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Libel News

Melania Trump re-files $150 million lawsuit against Daily Mail

New York City - After a judge threw out Melania’s libel suit against Mail Media Inc. filed in Maryland, the First Lady has re-filed it in New York state. The initial suit was tossed out because Mail Media Inc. did not have a sufficient connection to that state.

Hulk Hogan verdict forces Gawker founder Denton into bankruptcy

New York - Gawker founder Nick Denton declared bankruptcy on Monday after a federal judge allowed collection efforts to begin on $140 million in damages the news website was found liable for in a lawsuit filed by professional wrestler Hulk Hogan.

Donald Trump vows to rewrite libel laws to make suing media easier

Donald Trump threatened on Friday to change America's libel laws to make it easier to sue media companies. Trump told the press that if he becomes president, he would rewrite US libel laws so that people can "sue you like you'd never get sued before."

Glenn Beck may set astounding legal precedent on public figures

Glenn Beck, the famous conservative political commentator, has created the possibility of a groundbreaking legal precedent while defending himself in a defamation lawsuit.

Former marketing execs want to out 'trolls' accused of libel

Two former executives of mobile advertising Augme Technologies (now Hipcricket) are looking to learn the identities of around 30 anonymous Internet commenters, who the two execs intend to sue for libel.

Op-Ed: Lords in the news — Dead and alive

London - Now that he is dead, Lord McAlpine is fair game for any scandalous gossip. Lord Rennard is a different kettle of fish, in spite of Nick Clegg.

UK libel laws reformed

London - The U.K. Parliament has passed a new Defamation Bill, which is designed to make it harder for claimants to suppress free speech.

UK Defamation Bill poses threat to freedom of speech

A new law to tackle people who publish offensive messages online would have a ‘chilling effect’ on free speech, the Joint Committee on Human Rights has warned the British Government.

British politician pursues 10,000 Twitter users for libel

Lord Alistair McAlpine, an advisor to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, has decided to legally pursue 10,000 Twitter users after being falsely accused of sexual child abuse.

Op-Ed: Why Lord McAlpine will not sue David Icke for libel

Ryde - Lord McAlpine has sued and received large libel payouts from both the BBC and ITV; he is suing other people too, but he won't sue David Icke, not though for the reasons the latter may think.

Toronto's Mayor Ford in court facing libel charge

Toronto - Before Rob Ford became mayor he allegedly made a libelous allegation against small business owner George Foulidis during an editorial board meeting with the Toronto Sun. Ford is in court this week facing a $6-million defamation lawsuit.

Op-Ed: Frankie Boyle — 'racist' comedians and 'racist' nonsense

London - A comedian who sued for libel after being branded a “racist” has been awarded £54,900 damages. Does that mean we are all due for a payout?

The Leveson Inquiry — Ex-wife of soccer star Gazza testifies

London - Yesterday, the Leveson Inquiry continued with testimony from, among others, Sheryl Gascoigne, the former wife of former professional soccer player Paul Gascoigne. She was cross-examined in some detail.

Op-Ed: ADL slanders Americans yet again

New York - The Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith has just published its annual survey which shows how bigoted Americans are, or does it show something else, about the ADL itself?

Op-Ed: David Icke and the price of gullibility

Ryde - David Icke sees himself as a fearless exposer of financial corruption, terrorism and sexual abuse. Others regard him as a latter day Don Quixote.

Op-Ed: Is Ian Brady insane, or are we?

Liverpool - When serial killer Ian Brady was convicted, the crowds bayed for his blood; now he is being kept alive against his will at taxpayers' expense.

Op-Ed: Double whammy for British tabloids over Yeates murder case libel

London - Chris Jefferies may not be in the first flush of youth, but at the High Court today he was awarded a tidy sum to supplement his pension.

Op-Ed: Britain’s soap operas, stranger than fiction - almost

The storylines of Britain’s soap operas have grown increasingly outrageous over the past few years, but the real life misadventures of some of our soap stars put them to shame.

Does YouTube censor videos?

This is a lengthy analysis of a claim earlier this week by Brasscheck TV that YouTube is censoring videos under pressure from governments.

Op-Ed: The libel laws are no picnic in spite of attempts at 'reform'

An in-depth analysis of the state of the law of defamation in Britain and the ongoing attempts ostensibly to reform it with some insight into the motives of those who seek to do so.

Op-Ed: The Big Question – publish and be damned?

An article relating to super injunctions based on recent media reports including a discussion on the BBC Television programme "The Big Questions".

Sex blogger wins libel damages for 'hooker' headline in newspaper

Famous blogger of graphic female sexuality content Zoe Margolis has won her court battle for libel against the newspaper that called her a hooker.

Supreme Court of Canada To Bloggers: Act Responsibly

In a landmark decision Tuesday, the Supreme Court of Canada added an extra layer of libel protection for blogs, traditional journalists

Report: Press freedom remains elusive Special

Only 17 per cent of the world’s population lives in countries that have a free press. The report published recently by Freedom House, clearly shows how journalists and writers are still subject to violence and punitive laws.

Companies Destroy Data and Tweak Google Search Results to Repair Online Reputations

The next time someone posts a naked photo of you online, get a reputation management company to delete the unwanted photo. But are these companies crossing an ethical boundary?

Posh Becks Wins Libel Case After Magazine Accused Her of Being Picky and Rude

David Beckham's wife, Victoria has won her case against a London based glossy magazine for damages as it claims that she was "picky, demanding and rude". Well, you don't get to that level of celebrity without a tiny nudge here and there

EFF reports - safe harbor clause in CDA good news for blogs

Te California Supreme Court ruled last week that no provider or user of an interactive computer service may be held liable for putting material on the Internet that was written by someone else.

Ill. High Court justice awarded $7 million in libel suit

The jury ruled the Kane County Chronicle libeled Justice Bob Thomas when they published columns in 2003 that said Thomas played politics with a big case.

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