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Kim jong un News

NK leader's sister claims summit with Trump unlikely in 2020

Kim Yo Yong, the sister of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in comments in the state news agency KCNA said that a new summit between Kim and US president Donald Trump is unlikely to happen this year.

Op-Ed: North Korea suspends military operations directed at the South

North Korea's Kim Jong Un has ordered a suspension of planned military exercises designed to intimidate South Korea in a move that should ease tensions that had been growing between the two neighboring countries.

Op-Ed: North Korea critical of US hostile attitude as new talks possible

North Korea criticized the US for continuing a hostile policy toward it. Last week a US State Dept. document listed North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism along with Iran, Syria and Sudan.

Op-Ed: Kim Jong-un rides his white horse on nationally famous Mt. Paektu

North Korea's state media is giving heavy coverage to images of leader Kim Jong Un riding a white horse on the nationally significant Mt. Paektu. The state media said that the event was of great importance in the history of the Korean revolution.

North Korea pessimistic about new summit with Trump and Kim

Kim Kye Gwan the North Korean Foreign Ministry adviser issued a statement last Friday indicating that North Korea is pessimistic about chances of there being another Trump-Kim summit any time in the near future with no breakthrough on talks likely.

Op-Ed: North Korea accuses US of hostile actions while talking diplomacy

The North Korean mission to the UN issued a statement yesterday critical of the Trump administration, claiming that while the US was publicly suggesting dialogue with the North, the country is engaging in hostile actions against them.

Trump canceled summit with U.S. journalists still in North Korea

President Donald Trump canceled his much-awaited summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Thursday while about 30 international journalists, including many US citizens, were still in the country.

Op-Ed: Kim Jong Un challenges Trump with a slap in the face

Washington D.c. - “It will never happen”, “We won’t allow it to happen”, it’s happened. The Trump administration has obviously not managed to deter North Korea (DPRK) from its nuclear goals.

Op-Ed: Former NBA star Rodman makes fourth visit to North Korea

Pyongyang - The former NBA star Dennis Rodman claims he was "just trying to open the door" as he visits North Korea for the fourth time. He said he would not raise the issue of Americans detained in the country.

Op-Ed: Tension increases between irrational U.S. and N. Korean leaders

North Korea and the U.S. trade threats and provocations as tension between the leaders of the two countries increases creating the danger of disastrous clashes.

North Korea invents 'hangover-free alcohol'

North Korea claims it has invented hangover-free alcohol. The reclusive dictatorship says it has perfected a liquor that doesn't cause nasty after-effects.

North Korea willing to nuke USA, looks to become economic power

More rhetoric is seeping out of North Korea, though it appears to be more measured than usual. During an exclusive sit down with CNN, a leading North Korean official said his country would use nuclear missiles if the U.S. “forced their hand.”

South Korea: North Korea has 6,000-strong 'cyber army'

Seoul - South Korea officials warned on Tuesday that rival North Korea has a 6,000-member cyber army tasked with attacking and disrupting its democratic neighbor's military and government computer networks.

North Korea's leader returns to public view with a vengeance

Seoul - He's baaaack; and there are some 10 senior leaders of the North Korea's ruling Workers Party who are not particularly happy about it.

North and South Korea to hold high level talks

Pyongyang - After senior North Korean officials made a surprise visit to South Korea to attend the closing ceremonies of the Asian Games, Hwang Pyong-so, regarded as the second most powerful person in the North, met with South Korea's Reunification Minister.

Video teasing 'Fat Guy Number 3' Kim Jong-un goes viral

A mash-up video poking fun at the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is doing the rounds across the world and has been viewed millions of times in China.

Dennis Rodman apologizes for outburst on live TV interview

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman has issued an apology for his outburst while being interviewed by Chris Cuomo, host of CNN program "News Day," saying he had been drinking and was stressed out during the interview.

Rodman arrives in N.Korea for Kim's birthday basketball game

Pyongyang - Former NBA basketball super-star Dennis Rodman has arrived in North Korea, ready to mark Kim Jong-un's birthday with a celebrity game of basketball.

Kim Jong-un's aunt dead of heart attack or suicide

Pyongyang - As North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un, prepares to celebrate his birthday Wednesday there are reports that his aunt, sister to former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, is dead of a heart attack or suicide.

Western media's take on Kim Jong Un's uncle being eaten by dogs

Pyongyang - Rumors are flying that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's uncle Jade Song Thaek, was executed, not by the usual firing squad, but by being stripped naked and then placed in a cage with 120 attack dogs.

New report says Kim Jong Un's uncle eaten alive by starving dogs

Pyongyang - The world was stunned by the execution of Kim Jong Un's uncle in North Korea last month. However, the plot thickens as a Beijing-based newspaper reports the brutal method by which Jang Song Thaek was put to death.

Dennis Rodman leaves North Korea without meeting Kim Jong Un

Former NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman left Pyongyang Monday without meeting his friend and North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un.

Execution of Chang Song-thaek, uncle of Kim, stuns world leaders

Pyongyang - News that ousted Chang or Jang Song-thaek, a powerful uncle of Kim Jong-un has been executed, has sent ripples of shock-waves to other countries. The uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was ousted from office and not seen in public since November.

Dennis Rodman makes second trip to North Korea to visit Kim

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman makes his second trip to Pyongyang this year to visit his friend Kim Jong un, North Korea's strongman.

Now North Korea proposes high level talks with US

Just five days after proposed high level talks with South Korea were abandoned after North Korea alleged that South Korea had insulted it North Korea has today, proposed new high level talks with the United States.

Op-Ed: Will Dennis Rodman's diplomacy work in North Korea?

Kenneth Bae, a US citizen who was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor by the North Korean court due to "hostile acts" against North Korea, may soon regain his freedom if the communist country's strongman, Kim Jong Un, grants Dennis Rodman's request.

Dennis Rodman asks North Korean leader to do him a solid

Earlier this year Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un formed a friendship when the former NBA star paid a visit to North Korea, and he let Kim Jong Un know that he has a friend for life.

Op-Ed: The brewing tension with North Korea a wider perspective

Seoul - Rising tensions and bellicose rhetoric from the North should be placed in a wider context in which the provocative war games of South Korea and the US play a part.

North Korea's nuclear plant restart belies Politburo changes

North Korea announced it is restarting operations at its nuclear facilities including the currently mothballed reactor at Yongbyon nuclear facility. But, behind the latest sabre-rattling there are changes at the very top of Pyongyang's political elite.

Rodman: I'm going on vacation with Kim in August

NBA Hall Of Famer Dennis Rodman has visited North Korea once before, and he says that he has plans to go back to the country in August.
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US President Donald Trump (L) and leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Un.
US President Donald Trump (L) and leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Un.
(Photo: Mandel Ngan, Ed Jones, AFP) Illustration: Digital Journal
Kim Jong-un (left) seated with Ri Yong Ho (center) and Kim Jong-il (right) on September 28th  2010 a...
Kim Jong-un (left) seated with Ri Yong Ho (center) and Kim Jong-il (right) on September 28th, 2010 at the front of Kumsusan Memorial Palace for the meeting of the Workers' Party of Korea.
Rodong Sinmun (North Korean state media)
Former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman talks to journalists as he arrives at the Beijing Capital...
Former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman talks to journalists as he arrives at the Beijing Capital International Airport to leave for Pyongyang, in Beijing, January 6, 2014
With permission by Reuters / Jason Lee
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un
CS Monitor
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (2nd L) watches a basketball game between former U.S. NBA basketball...
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (2nd L) watches a basketball game between former U.S. NBA basketball players and North Korean players of the Hwaebul team of the DPRK with Dennis Rodman (R) at Pyongyang Indoor Stadium
With permission by Reuters / KCNA

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