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Smart-watches to become the next big thing?

From the Apple iPod and iPhone to the tablet, and maybe the laplet (Merge between laptop and tablet), technology in the form of mobile computing has changed quite a bit. Now, is it possible for smart watches to become the next big thing?

U.S. government scientists retire research chimps

U.S. government scientists have decided that almost all chimpanzees kept for federally funded research will be retired from laboratories. The chimps will be placed in a national sanctuary.

Drug Lab in the neighbourhood

When police bust up meth and ecstasy labs they often find themselves in the middle of a residential street says the RCMP. These "clandestine labs" are operating all over neighbourhoods in Canada.

Google to launch Flipper, a new way to search the news

According to numerous sources Google is preparing to launch a new Labs project which would allow users to browse Google News in a more visual manner.

Translate Email Message Automatically With New Gmail Feature

Gmail Labs has added a new feature that helps translate messages written in a foreign language within the email itself. It is available for both regular and App users of Gmail.

Gmail Feature Tells You Whether Your Contact is Asleep or Awake

Gmail has added a new "Labs" feature that shows whether your contacts are likely to be awake or sleeping based on their time zone.

Gmail Enables 'SMS Messaging For Chat' Feature

Gmail has enabled the SMS feature through its Labs for users in the U.S. People can send SMS messages directly from their emails and the service is free, except for the data charges the receiving party may incur.

Gmail Adds To-Do Tasks List

The most requested feature is finally in Gmail. Google has now added a to-do task list in its Gmail service via Gmail Labs.

Gmail adds to-do list through third-party app 'Remember the Milk'

One thing missing from Google’s vast array of applications was a “To-Do” application. Now, it's available in Gmail via the third-party application “Remember the Milk."

Google Displays Calendar and Docs within Gmail

Google introduced a new feature today by adding the “Gadget” feature for Gmail. Users now can see Google Calendar and Google Docs within Gmail.

Gmail: 'Don't Drink And Email'

Google wants to help you when you're drunk. A new feature in Google Labs called "Mail Googles" stops you from sending an embarrassing email to your friends or family if you've had one too many.

Gmail Labs Adds Forgotten Attachment Detector, Vacation Responder And More Features

Gmail has added a number of features recently that will enhance your email application. Here are some important ones that you will find useful.

Breast cancer vaccine shows promise in labs

U.S. researchers have developed a new vaccine that eliminates a type of breast cancer tumor in tests on mice. They hope to make it available for clinical trials soon.

Approaching Event Horizon In The Lab?

Scientists have discovered the means of which to create a Black Hole. In a laboratory at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, one of the greatest mysteries of the universe may soon be solved.

New Program Sees Robots Take Place of Animals in Chemical Testing

With all the advances in science, one thing that still bothers many people about the field is the fact that researchers often test new chemicals on animals. That could soon change, thanks to robots.

Google Executive Confirms Google Phone in the Labs

"So it seems that the oft-rumored handset from Google has taken that final leap into the 'confirmed' column, though it may not be quite the be-all, end-all device we were expecting." Today, a Google exec confirmed a Google Phone in the works.

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