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Review: This week’s releases include people with nowhere to go Special

This week’s releases include life after murder; an uncanny depiction of isolation; a man who can’t “hang in there” any longer; a standoff between two trapped men; a gift horse that’ll tear you to shreds; and a dirty job someone has to do.

'Joker' not a hero, says studio, as Aurora families voice concern

Los Angeles - Warner Bros. on Tuesday denied its controversial film "Joker" portrays its murderous outcast villain as a hero, after families affected by the Aurora theater mass shooting penned an open letter expressing concern.

Video: Injustice: 'Gods Among Us' developer commentary

A new video for "Injustice: Gods Among Us" has been released. In the video, developers give a behind the scenes look of the game which is to be released in spring 2013.

Police say they have foiled another possible 'Joker' massacre

Crofton - Police in Maryland say they have foiled another possible "Joker" massacre. According to the police, a man who called himself "a joker," phoned in a threat to his former employer, saying he was going to "shoot the place up."

'Colorado shooter' appears in court as red-haired Joker

James Eagan Holmes, the alleged shooter in the Colorado movie theater massacre, appeared in court today, sporting red hair and appearing drowsy as the initial hearing was held.

The Joker talks about Streets to Homes in Toronto Special

Toronto - For some it takes just a moment to change their lives. For one man in Toronto it was the unconditional love of his dog. This is 'The Joker's' tale.

New Democrat Joker Posters Going Public

First it was the shocking Barack Obama Joker poster, which debuted on the streets of L.A. on August 4th. Now, as the Senate prepares to vote on the increasingly unpopular health care bill, new Democrat Joker posters are rearing their ugly heads all over.

Original Obama Joker Artist Unmasked

People all over the U.S. have been looking to find the creator of a joker-faced Barack Obama image that has circulated on the Web recently. As it turns out, it was a 20-year-old Palestinian-American named Firas Alkhateeb who was just playing in Photoshop.

Op-Ed: New Obama Poster Depicts President as The Joker

A new poster plastered through out Los Angeles portrays Obama as The Joker. The poster has been identified as mean spirited and dangerous.

Op-Ed: The Dark Knight: A Victory For Ledger?

The Dark Knight is an action packed drama unlike many of the genre. A super hero and a super villain fight it out as people around them die. It was the final full performance for Heath Ledger and one that could garner him an Academy Award.

Belgian baby-killer 'an unusual mass-murderer' says expert

Self-confessed mass murderer Kim de Gelder, 20 who killed 2 baby boys and their carer, was an unusual mass-murderer,' Belgian advocate and expert on mass murderers Jef Vermassen says this man did not want to die: he wore a bulletproof vest.

The Dark Side of The Dark Knight

With the recent release of the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight to record sales the reviews are beginning to come in. Here's what some are saying...

The Joker Goes Unchanged

Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker in the upcoming Dark Knight movie will not be changed. No vats of chemicals will transform the criminal mind of the character, like in other productions.

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James Holmes in his initial court hearing.
James Holmes in his initial court hearing.
Video screen capture
Joaquin Phoenix stars in  Joker
Joaquin Phoenix stars in 'Joker'
Warner Bros.

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