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Review: Armin van Buuren releases hypnotic remix of Van Halen's 'Jump' Special

On May 17, electronic superstar Armin van Buuren remixed Van Halen's perennial rock hit "Jump," and the outcome is stunning.

Italian BASE jumper dies in Swiss Alps stunt

Ginebra - A 46-year-old Italian plunged to his death in the Swiss Alps Thursday after crashing onto rocks during a BASE jump, the second such accident in Switzerland in under a year, police said.

Vogt wins first women's ski jump gold, Takanashi fourth

Chereshnya - Germany's Carina Vogt made history on Tuesday, winning the first ever women's ski jumping event at an Olympic Games in a nail-biting finale that left favourite Sara Takanashi off the podium.

Deer herd wait patiently to jump fence, but quickly turn back

A video has surfaced, showing a group of deer in an unknown location. The deer are just standing around, waiting for the others to get over a fence.

Video: Watch Felix Baumgartner's jump from head-cam POV

Newly released footage from the camera mounted on the helmet of Felix Baumgartner's suit shows his supersonic fall from his point of view. The video shows the critical moment he lost control and spun wildly at a supersonic speed of 834 mph (Mach 1.24).

Skydiver survives 13,000 foot jump after parachute fails

Christchurch - A New Zealand skydiver is lucky to be alive after surviving a 13,000 ft (4000 meters) fall after his parachute failed and his reserve chute only partly opened.

Teenager leaps off Golden Gate Bridge for a dare and survives

A teenager on a school trip has survived a 220ft jump from the Golden Gate Bridge into the icy, choppy waters of San Francisco Bay and survived with just a broken tail bone and a punctured lung.

Teen talks woman out of jumping from bridge

Oldham - When 19-year-old Emma Needham spotted a woman sitting on an 18-inch ledge, with her legs dangling over a busy road, she spent about an hour talking to her – convincing her not to jump.

Man opens plane door at 33,000 feet, jumps to death

A Canadian man opened the door of a small passenger plane at 33,000 feet over Northern Canada and jumped out of the plane. The pilots saved the plane from danger and landed safely.

Father Who Jumped Four Floors With His Children Has Denied Murder

In an emotional trail this week, a woman, has had to face her husband in court after he leapt from a hotel balcony with their two young children in a bitter row over their marriage. One of the children was killed in the deliberate fall

Empire State Building Sues Would-Be Parachutist

Empire State Building officials have filed a $12 million lawsuit against the stuntman who tried to parachute from the 86th floor last year.

Ken Block's flying 171ft in a 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI rally car

First high-res copies of this amazing stunt, and no it's not from a computer game, it's a real car with a real driver..

Daredevils Jump From Comcast Tower

Philadelphia Police are searching for two daredevils who jumped off of the Comcast Tower Sunday morning.

66 inch jump

adrian wilson jumps 66 inches

How to jump-start your car

In the "things we should already all know but probably don't" category, eHow has a tutorial (with pictures) for jump-starting your car.

Huge speedbump

Huge speedbump, no sign, high speed........a great combination

Monster Truck World Record Jump

Dan Runte in BigFoot 14 set the new World's Record for a Monster Truck long jump of 202 feet while jumping over a Boeing 727.

Woman And Child Plunge From Overpass Onto 401 Highway

A woman and a child plunged from an overpass into the westbound lanes of Highway 401 Sunday Night.

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Maasai warriors jumping
Maasai warriors jumping
Staff Sgt. Ray Perez-Rosa  an infantryman with Troop C  6th Squadron  8th Cavalry Regiment  jumps ov...
Staff Sgt. Ray Perez-Rosa, an infantryman with Troop C, 6th Squadron, 8th Cavalry Regiment, jumps over a water-filled ditch while on a foot patrol to counteract indirect fire near Combat Outpost Baraki Barak, May 21, 2013
US Army

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