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Legalization News

U.S. House vote to legalize cannabis expected during September

A historic vote to federally legalize cannabis is expected to occur later during September in the U.S. House of Representatives. Whether the vote goes through is, however, uncertain due to the divergent balance of political opinion.

Australian territory becomes the first to legalize marijuana

The Australian Capital Territory became the first territory in Australia to legalize “recreational possession and cultivation of marijuana.” The law comes into effect early into 2020.

Bloomberg says legalizing marijuana was 'stupid'

It's 'the stupidest thing anybody has ever done', according to Michael Bloomberg. This isn't a reference to inventing nuclear weapons or the Vietnam war, but the legalization of marijuana.

Ontario's pot licence lottery — Why did Ford change the rules?

Last Friday, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario announced the names of the 25 winners of the lottery for retail cannabis licenses. Problem is, very few have any experience or connections to Canada’s cannabis industry.

Canada’s legal marijuana rollout plagued with distribution issues

Canada officially legalized marijuana, but people across the country have had a tough time accessing the product legally.

StatCan cannabis survey finds 1 in 7 Canadians driving high

Ottawa - A new Statistics Canada survey has found about 1.4 million Canadians reported they had been a passenger in a vehicle driven by someone who had consumed cannabis in the previous two hours.

As legalization nears, marijuana-related charges at all-time low

Ottawa - Continuing a six-year downward trend, the number of people charged with marijuana-related crimes in Canada last year was at the lowest level in 20 years.

Legal marijuana is set to outsell liquor in Canada by 2020

Canada became the second country to legalize marijuana on Tuesday evening. Canada's legal marijuana market will be a $6.5 billion industry by 2020, according to a new report from CIBC, one of the country's largest banks.

Trudeau government says mandatory drug testing possible

The legislation that would legalize recreational cannabis consumption in Canada is in the Senate for a planned final vote on or before June 7. With just five days remaining before the vote, the federal government is thinking about mandatory drug-testing.

Craft cannabis growers ignored in rush to legalize pot in Canada

Vancouver - The craft cannabis industry in British Columbia is very concerned over the federal government's lack of progress in creating a promised "micro-cultivation" license for those in their industry and they are demanding action.

Trudeau — Recreational cannabis will be legal by this summer

Ottawa - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday recreational cannabis use will be legal by summer, despite calls from some senators to put off legalization for at least a year to allow for further consultation with Indigenous communities.

Study: San Francisco has highest rate of pot smoking in U.S.

Washington - San Francisco, the gleaming city by the bay and financial center of the West, now has another title to add to its allure: marijuana capital.

Legal pot? California voters could face two initiatives in 2016

Oakland - Marijuana users and supporters in California could get the opportunity to legalize using their drug of choice in November if a planned voter initiative to accomplish that makes it to the ballot.

Republicans slowly embracing marijuana

For years the U.S. House has been turning down proposals dealing with marijuana but this week that all changed when the House approved a new measure.

Op-Ed: Mitt Romney is on the wrong side of the marijuana discussion

Up just with the early sun, I listen to the repetitive code call of a bird outside my window. It is not a bad way to wake. This is how I think of it, formative morning anthropocentric fog: bird chimes rung to wake a biped pleasantly.

Op-Ed: Mental illness, lies and the truth about marijuana

It seems as though everyone and their brother (excepting for law enforcement) has jumped on the legalization-of-dope bandwagon. After reading the latest in clouded judgment in a recent article, I felt a response was necessary.

Kucinich speaks at Hempfest pot festival

Rep. Dennis Kucinich spoke at Seattle's Hempfest over the weekend to discuss what he finds to be the important issue of legalizing marijuana. Kucinich has some strong competition, however, which he is being advised to not run against.

Businessman George Soros behind legalization of marijuana

Ahead of a key California vote on the question of whether or not the state should legalize marijuana, billionaire investor George Soros has come out in support of legalization.

Oakland to tax, regulate marijuana

Oakland - Oakland, California may license three large marijuana growing operations whose revenues will be taxed in order to help soothe the city's debt.

Voters might legalize marijuana in California

November will be do-or-die for legalization of marijuana through a state ballot initiative in California, where proponents have gathered 159,829 more signatures than required by law to put it on the ballot, if 433,971 of the 693,800 signatures are valid.

Poll: 81 percent approve of medical marijuana

Eight in 10 Americans -- 81 percent overall -- support allowing doctors to prescribe cannabis for various medical reasons.

California considering full legalization of marijuana

Going beyond the legal medical applications of marijuana, California is now considering fully legalizing the growth, sales and consumption of marijuana for all adults in the state.

Poll: Most Americans support legalizing Marijuana

A majority of adults in the United States are willing to legalize marijuana, according to a poll by Angus Reid Public Opinion

Op-Ed: ​You can't have it both ways

The idea that when government steps in to protect you from yourself is repugnant and oversteps its boundaries. This level of government intervention doesn't fit with support in individual's lives.

Supreme Court Makes No Comment on States Marijuana Laws

Gov. Schwarzeneggar opened up the debate on legalizing marijuana recently. The Supreme Court has tacitly allowed the states to continue their own course. What will the rest of the country do in light of their recent decision?

Michael Douglas calls for marijuana legalization

Actor Michael Douglas has urged the American government to legalize the use of marijuana; he believes legalization will reduce violence.

Op-Ed: Australian drug clinic wants to 'Sell dope in post offices'

Cannabis is set to replace tobacco as the world’s most widely smoked drug. The new concept of a sustainable drug control policy, strangely, doesn’t include continuing the subsidizing of organized crime with an endless supply of illegal substances.

Wales Police: Ecstasy is safer than ASA

North Wales Police chief called for legalization of drugs within the country and said ecstasy is safer than ASA. He said if the drug laws are repealed, it would be a big blow for criminal enterprises. Others called his ideas “very dangerous."

Why is Marijuana Illegal? A Brief History

Many people assume that marijuana was made illegal through some kind of process involving scientific, medical, and government hearings; that it was to protect the citizens from what was determined to be a dangerous drug.The actual story is much different.

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HOMEGROWN: Oregon decriminalization advocate Paul Stanford stands in the marijuana garden maintained...
HOMEGROWN: Oregon decriminalization advocate Paul Stanford stands in the marijuana garden maintained by his organization, The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation, in Portland in 2013.
Paul Stanford / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)
A photograph of Cannabis sativa.
A photograph of Cannabis sativa.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Voters in Arizona  Montana  New Jersey  and South Dakota went to the polls on Tuesday to legalize ma...
Voters in Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota went to the polls on Tuesday to legalize marijuana in their states.
My 420 Tours (CC BY-SA 4.0)
A marihuana plantation.
A marihuana plantation.
A7nubis (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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