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Federal Aviation Administration allows for Amazon’s drones

Last Thursday, the Federal Aviation Administration issued an experimental airworthiness certificate to Amazon that will let the company test-drive Prime Air on the American grounds.

HTC CEO steps down to lead company's future tech division

HTC CEO Peter Chou has stepped down as leader of the company to take the helm of the HTC Future Development Lab. He will be replaced by chairwoman Cher Wang.

Researchers achieve 1Tb/sec 5G speeds in lab

Researchers developing the 5G mobile network technology that will eventually replace 4G have managed to transfer data at a massive 1 Tb/sec in experimental lab conditions, blowing away previous estimates of the potential speed of our future mobiles.

A round-up of the fabric innovations at Heimtextil 2015

The massive Hemitextil fabric show in Germany earlier this month yielded a few interesting developments in the world of textiles. As the major suppliers unveiled new designs, the event showcased the latest developments including 3D printing new designs.

Op-Ed: To innovate, examine your value chain

Do you want to innovate with your service or process? Here is an effective method which I use on innovation workshops. It involves analyzing and questioning every stage of your procedure.

Op-Ed: The amazing promise of Silicon Valley through a lens

Sometimes a photograph captures the essence of a time and place better than thousands of words possibly could. It is more visceral, powerful, and relevant than a story comprised simply of letters and words.

Op-Ed: Great innovators are relentless rule-breakers

The song Bohemian Rhapsody was written by Freddie Mercury for Queen’s 1975 album A Night at the Opera. It broke all the rules for a popular music single release.

Op-Ed: Go slower to go faster

There are three things I’m going to tell you in this piece. They are fundamental to understanding your health, the health of your startup, and why things move so much faster in China.

Bike constructors' challenge searches for innovative pioneers

Five teams of creative engineers are being sought for the Bespoked Constructors' Challenge, an event in the UK next year that aims to showcase the diverse range of bespoke bikes available.

How news outlets can innovate beyond native advertising Special

Toronto - At a recent talk by the Canadian Journalism Foundation on native advertising, the heads of Canada's major news outlets were caught off-guard by one question: are any of them doing anything truly innovative?

Op-Ed: Government sector procurement policies inhibit innovation

I recently met the CEO of a dynamic small company in a technology sector. He had some great ideas and was actively working with a large company on an open innovation initiative.

Intel India launches innovation program for students

Intel India has collaborated with the Department of Public Instruction, Government of Karnataka, India to launch Avishkara, a student innovation program.

GoPro plays Fetch with your dog Special

GoPro responds to customer demand with Fetch, a camera mounted harness system for your dog. GoPro expects Fetch to serve as a gateway product to a new, wider target market.

5 startup lessons from great pet stores

A great pet store anticipates what their clients want and always delivers (literally and figuratively). Here are 5 really simple lessons from great pet stores that all startups should adopt.

Op-Ed: Why Google bought Songza — Brains, innovation and advertising

While Google is “organizing the world’s information,” advertising still accounts for its core revenue. Why buy Songza, of all music-focused startups out there? Here's my take on what Songza did differently, and how Songza might save advertising.

Toyota plans to bring hydrogen-fueled sedan to the market

Toyota already has some vehicles in the alternative market. Now they are bringing an affordable new model that harnesses the power of hydrogen fuel cells.

Shaw Prize for Science winners announced

Hong Kong - The Shaw Prize for Science is a distinguished annual award, given to those scientists who have made significant discoveries in their field.

Op-Ed: Don't just do something different, do the opposite

Radical innovation carries great risks and potentially great rewards. If your current plans and policies are not working then think about doing the opposite.

Creativity and collaboration merge on WholeWorldBand Special

New music/video platform WholeWorldBand embraces emerging technology while celebrating the spirit of exploration. Along with giving users a chance to play with their music heroes, it allows a new way to collaborate on and monetize creative work.

Op-Ed: How bar codes revolutionized shopping

If you ran a supermarket in, say, 1960 then you had a problem. The number of different consumer goods kept increasing but how could you accurately price every item at checkout?

Geneva fair showcases all the inventions you need, and more

Geneva - His eyes hidden by sunglasses, the soft-spoken African gestured at the model camel on his table, its hump hidden by a mysterious contraption topped with a windmill.

Global patent filings jump 5.1% in 2013: WIPO

Geneva - The United States and China helped drive international patent filings to a record level last year, and cross-border applications surged to more than 200,000, the World Intellectual Property Organisation said on Thursday.Innovation in engine technology ...

GE to hike pro-environment energy research by $10 bn

New York - US industrial conglomerate General Electric said Monday it would boost spending on environmentally friendly energy research by $10 billion by 2020, including on fracking technologies and wind turbines.The new investment extends and builds on a research...

New gaming app seeks to cure cancer

A new game for smartphones introduced by Cancer Research UK has players analyzing real cancer data with the goal of helping scientists find potential treatments.

Amputee is given a bionic hand (video)

Dennis Aabo Sørensen, a patient with an amputated lower arm, has been given an artificial limb that enables him to grasp at an object and feel it as though he was using his real hand.

Telecommunications companies dial up innovations for 2014

Following the global meltdown of 2008 and subsequent worldwide recession, US telecommunication firms are looking ahead to 2014 as a year of growth for the industry, according to Neeraj Tewari, a telecommunications expert in Potomac, MD.

After booze in a box, now comes wine in a can

Miami - After screw caps, glass-sized bottles and boxed wine, wine makers are starting to market wine in a can in an attempt to cut costs and reach new markets.

The top 10 innovations that are turning us into cyborgs

Technology is the key to a better life on Earth. But is everything technology-related for our benefit? Or are these new inventions slowly changing humans into machines?

Robot band Compressorhead to perform live in New York City

New York - In New York City on November 12, as an extension of its corporate messaging on innovation, General Electric will present a live concert by Compressorhead - a rock and roll band composed entirely of robots.

Op-Ed: Well, gosh! Daydreaming is good for you!

Sydney - Apparently being a vegetative, micro-managing, comatose moron isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. New studies indicate that using the space between your ears for something other than mundane tasks can actually improve your intelligence.
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