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Intelligent design News

Op-Ed: Ultrasound and gene therapy will someday cure many diseases

Genetic disorders are all caused by errors in the genetic code. People diagnosed with Down syndrome, Hemophilia, sickle cell anemia, muscular dystrophy and many other genetic disorders may someday be cured by ultrasound and gene therapy.

Beyond Darwin: Rebel Scientist Lynn Margulis Honored in Amherst Special

Amherst - A three-day symposium, "Celebrating a Life of Science: In Memory of Lynn Margulis," was held this weekend, March 23-25th, at the University of Massachusetts, where Margulis taught evolutionary science for decades.

Illustra Media attests to the intelligent design of butterflies Special

Dallas - A new science documentary produced by Illustra Media, the film, "Metamorphosis: The Beauty and Design of Butterflies," beautifully validates how butterflies are the products of intelligent design.

Texas to Include the Bible in Regular School Curriculum This Year

KLTV reports that Texas law requires schools to teach the Bible this year. A Texas law declares all public schools must offer information relating to the Bible in the school curriculum. What does that mean for religious freedom in the public schools?

God or Ape, Louisiana Teachers Get New Handbook to Teach Both

This month Louisiana schools will start in earnest applying new rules. Those rules are in a handbook telling teachers how they can teach Intelligent Design. The law was passed allowing it last year, and this year are instructions on how.

Half of Britons Do Not Believe in Evolution

A survey finds half of Britons do not believe in evolution; more than one-fifth prefer creationism or intelligent design, while many others are confused about Darwin's theory

Op-Ed: Happy 200th, Charles Darwin, Some Still Deem You Illegitimate

This is the year that Charles Darwin turns 200. The founding father of the scientific story of evolution would wonder about the deliberations in science today. He has his critics, those who believe his ideas aren’t legitimate.

Op-Ed: Intelligent Design Rules Out God's Sovereignty Over Chance

Both creationism and ID attack evolution as impossible through "blind"chance. They fail to acknowledge that according to same Bible tradition they might like to promote, chance is always under God's control, quite a contradiction.

Texas Educational Board Votes to Deny 'Creationism Degree'

"Big Science in this area of biology has lost its way. Scientists are supposed to be allowed to follow the evidence wherever it may lead, no matter what the implications are."

Op-Ed: Religion Masquerading as Science—'Intelligent Design' is on the march again

Ms. Christine Castillo-Comer, an award winning teacher of over 35 years experience and Director of Science Education at the Texas Education Agency for nine years has been fired. Her crime? She forwarded an email about "Intelligent Design" to a colleague.

Texas in Turmoil Over Teaching Creationism vs. Evolution in Public School

The director of science education in Texas is now unemployed after she forwarded an email questioning creationism. Her bosses say she didn’t remain neutral on this contentious issue, but Christine Castillo Comer wonders if there's more to the story.

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