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France to revise labor policies in early 2016

Paris - The French government will work on new labor law reforms that aim to adjust workers' schedules and provide them better benefits.

How far would you go for a Big Mac? How about Siberia?

Moscow - McDonald's, the biggest burger chain in the world, is expanding its customer reach to the ends of the globe, or at least to Siberia. The fast-food giant is extending its corporate dominance despite the strained relationship between the U.S. and Russia.

Op-Ed: Why are workers striking across Spain? (video)

A different stance on strikes in Spain, Portugal and other European countries. Opinions are given on the reasons for the strikes, and the effects of draconian austerity measures and unemployment.

Philippine government bans workers from working in 41 countries

The Philippine government has banned overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) from working in at least 41 countries as listed in the Philippine Overseas Employment administration (POEA) board resolution No.7 dated November 2, 2011.

Op-Ed: Chinese sweatshops - Is anyone liable for anything?

I’m sitting here in Australia, using a Microsoft mouse, keyboard, and system. What do I see? Chinese kids getting paid 52c an hour to make these things and some trying to commit suicide. Am I happy about that? I am not.

Disney violates Chinese labour laws: report

Workers at a Chinese factory making Disney toys are overworked and underpaid as well as exposed to dangerous toxins and forced to live in filthy conditions, according to a labour rights group.

China’s workplace thugs, corrupt cops, and no law for migrant workers

There had to be some sleaze somewhere in the Chinese economic miracle, and sure enough, part of it’s picking on the low paid workers. A fight with strikebreakers left one man brain dead, six injured, and other workers very skeptical about any justice.

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