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Drug lord with 45 arrest warrants killed in Colombia

Victor Navarro, alias Megateo, has long dominated the region of Catatumbo, but the drug lord ended up being killed by Colombian troops.

Dramatic fall in phone theft as kill switches installed

Smartphone thefts have fallen dramatically in three major cities across the world after manufacturers began adding remote "kill switches" so users can disable stolen devices, according to reports.

Hundreds of thousands of bees kill man in Arizona

A gardener from Arizona lost his life after around 800,000 killer bees attacked him. The bees got worked up in a frenzy because of his lawnmower.

Couple say they killed man because they wanted to do it together

A couple who were married only for a few weeks met a man from Craigslist, and killed him. They say that they wanted to kill together.

Visitors witness lion kill lioness at Dallas zoo

Dallas - A male lion killed a lioness with a bite to the neck at a zoo in Dallas over the weekend. The incident was witnessed by families and other stunned visitors.

Man posts YouTube video confessing to killing a man

Matt Cordle, 22, uploaded a video to YouTube titled "I Killed A Man." The video, which was uploaded a few days ago, shows Cordle confessing to killing a man in a drunk driving accident.

Grandmother says she watched police kill a 7-year-old

A police officer in Detroit is being accused of felony involuntary manslaughter, gross negligence in the shooting of a 7-year-old girl.

Beaver kills fisherman in Belarus

Beavers were once being hunted by humans, now it seems the tables have turned. No one in Belarus has been killed by a beaver before, until now.

Study: 'Cute' cats kill billions of other animals every year

A new study says that cats kill billions of birds and other small mammals every year. While most cat owners know already that their "cute" cats are killing machines, the estimates of numbers of other animals killed by cats in the new study are staggering.

Canadian man kills grizzly bear

Fort Nelson - A man from British Columbia, Canada, is at his home recovering after he shot a grizzly bear that was attacking him. He suffered a broken jaw and cuts to his body and face.

Op-Ed: Suicidal murderer does not deserve pity

London - Sergei Zolotovsky has attempted suicide twice since the murders in 2010. As a consequence of the attempted suicide, he is paralysed from the waist down.

Belgium grenade massacre shocks city

A man convicted of several offenses went wild in the southern city of Liège today blowing up people on the central square with grenades. It was wrongly reported that several gunmen were involved, but national news here confirms that he was a lone gunman

Syrian forces kill 15 demonstrators

Violence in Syria continues as forces in murdered more than ten people on Friday, according to reports released by opposition groups.

Life in prison for man who killed his newborn son

Russellville - A Red Bay man will spend life in prison after pleading guilty to killing his new born son in 2005. After entering the plea, he turned to the mother of the child and said, "I'm sorry for what I did."

N.S. man kills neighbour and himself

Dartmouth - A murder-suicide in a Dartmouth apartment building left a 58-year-old man and his 60-year-old neighbour dead, but police are not releasing the cause of death.

Family of teen who killed herself goes public to help others

Ottawa - Family members of a 14-year-old Ottawa girl who killed herself have spoken publicly about the death, in an effort to help other young people with suicidal thoughts.

Landslides kill at least 65 people in China

At least 65 people are dead, and hundreds are missing, following landslides in a rain-soaked area of northwest China, the country’s state-run media reported.

French woman hides pregnancies, kills 8 newborns over the years

47-year old Dominique Cottrez in being held in police custody after admitting to smothering her eight newborn children to death

Toxic fumes kill beloved panda at Chinese zoo

Chinese zookeepers found 21-year-old panda bear Quan Quan very ill last Thursday, but despite all efforts to revive her, she died.

Canadian boy, 8, beats neighbor's dog to death

A barbecue fork used for skewering and serving meat was the young boy's weapon of choice as he savagely beat Cuddles, a small dog.

UK court to couple: Euthanize pet squirrel or face charges

Colchester - Euthanize your pet squirrel, turn him free at a wildlife sanctuary or face jail time, a UK couple were recently told by the courts and the Royal Society for the Protection of the Cruelty to Animals.

Wolf problem addressed in Symposium Oregon

Wolves have been a hot topic for many ranchers in Eastern Oregon for the past year. Just last spring, a Baker County rancher's calves were killed by wolves. A symposium is being held this Saturday in La Grande to address the issue.

Australian woman sentenced for vehicular manslaughter

An Australian woman who killed a man with her vehicle argued that it was a drunken mistake in a moment of senseless rage. A judge dismissed her excuses and sentenced her to serve 18 years in prison.

Man accused of pushing wife off cliff for money

Sydney - "Sheer greed for money" motivated a newly-wed man to allegedly kill his wealthy wife by throwing her off a cliff, a New South Wales jury has been told.

Man charged with threatening to kill Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia

A Philadelphia man has been charged with threatening to kill Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and his family in his office building.

Tiger Kills Shanghai Zoo Keeper

Shanghai - A long term employee of Shanghai Zoo has been killed by a Bengal tiger. 53-year-old Li Zhonglin was cleaning outside the animal’s cage when he was attacked; he had apparently forgotten to lock the tiger’s cage.

BBC filmmaker confesses on-air: 'I killed my lover'

Nottingham - In a shocking on-air confession, a British filmmaker and presenter said on a BBC documentary on death, "I killed someone, once." Ray Gosling then describes how he killed his young gay lover afflicted with AIDS. The police have started an investigation.

Man Pleads Guilty to Threatening to Kill Obama

On Thursday a man from Arkansas pleaded guilty in court for conspiring to kill dozens of African-Americans since 2008, including the U.S. president.

Pesticide kills Kenyan boy

In late October, a three-year-old boy in Western Kenya intentionally ate a handful of carbofuran, a lion-killing pesticide, and later was found dead by his father.

Ethnic clash kills 140 in Western China

An ethnic riot between Muslim Uighurs and Han Chinese broke out on Sunday in Urumqi, the regional center of Western China, killing 140.
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CPSC warns home repairs to cribs like this one can be deadly.
CPSC warns home repairs to cribs like this one can be deadly.
Consumer Product Safety Commission
When the drop side detaches at the bottom  a baby can fall into the resulting gap and suffocate betw...
When the drop side detaches at the bottom, a baby can fall into the resulting gap and suffocate between the mattress and the side rail
Consumer Product Safety Commission

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