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Invisibility cloak News

Invisibility cloak is possible one day

Munich - The idea of an invisibility cloak is edging closer to reality. However, it will be more like something seen in the movie 'Predator' rather than the magic of 'Harry Potter.'

Researchers invent invisibility cloak

Berkeley - Scientists have developed a invisibility cloak that can be folded up, as well as wrapped around microscopic objects of any shape.

Duke University builds first ever invisibility cloak

Duke University has built a 3D omnidirectional acoustic invisibility cloak, which is the first one that has ever been built.

Scientists unveil invisibility cloaks that hide objects and data

Researchers John Howell and Benjamin Howell at the University of Rochester have demonstrated a new type of "invisibility cloak" that can be used to hide objects of almost any size from human beings to orbiting satellites.

'Perfect invisibility' cloak developed by scientists

The idea of an invisibility cloaking device has been around for decades, perhaps made most popular by the late 1960's science fiction TV show, Star Trek.

25,000 invisibility cloaks created by scientists

An array of invisibility cloaks have been created in order to slow down and even stop light. This technique, known as "trapping a rainbow" can be used in a variety of fields from medicine to camouflage.

Texas scientists create 'invisibility cloak' for 3-D objects

Researchers at the University of Texas have designed a coating that makes 3-D objects invisible on microwave scanners. The scientists say the technique can also hide objects in the visible spectrum but now they can only do it for very small objects.

Scientists make breakthrough with 'invisibility cloak'

Researchers have created a prototype "invisibility cloak." The cloak is the first of it's kind to work in three dimensions.

Invisibility Cloak Could Protect Coastlines

Scientists at the University of Liverpool have tested an ‘invisibility cloak’ that could reduce the risk of large water waves overtopping coastal defences.

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Invisibility cloak
Invisibility cloak
John and Benjamin Howell
Invisibility cloak
Invisibility cloak
John and Benjamin Howell