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Kid News

Man ordered to pay $30K child support bill for kid that isn't his

The state of Michigan is demanding that a man pay thousands of dollars for a kid that isn't his, or he could go to prison.

Image of kid at closed zoo goes viral

Quickly spreading across the Web, via sites such as reddit, is a photo of a child holding onto the bars of The National Zoo gate, the "temporarily closed" sign hovering above him. Does this photo best define the fallout of the U.S. government shutdown?

NHS pays for breast implants, while kid with cancer goes without

An aspiring model was able to get a state funded breast job because she was emotionally distressed, while the NHS (National Health Service) refused to fund treatment for a child with cancer.

Five-year-old runs up £1,700 iPad bill in just 10 minutes

Bristol - In a case of what should have been "don't let the kid near your iPad", a five-year-old boy managed to run up a bill of £1,700 ($2,571) in a mere ten minutes, by innocently buying dozens of costly add-ons.

Watch Kimmel's 'I told my kid I ate all their Halloween candy'

Watch kids give vent to their most sincere feelings of shock, rage and utter devastation as parents confront them with news of the ultimate disaster that can befall a kid in the Halloween season–that the grown ups have eaten all the Halloween candy.

Kid hit by bird whilst riding Kingda Ka roller-coaster

New York - A freak accident took place on the Kingda Ka roller-coaster, as Shane Matus was hit in the eye by a pigeon. Kingda Ka was closed for thirty minutes whilst it was examined, to see what had happened.

Man punches noisy 10-year-old boy at movie theater

A Washington State man stepped over his seat and then punched a 10-year-old boy at a movie theater straight in the face. The 21-year-old man alleges the boy and his companions wouldn't stop throwing food at his head.

Video: 'World's funniest 5-year-old' rants about lazy parents

With all the bad news floating around at the moment, it's time for a whole bunch of cute and funny. This 5-year-old comedian is sure to make you laugh as he explains how parents are just plain lazy.

Viral Video: Boy dances to the beat of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is considered by experts in the field to be one of the most successful musical artists and dancers of all time. Even after his death, his songs cause all ages to instantaneously break out in dance as if Michael's magic is still here.

New Mexico: Billy the Kid problem for Richardson

Maybe a pardon is on the way for the legendary Wild Wild West sharpshooter, Billy the Kid. Maybe not. It all depends on New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson.

Soldier investigated for video taunting Iraqi kids

Washington - A disturbing video of Iraqi children being harassed with offensive language and questions was filmed by a soldier stationed in Iraq. He then posted it to Facebook and YouTube. It was just discovered and the clip is now being publicly criticized.

Boy, 13, accused of shooting brother, attempting to kill mother

In shocking story out of Colorado Springs, Co. a 13-year-old boy is accused of shooting and killing his 9-year-old brother and attempting to kill his mother.

Boy, 8, passes Microsoft IT exam, wants to develop a new OS

Eight-year-old Marko Calasan from Macedonia became the youngest person to pass the Microsoft certified exam for Information Technology (IT) professionals.

The Wii not so Kid Friendly?

The Wii is known for it's "Kid friendly" interface, themes, games, and level of difficulties. But what happens when older people play it? Subliminal messages begin to be noticed, do you really want your kid to be playing this?

Kid Punches Mother and Police Over Halo 3

A young child became so addicted to playing Halo 3 on his XBox 360 that when the ability to play it was taken from him as a punishment, he flew into a rage and punched his mom in the face.

Kid Band Covers Journey!

This kid band does a cover of a Journey song.....

Who Allowed This Child To Play With A Cobra?

This could well be the most disturbing thing you will see today, for the fact that there is probably a parent of this child present in this video.

An iPod for every kid In Michigan?

The crisis Michigan faces is not a shortage of revenue, but an excess of idiocy. Facing a budget deficit above $1 billion, House Democrats Thursday offered a spending plan that would buy an iPod for every school child in Michigan.

What Happens When You Ask a 3 Year Old About Monsters

Come and check out a 3 year old girl being asked a question about monsters, her response was unpredictable and hilarious. So if you're looking for a laugh, come and take a look at this.

The Angry Kid Gets Philosophical

Embittered British kid discusses the future with his father, hilarity ensues.

Rubix Cube Genius

This 6 yr. old is a genius! Can solve it in 38 seconds.

New rules may increase bullying

"Ontario students face a growing risk of bullying, violence and injury because they are not supervised well enough outside class, say Ontario's principals. In a stark warning, the Ontario Principals' Council reports that new limits to how much time te...

I gave a Homeless Kid a Camera

A Homeless kid was given a camera to encourage him and the kid takes some nice pictures.

Boy punished by cold shower

A mother of a three year old boy was left reeling when she found out that the day care she had sent her little boy to had punished him because he would not stop crying, they locked him in the bathroom then a member of staff turned on the cold shower wh...

Kiwi's Can Fly

All done by one student as his thesis project!

Your Kid is Still Fat

Australia, like the US, is suffering from an epidemic of obesity. Why? Blame the parents.

SUV Lands On Teen in Accident

Teenager was killed Saturday night after he lost control of his car, was ejected, and the vehicle flipped on top of him.

New Orleans Schools Turn Away 300

New Orleans public school have placed 300 students on a waiting list while officials are scrambling to open additional buildings and hire more teachers.

Child Brings Cop's Gun to School

5-year-old student at Immaculate Conception Elementary School had a .40-caliber handgun in a small bookbag on Friday, Jan 19th.

How to pick up a date at the beach by a 12 year old!

A clip from the ManShow that I think is hilarious. Enjoy your day at the beach!
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Kid Image

Image going viral online  showing a child at the closed National Zoo in Washington during the 2013 g...
Image going viral online, showing a child at the closed National Zoo in Washington during the 2013 government shutdown
Via reddit
Michael Tompkin
Photo by Marcus Kwan
Kellen chatting to the taxi driver.
Kellen chatting to the taxi driver.
Screen capture from video
Kellen chats with the taxi driver in New York
Kellen chats with the taxi driver in New York
Screen capture from video
Shadow of kid playing in lake bato  part of the photo essay  Fatherless Figure
Shadow of kid playing in lake bato, part of the photo essay "Fatherless Figure"

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