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Clear links emerge between Paris, Brussels attacks

Paris - Investigators say clear links have emerged between the jihadists involved in the Paris and Brussels attacks, suggesting a single cell was responsible for both. WHO IS STILL SOUGHT OVER BRUSSELS ATTACKS?

France hands Google ultimatum for worldwide right-to-be-forgotten

France has warned Google that it must begin enforcing right-to-be-forgotten requests on its worldwide "" site as well as search results for individual countries within the next 15 days. If it fails to comply then sanctions will be imposed.

No link between Greece arrests and Belgium jihadists: Prosecutor

Brussels - No link has been established between at least four people arrested by Greek anti-terrorism police and a jihadist cell broken up this week in Belgium, the Belgian prosecutor's office said Sunday.

Paris hostage-taker 'knows' one Charlie Hebdo killer: source

Paris - A gunman holding hostages in a Paris kosher supermarket on Friday knew at least one of the suspects in the Charlie Hebdo massacre, a source told AFP.

Spain to make providers of 'pirated' Web content walk the plank

Madrid - Well, not walk the plank exactly, but tough new laws are to be introduced in Spain and were set for approval in Parliament on Friday. The new laws call for six years in prison for linking to "pirated", copyright-protected material from webpages.

Google has removed 100 million piracy links during 2013

Over 100 million requests have been made to Google to remove more than 100 million links since January 2013. The requests relate to web pages considered to be in breach of copyright laws.

Harvey Weinstein wants sites to pay for linking

Harvey Weinstein, a proponent of Obama and an Oscar-winning producer, said that he has plans to push for legislation that would make websites pay for linking to news articles.

Reports claim French government wants Google taxed for links

Paris - French Socialist President Francois Hollande warned Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt that the government may tax the web search giant for displaying links to news articles unless it agrees to a deal with French news outlets.

New Facebook scam tricks users into liking links

The new scam on Facebook is tricking thousands of users to post messages to their pages saying that they like links which are malicious, said Sophos today.

Professor Finds Only 6 Per Cent of Chinese Websites Link to Foreign Sites

China isn’t a fan of non-Chinese websites: a study found that of the 40 million external links on Chinese websites, only 6 per cent leave for pages outside mainland China. What causes this China-only Web surfing?

Eight Arrested Over Terror Plots In Glasgow And London Were NHS Employees

As a plot of terror unfolds since the failed bombings in London last Friday, BBC news reveals that eight suspects who have been arrested in connected with the plots to bomb Glasgow airport and London were linked to the NHS

Best Site for Free TV Shows and Movies Uses Legal Loophole for Copyrighted Video

Forget YouTube. Forget network webisodes. To find streaming video of almost any new and old TV show or movie, you only need to visit the underground site, TV Links. If any site can make a TV exec wet his pants and scream about copyrights, this is it.

Speed Up Your Site: Use a Slash on your Links

Speed your website by adding a slash in your links.

YouTube Gets Serious With Link to Candidate

." Now YouTube has pulled all the personal sites of presidential candidates all together, free of charge. On” You Choose '08”

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