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Life expectancy News

Genetics reveals some of the secrets for long life expectancy

Crete - Researchers have been keenly studying the populace of isolated Greek village, called Mylopotamos, in order to understand the ‘genetic secrets’ that appear to confer protection against heart disease.

Increased rates of exercise correlate with reduced risk of death

Many people struggle to meet health recommendations for daily exercise. Some, instead, manage intensive weekend bursts. This may also have benefits, according to a new study.

New link between reduced calories and life expectancy

The association between a lower calorie intake and a longer life expectancy has been the subject of research for several years, with data supporting and disproving the link. A new study reports in favor, based on an animal model.

New study finds that living longer doesn't mean we are healthier

Los Angeles - Studies have shown that Americans are living longer, but the extended life expectancy comes with an increase in disability rates as we age, showing us that long life does not insure that we will also have good health.

Nobel scientist says we can live to 150

With the potential advances in biomedicine, by how far could human life expectancy be extended? 150 years according to a Nobel Prize winning scientist.

Controlling fat movement in the body for better health

A protein that can transport fats around the body can affect protective processes in cells and affect life span, according to a new study.

Heart beat rate predicts life expectancy

A study suggests how fast a person's heart beats, when resting, can help to predict whether they are going to die early.

Councils taking action on fast-food obesity

A number of councils in the U.K. are attempting to force fast food outlets to use more healthy ingredients in their cooking processes.

Global life expectancy rises, but there is a down-side

An international study on the global burden of disease has found that since 1990, life expectancy worldwide has risen by six years. But even with the increase in longevity comes a number of challenges for staying healthy.

Male animals are more sickly than females

Mexico - Which is the sickliest sex? Males or females? Across the animal kingdom is seems that males are more troubled with ill-health than females.

Women not living as long as before

London - Statistics from the U.K. show a drop in life expectancy for elderly females. This could be connected to cutbacks in care and changes to the lifestyle habits of baby boomers.

Studying the human genome for mortality

Edinburgh - A new study has discovered a link between patterns of methylation in the human genome and people’s life span. If such technology is possible, would you want to know?

Obesity linked to shorter life

Montreal - A new study, based on modeling predictions, suggests that excess body weight — obesity — can decrease one’s life expectancy by nearly 10 years.

Does eliminating pain improve life expectancy?

A new study indicates that eliminating a pain receptor makes mice live longer and keeps their metabolisms young. Chronic pain appears to correlate with a shortened lifespan, whereas less pain is linked to living longer.

Russian men killing themselves with vodka

Moscow - Heavy vodka drinking means shorter lifespans for Russian men. Lancet reports 25 percent of Russian men die before 55, compared with only 7 percent of British men and fewer than 1 percent in the U.S.

Eating nuts has an association with longer life

A new study ties nut consumption to longevity. The theory is that the oils in nuts can reduce bad cholesterol and possibly inflammation.

What’s the secret behind the world’s longest living rodent?

Naked mole rats live in excess of 30 years. Scientists think that the secret behind the mole rat is a special protein contained within the mole rats’ genetic code.

Op-Ed: Obesity an early death sentence — How did Americans get so large?

Obesity is now found to claim more lives than previously known. As waistlines expand in the U.S., so do our chances of dying from being obese. But the finding leaves a question, how did Americans get so large?

Life expectancy maps show dramatic difference

A series of maps released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation seeks to draw attention to the fact that many U.S. cities have neighborhoods with very different life expectancies, some on par or lower than the life expectancies in developing countries.

So you want to be famous? Better think twice

Your life may not be that bad. A recent study by Oxford Journals shows that being well known and famous may result in a shorter life expectancy.

WHO: Economic crisis threatens life expectancy in Europe

WHO's European Health Report 2012 reveals that while Europeans are living longer lives, the trend could be reversed due to the economic crisis forcing governments to cut spending on health.

Living longer? Expect more disease

A medical review indicates that although people around the world are living longer they are suffering from higher levels of sickness from chronic diseases.

Every Little Bit of Exercise is Beneficial

Exercise is important in maintaining good health and possibly extending life. A recent study shows that 15 minutes of daily physical activity can reduce your risk of death by 14%, and increase life expectancy by three years.

The secret to longevity shared by 87-year-old Portland ‘star’ Special

Portland - Life expectancy is decreasing in the United States with the average life span approximately 78 years , according to recent reports. But there are folks who defy the odds, living joyously beyond that age.

Op-Ed: The American GOP: Spoon-feeding the rich, bankrupting the nation

The GOP has executed the largest transfer of wealth in U.S. history. Due to unfair tax schemes and an obsession for selling out to corporations while hobbling the middle class, the U.S. has record numbers of billionaires and people living in poverty.

1 in 6 to live past 100

10.6million Britons will live past the age of 100, according to new figures released by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Men May Become Extinct?

Women want to be able to do anything equal to men, and they're likely to have to if one scientist's predictions come true. One says that the Y. chromosome determining the male gender is dying out. Men could go with it, leading to their extinction.

Oldest Man in U.S. Dies; Did We Lose the Secret?

It’s too late to ask George Francis the secret to long life. That’s because he just died at age 112, the oldest man in the United States according to records

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Life expectancy in New Orleans
Life expectancy in New Orleans
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Life expectancy is not just about living longer. It also includes being healthy enough to enjoy the ...
Life expectancy is not just about living longer. It also includes being healthy enough to enjoy the extra years.
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