kid Around

On Day Two as United States President, Barack Obama has gotten extremely busy. His first act as the new US President is to freeze the salaries of high-paid White House aides.

John McCain: Lobbyists are 'Birds Of Prey'

John McCain sat down with a The Politico reporter for a half hour after his town-hall style meeting and spoke about a variety of issues, one being lobbyist and earmarks, something he had been a longtime critic of. He called them "birds of prey".

Lobbyists To Feel the Wrath of both Obama and McCain

The issue of lobbyists has been major in the 2008 US Presidential Elections. The fate hands in the hands of either Obama or McCain. So far, it does not bode well for lobbyists.

Obama Criticizes Clinton For Her Ties With Lobbyists

US Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama has thrown jabs at fellow US Democratic hopeful and rival Hillary Clinton for her ties to lobbyists such as accepting money from them.

MPAA lobbying against home theatres

MPAA lobbyist are pushing congress to pass a bill that would make owning home theatres illegal... if you don't pay their price.

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