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Op-Ed: More to worry about than bombs and powder

Washington - The not very subtle bombs and white powder envelopes sent to Democrats and US media just before the mid-terms raise big questions. George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and CNN, were the targets, but there’s more happening here.

Teen easily hacks CIA director's personal email account

On Sunday, The New York Post reported that a teen hacker claimed to have gained access to CIA director John Brennan’s personal email account.

Wikileaks: CIA's Brennan on 'witch hunt' when Hastings was killed

A 2010 email released by Wikileaks from a top-level CIA contractor asserts that CIA Director John Brennan, the subject of a story by now deceased journalist Michael Hastings, was on a "witch hunt" against "investigative journalists" perceived as hostile.

CIA chief visits Kiev as Ukraine threatens force against protests

Kiev - As the protests in eastern Ukraine continue with Ukraine threatening to use force to disperse protests and occupations, CIA director John Brennan visited the Ukrainian capital over the weekend.

Op-Ed: New head of US National Clandestine Service ran 'black site'

Washington - An agent who once ran a CIA clandestine prison is now head of the National Clandestine Service. The agent played a role in developing the CIA's interrogation and detention program.

Op-Ed: Rand Paul's epic filibuster

Washington - It's a sad day in America when a Tea Party Republican is the most progressive congressional voice defending our civil liberties.

Senate confirms John Brennan as CIA director 63-34

Washington - The US Senate has confirmed John Brennan as the next director of the CIA with a vote of 63-34. A 60 vote majority was needed for the confirmation. Brennan's nomination was questioned after his stance on the US drone program.

Rand Paul blocking confirmation of John Brennan as CIA head

Washington - Representative Rand Paul is carrying out an old-fashioned filibuster that will hold up for an indefinite period the confirmation of John Brennan as chief of the CIA.

Op-Ed: The problem of signature strikes in drone attacks

Washington - Discussion about drone strikes and their justification has centered rather narrowly on targeted killings that are directed against specific individuals. Sometimes the discussion is even further narrowed to targeting US citizens.

Op-Ed: Benghazi - Spies, gun-running, cover-up, generals, sex scandals

Washington - The Benghazi consulate attack was retaliation by Islamist militants who had been targeted by covert U.S. military operations, according to a book co-authored by a Navy Seal and a Green Beret. The book alleges, Petraeus was betrayed by his body guards.

Op-Ed: The re-branding of John Brennan

Washington - Writing in Al Jazeera, Mark Levine professor of Middle Eastern History at the University of California, Irvine, writes of the re-branding of John Brennan. Brennan is Obama's choice to head the CIA.

Op-Ed: Are America's liberals principled on president's drones policy?

Washington - As U.S. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle urge heightened oversight over President Barack Obama’s use of unmanned drones to kill Americans who are suspected of being terrorists, there are a number of liberals defending this action.

Former FBI agent alleges Obama's CIA nominee converted to Islam

John Guandalo a former special agent with the FBI is making stunning accusations that Pres. Obama's pick to head the CIA made a conversion to Islam while serving in the Middle East.

Torture, drones, killings dominate Brennan confirmation hearing

Washington - Questions regarding enhanced interrogation, drone strikes and targeted killings dominated Thursday's Senate Intelligence Committee confirmation hearing for John Brennan, President Barack Obama's nominee for CIA director.

Articles and leaks help and hinder John Brennan

Washington - The process of confirming John Brennan as director of the CIA has brought forth a number of leaks and revelations that may help or hinder his confirmation.

DOJ: Gov't officials can order strike to kill American citizens

A leaked Justice Department memo reveals the government can order an American citizen killed, even if a terrorist attack is not imminent.

Op-Ed: Brennan's biggest lie

Washington - President Barack Obama's pick of John Brennan to head the Central Intelligence Agency is deeply troubling for several reasons.

Op-Ed: John Brennan — Supporter of torture, rendition, drone strikes

Washington - In 2009, Obama tried to appoint John Brennan CIA director. When it was discovered that as a CIA official Brennan had endorsed the practice of torture, rendition and immunity for telecoms for illegal wiretapping, he withdrew his name from consideration.

Video: Man strips naked in protest at Portland TSA search

Portland - A man was arrested at Portland International Airport after he stripped naked in protest at security search. The incident comes a week after a woman also removed her clothes at Denver International Airport.

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John Brennan  second from right  in situation room during raid on Osama bin Laden
John Brennan, second from right, in situation room during raid on Osama bin Laden
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