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'Life support' for transplant livers better than freezing: study

Paris - Keeping transplant livers on "life support" at body temperature preserves them better than the prevailing method of near-freezing, and could reduce the number of donor organs thrown away, a study said Wednesday.

Success with bioengineered human livers

Cincinnati - Scientists working on the development of artificial human livers have shown some success by bioengineering human liver tissues. The livers were generated from healthy and usable human liver tissue from human pluripotent stem cells.

Fully functional human liver grown in lab

The search for artificial organs continues. In a recent step-forwards, scientists have produced the most realistic lab-grown liver tissue yet seen. This is through lab-on-chip technology.

Our sweet tooth is linked to the liver

Lots of people develop a "sweet tooth," especially after consuming lots of sugar-based foods. The mechanism for this has long eluded researchers. A research team think they have identified the source: a hormone produced by the liver.

Urgent action required for liver health

Birmingham - Health experts are calling for action to be taken in the Midlands to address health related liver problems. The primary causes of liver disease in this area are: alcohol addiction, obesity and viral hepatitis.

The dirty and dangerous side of soap and other products we use

Many of the personal care products and dietary supplements we use frequently have chemicals and other substances that are extremely toxic after long-term exposure.

New study of hepatitis provides clues for fighting the disease

A new technique to sustain hepatitis B in liver cells has allowed researchers to study the immune response and drug treatments.

Probiotics help with liver conditions

Probiotics are effective in helping with cirrhosis of the liver, according to a new study. This involves the ingestion of "good" bacteria in order to combat an over-growth of potentially harmful bacteria.

Liver disorder in mice reversed using new gene-editing technology

Cambridge - Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have cured mice of a rare liver disorder that is caused by a single gene mutation using a new genome-editing technique.

Skin cells transformed into functioning liver cells

San Francisco - Scientists have discovered a way to transform skin cells into mature, fully functioning liver cells that flourish on their own, even after being transplanted into laboratory animals modified to mimic liver failure.

Liver cancer linked to obesity

Obesity increases the risk of contracting liver cancer. Obesity increases cellular stress in the liver and research indicates a direct biological link between cellular stress and the development of liver cancer.

How hepatitis damages the liver

Viral infections are the primary cause of liver inflammation or hepatitis. These infections, which use the body's own immune system, can cause permanent damage to the liver.

Dietary pills linked to liver illness

USPlabs LLC, of Dallas, Texas, is recalling certain OxyElite Pro dietary supplement products. This is because the pills have been linked to liver illnesses.

Is your liver eating your brain?

People with extra abdominal fat are three times more likely than lean individuals to develop memory loss and dementia later in life, and the reason appears to be linked to the liver.

The key to the Great White Shark’s power: a fat liver

The fuel source that allows the white shark to embark on incredibly long migrations through the world’s oceans has been identified as its liver, which is relatively large and fat compared with other creatures.

Too much fructose can cause liver damage

A new study suggests that high levels of dietary fructose can cause liver damage even without any association with weight gain, according to an animal study.

New method for growing liver cells

A new way of successfully growing liver cells outside the body has been developed by scientists. The technique could offer an alternative to conventional liver transplants.

Coffee consumption linked to lower risk for rare liver disease

A new study from researchers at the Mayo Clinic reveals that drinking coffee has an added benefit: it lowers the risk of a rare autoimmune liver disease.

World's first liver cell implant

London - A medical team at King's College Hospital, in South London, has successfully implanted donor liver cells into the abdomen of an eight-month boy, instead of waiting for a liver from a transplant list.

Hope for transplants as miniature liver is grown from stem cells

Stem-cell techniques have been used to create a small version of the human liver in a laboratory. Scientists are hailing the achievement as a breakthrough.

Laboratory-constructed liver offers hope for human transplants

Boston - A team of researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston succeeded for the first time in building a transplantable liver in the laboratory with the same characteristics as the original organ.

Antibiotic Avelox may seriously damage liver, warns Health Canada

A safety review by Health Canada has prompted the regulator to release a public warning of rare but potentially life threatening liver complications from taking Avelox or moxiflaxin.

Hepatitis C Trust warns half of Scottish sufferers undiagnosed

The chief executive of the Hepatitis C Trust has voiced his concerns that many people in Scotland are living with undiagnosed hepatitis C. The warning comes as the trust opens its first office in Scotland.

How Steve Jobs Received a Liver Transplant in Tennesse

This past week, staff at the Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute in Memphis, Tennessee acknowledged that Steve Jobs underwent a liver transplant there about two months ago.

Scientists stop aging process in liver

New York scientists have demonstrated how to halt the aging process in an organ for the first time in a mouse study. The organ functions well with age.

Natalie Cole Diagnosed With Hepatitis C

Natalie Cole has been battling Hepatitis C with anti-viral medicine. Her publicist just announced that the Grammy Award winner has the virus which is thought to have been contracted from past drug use.

Higher Coffee Consumption Associated with Lower Liver Cancer Risk

A new large, prospective population-based study confirms an inverse relationship between coffee consumption and liver cancer risk.

Your package has arrived!

Two packages containing human body parts including a liver and part of a head meant for a medical research lab instead were delivered to a home.

Foreigners Flock to China to Receive Organs of Executed Prisoners

China has admitted to allowing "transplant tourism", and the source of the organs is astounding doctors in the West. ..

Experts warn of liver disease timebomb as 24-hour boozing explodes

Experts in London warn of dire health consequences last night as it was revealed the number of pubs and supermarkets serving alcohol round-the clock has trippled in a single year
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Liver cells infected with hepatitis B virus
Liver cells infected with hepatitis B virus

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