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Kangaroo News

Australian kangaroo killer avoids jail

Sydney - An Australian man who deliberately mowed down at least 20 kangaroos with a truck avoided jail on Tuesday after pleading guilty to animal cruelty, local media reported.

Men wanted for killing and torturing kangaroos in Australia

Sydney - Three men accused of torturing and killing kangaroos are being hunted by police in Australia, just days after a man was arrested for intentionally mowing down emus in another high-profile animal cruelty case.

Brick-throwing China zoo-goers kill kangaroo, injure another

Shanghai - Visitors to a zoo in southeastern China killed one kangaroo and injured another by throwing bricks at them in an attempt to get a reaction from the big marsupials, state media reported.

Man charged with slitting kangaroo's throat

Sydney - A man who allegedly slit a kangaroo's throat and uploaded disturbing video of the killing to social media has been charged in Australia with destroying protected wildlife, officials said Friday.

Rio mayor hops back on Australia Olympic kangaroo 'joke'

Rio De Janeiro - Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes has taken a big hop backwards in what was interpreted as his jibe over sending a kangaroo to an Australian team upset about their unprepared Olympic accommodations.

Heart-warming kangaroo picture wasn't what is seemed

Sydney - This week a photograph of a male kangaroo cradling its dying mate in apparent mourning went viral. Was this simply anthropomorphism? Yes, says a leading biologist and it's just about sex.

Kangaroo boxes with flagpoles at Australian golf course

Victoria - A professional golfer over in Australia was on the course when he spotted a kangaroo battling it out with a couple of flags.

Kangaroo on the dinner menu?

While there are a plethora of benefits to adding kangaroo to our diet, it still is only consumed rarely within the U.S. and Canada.

Photo of Australian Open 'Kangaroo Delay' goes viral

Canberra - Kangaroos are a common sight in most of Australia, but it is not everyday that a major golf tournament is temporarily suspended due to herds of kangaroos invading the course.

Video: Aussie shows 'How to catch a kangaroo' with a shopping bag

An Australian demonstrates how to catch a kangaroo with a shopping bag. The bearded man, it appears, simply walks up to a kangaroo in the bush, opens his bag in front of the kangaroo, and it jumps into it.

Kangaroo genome sequence becomes scientific milestone

The kangaroo has always been seen as a fascinating and intriguing creature to many. Now scientists have picked apart the genetic coding of the tammar wallaby in hopes of discovering what makes these animals tick.

Op-Ed: Woman allowed to keep paralyzed kangaroo 'son'

Broken Arrow - The Broken Arrow City Council unanimously decided Tuesday to allow a depressed woman to keep her disabled kangaroo named Irwin.

Kangaroos receive life-saving dental treatment

Kangaroos at an Israeli wildlife park are having their teeth treated with a new medication which could save their lives.

Horny kangaroo stalking women in Australian Outback

Female residents are complaining about being stalked by an obviously aroused male kangaroo hanging around a walking track at the Honeymoon Ranges of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory, Australia.

Surprising kangaroo sightings in Japanese town

Osaki - The people of the Mayama mountain district of Japan have recently been baffled by a number of reports of kangaroo sightings; journalists are trying in earnest to track the marsupials.

Many Outraged over Kangaroo Culling

Many environmentalists and animal rights activists are outraged by the culling of 140 kangaroos. The incident took place on one of Australia's most famous race car tracks.

Australian Surfer Saves Drowning Kangaroo

An Australian man who saved a panicked baby kangaroo from certain death by drowning has become a media sensation. Meet Neil McCallum, a business speaker turned celebrity who just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Kangaroos are genetically similar to humans

After completing a genetic map of kangaroos, Australian researchers have found kangaroos share many of the same genes with humans, and some are even arranged in the same order as human genes.

Pet dog saves woman from kangaroo

An Australian woman was attacked by a large kangaroo, but luckily her pet dog fought off the kangaroo. She had minor cuts to her face, hands and legs.

Pa. Residents Spot Wayward Wallaby

Crikey, He's Far From Home

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Kangaroo Image

Manta Ray
Three kangaroos laze around in the shade in their pen at a zoo.
Three kangaroos laze around in the shade in their pen at a zoo.
Is this picture all that it appears? A kangaroo in mourning or with carnial desires?
Is this picture all that it appears? A kangaroo in mourning or with carnial desires?
Evan Switzer
YouTube screen capture
Here the male kangaroo s intentions are a littl clearer.
Here the male kangaroo's intentions are a littl clearer.
Evan Switzer

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