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Legal employees report lower productivity in COVID-19 world

New data reveals legal employees report lower productivity than other industries during the recent work-from-home mandate. As one of the most heavily impacted groups by the crisis, legal and compliance teams report 16 percent below average productivity.

Three patients die as lawyers clash with doctors in Pakistan hospital

Islamabad - At least three heart patients died on Wednesday after a group of lawyers attacked doctors at a cardiac hospital in Pakistan's eastern city of Lahore, officials and ministers said.

Hong Kong lawyers march in silence to support democracy protesters

Fpo - Hong Kong lawyers held a silent march in support of anti-government protesters on Wednesday, highlighting the movement's enduring broad appeal despite increasingly ominous warnings from Beijing.

Q&A: Assessing the legal aspects of the digital economy Special

To understand the legal issues surrounding digital transformation initiatives, Digital Journal spoke with a leading legal tech firm about issues of competition, digitalization and productivity for business.

Algerian lawyers march against Bouteflika election bid

Alger - Hundreds of Algerian lawyers staged a demonstration Thursday in Algiers against President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's re-election bid, saying his ill health should disqualify him from the race.

Interview: AI is set to disrupt the legal profession Special

AI presents significant implications within the legal industry, according to technologist Dr. Khalid Al-Kofahi from Thomson Reuters. We look at how AI will shape the practice of law in the future.

Cybersecurity skills lacking in the legal sector

According to a new assessment, while legal services are embracing new technologies the legal profession is lacking the necessary skills to ensure good cybersecurity practices are in place. Greater investment in resources is also required.

Lawyers are turning to machine learning to ease caseloads

Lawyers are making use of machine learning and artificial intelligence platforms in order to assess past cases and to make predictions about the potential success or failure of new cases.

FDA issues Black Box warning for Essure — Lawsuits keep growing

A federal court ruled that 2 cases of women who claim they were harmed by Bayer's birth control device Essure can continue. In the meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a "black box" label to warn the public about its dangerousness.

Zofran lawsuit — GSK requests split of generic, branded cases

As the number of Zofran lawsuits keep growing, the manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) petitioned the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts to separate brand-named injury litigation from those caused by generic ondansetron.

Lawyers stand to benefit the most from self-driving car accidents

When, in the near future, a driverless car gets into an accident with another driverless car, it's going to be difficult to establish who is at fault. Is it the "driver," the car company, or even the programmer?

James Blake wants NYPD cop who tackled him to be fired

Manhattan - When a video surfaced that showed former tennis star James Blake being tackled by a plainclothes New York City Police officer, it prompted apologies from mayor Bill de Blasio and police commissioner Bill Bratton.

Oops! ... I Did It Again: Britney sued by dancer over broken nose

Woodland Hills - A back-up dancer claiming Britney Spears backhanded her during a rehearsal and broke her nose is now taking legal action against the pop star.

U.S. law firm ensnared in NSA surveillance: NYT report

An unnamed U.S. law firm was caught up in the global surveillance of the National Security Agency (NSA) and its overseas partners in Australia, according to a newspaper report on Saturday.

Bad news for O.J. Simpson — New trial rejected

Las Vegas - O.J. Simpson's pending hope for an early release on the grounds of poor legal council was struck down Tuesday by a Las Vegas judge.

State of South Dakota paying attorneys to move there

South Dakota became the first state to pass a law that offers an annual subsidy for lawyers to live and work in areas that are rural.

Lawyers refuse to defend alleged Delhi gang rapists

Delhi - Lawyers in Delhi have refused to defend the men accused of taking part in the brutal gang-rape and murder of the 23-year-old medical student who succumbed to her injuries on December 29.

Montreal lawyers silently protest anti-rally bill

Montreal - A new type of protest has started in Montreal with hundreds of lawyers marching through the streets in silent protest against the emergency law on demonstrations.

Trayvon Martin case: George Zimmerman's attorneys quit

Sanford - George Zimmerman's attorneys have said at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon that they are no longer representing him. They said they were quitting because they have lost contact with him and he has repeatedly rebuffed legal advice offered to him.

Op-Ed: Google password breach should make us doubt security in the cloud

We long ago resigned ourselves to the reality that Microsoft is no match for even modestly talented amateur hackers, but if Google can't stop these serious intrusions, I am not sure who can.

Laptops, safe belonging to Blagojevich's lawyers stolen

Laptops that belong to lawyers for the ousted Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich have been stolen on Friday morning but it is unknown if the computers contained important information.

OSPCA Donation Dollars Going To Lawyers?

Are donations to the OSPCA about to be diverted to legal teams? That is the allegation that CP24 is reporting. Callers to the Toronto Humane Society are greeted by a cheery voice directing users to donate.

Op-Ed: Canada’s Judicial Achilles Heel

From its inception, Canada has been served by a Parliament controlled by lawyers. This long-standing practice has to change.

Sarah Palin Warns Press on Defamation

Sarah Palin's attorney has issued a statement that she will pursue those who have written 'defamatory' material about her. This comes on the heels of Palin resigning from her position as Governor of the state of Alaska.

Op-Ed: Canada’s Judiciary Continues Its Slide Into Meaningless Incompetence

Canadian taxpayers should be upset at the continuing abuse they are being subjected to by both their judicial, and immigration systems.

Lawyers in Ohio Volunteer to Save the Dream Initiative

Governor Ted Strickland of Ohio initiated the Save the Dream program to help Ohioans trapped in the foreclosure crisis. Legal assistance is also being provided to families with nowhere to turn.

Forced Abortions China's Shame

In China you are allowed one child. That's it. If you choose to attempt for another one you could be forced to have an abortion. Although the practice is illegal it is still happening. Telling the story can be hazardous to your health also.

Lawyers protest Pakistan Chief Justice suspension

This is the updated news about CJ's suspension. All the lawyers in the supreme court has boycotted the works at all the courts.

Trials of Guantanamo Suspects Begin Without a Lawyer or Reporter in Sight

Military tribunals against 14 suspected terrorists will begin tomorrow at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba amid a complete blackout on media coverage.

Disorder in the Courts

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Greece: General strike
Greece: General strike
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Lawyers protest the arrest of their fellow lawyers in Istanbul
Lawyers protest the arrest of their fellow lawyers in Istanbul
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Many significant lawyers could be involved with the Supreme Court case.
Many significant lawyers could be involved with the Supreme Court case.

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