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Op-Ed: Ted Cruz continues to deny reality

Washington - Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who has seen his popularity plummet since becoming the focal point in the "defunding Obamacare, no raise in the debt limit" debacle, seems unfazed by protesters, poll numbers or reality.

Bill Moyers calls shutdown 'Secession by another means'

Washington - In an online column and video, political commentator Bill Moyers put words to thoughts that many folks have been thinking since the Republican Party shut down the government on October 1.

Op-Ed: Watergate reporter slams media's 50/50 reporting on shutdown

New York - Carl Bernstein, half of the Washington Post reporting team that brought down the presidency of Richard Nixon with its reporting on the Watergate Scandal, says the current media practice of "false equivalency" is a disservice to the voters.

Op-Ed: Obama to GOP — I got your compromise — right here!

Washington - President Obama took to the stump Monday to remind Republicans of something they already know, but something that isn't getting a wide amount of coverage from the mainstream media that thrives on conflict.

Op-Ed: Boehner says 'no clean bill to raise debt ceiling'

Washington - John Boehner, once known as Speaker of the House of Representatives, went on one of the Sunday Talking Head shows in the US Sunday and threatened to execute the world economy he and his fellow Tea Partiers are holding hostage.

Op-Ed: NYT: GOP strategy session turns into anti-Cruz 'lynch mob'

Washington - A New York Times report Friday says a closed-door meeting of Senate Republicans quickly turned into a lynch mob, with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz designated as the guest of honor for the metaphorical "necktie party."

Woman in DC rampage believed she was being stalked by Obama

Washington - The woman who was killed by police after attempting to crash her car through barricades at the White House and Capitol Building believed she was being stalked by President Barack Obama.

Op-Ed: Testy, angry GOP sparring with media

Washington - On Wednesday, Sen. Harry Reid lit into CNN's Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash for asking basically, "what about the babies" as a reason for Reid to give the GOP what they wanted. Thursday, GOP lawmakers returned the favor by yelling at MSNBC anchors.

Op-Ed: Sen. Reid 'goes off' on CNN reporter's inane questioning

Washington - It was clear that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) was tired of the "false equivalency" that certain media outlets are trying to apply to the government shutdown story.

Op-Ed: Two words for news writers covering shutdown — false equivalency

Washington - The mainstream media needs to bear a portion of the blame for the continuing government shutdown. While it is admirable and necessary for the media to tell both sides of the story, sometimes there is a clear line between who is right and who is wrong.

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