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Immortality News

Meet the social network promising immortality amongst AI users

A new social network is promising users digital immortality and interaction with intelligent, developing AI visitors. Users will each have an AI representative on the site, making posts in the same style as they would when the real person goes offline.

Op-Ed: Kids believe in immortality, regardless of culture

Boston - Very young children, aka the part of the human race who aren’t plagued with educated lack of imagination, believe in immortality, despite coming from very different cultures. A new study has found that human belief in immortality is “intuitive”.

TopFinds: Ai Weiwei's art comes to Toronto, a girl who never ages

The political art of China's Ai Weiwei wows Torontonians. How a girl who never ages could hold the key to immortality. A Canadian dedicates a tribute song to Selena Gomez. Welcome to this week's TopFinds.

Russian hoarded radioactive materials to make his friend immortal

Moscow - According to the Russian Interior Ministry, a Russian college professor who was detained for storing 14kg (30 pounds) of radioactive materials in his home explained to the police that he needed the materials to make his friend immortal.

Russian mogul to create immortality

Immortality is now on the horizon with news released by Russian mogul Dmitry Itskov that he will achieve the impossible by the year 2045.

Scientists say flatworms could reveal secret of immortality

Nottingham - British scientists at the University of Nottingham say they have discovered how a species of flatworm are able to overcome ageing processs and achieve potential immortality. The scientists say their study may shed light on ageing process in humans.

Pioneer of Cryonics and the ‘Prospect of Immortality’ dead at 92

Detroit - Robert Ettinger, the pioneer of cryogenics, died last Saturday after several weeks of health problems; his body will be preserved frozen in liquid nitrogen at -196°C with the hope that medical technology will allow him to continue living.

Giant Squids, Giant Jellyfish and Immortality?

Giant sea creatures are attacking coastal regions all around the world. Some weigh more than a Sumo wrestler. Is there potential for an immortal giant creature from the deep?

Futuristic Ray Kurzweil Sees The Future Of Immortality

A scientific theorist, Ray Kurzweil sees the future of immortality. Kurzweil's whole life has been spent dedicated, and fascinated with technology and scientific advances.

DNA of Stephen Colbert to be sent into space for 'immortality drive'

A video game designer is getting ready to travel to the International Space Station. Once there, he will deposit a time capsule of human DNA, including that of comedian Stephen Colbert. So if the Earth is destroyed, aliens can produce a clone of Colbert.

Immortality Device

I was randomly browsing through the web one day when I stumbled upon a rather interesting article... now I don't know if it's real or not, but the issue caught my attention: being that it's something called an "immortality device".

PayPal Co-Founder Funds Controversial Group Hoping to Make Humans Immortal

Digital Journal — What do PayPal, immortality and $3.5 million (US) have in common? In short, philanthropy and a huge helping of controversy. PayPal co-founder and former CEO Peter A. Thiel pledged $3.5 million (US) to the Methuselah Foundation, a S..

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The vision from the 2045 Avatar project
The vision from the 2045 Avatar project

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