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Hydrogen News

New solar cell generates hydrogen and electricity simultaneously

As part of the quest for efficient renewable energy, researchers have generated hydrogen for fuel cells through artificial photosynthesis. The new device is a hybrid photoelectrochemical and voltaic cell.

Germany rolls out world's first hydrogen train

Bremerv - Germany on Monday rolled out the world's first hydrogen-powered train, signalling the start of a push to challenge the might of polluting diesel trains with costlier but more eco-friendly technology.

Solar-to-hydrogen conversion improved

Berlin - A new study shows how nanostructuring can increase the efficiency of metal-free photocatalysts by factor 11. This development is important for solar-to-hydrogen conversion and boosting energy efficiency.

Essential Science: Zero emission vehicles are on the horizon

Hydrogen may be a small molecule but scientists have big ideas for the element. This includes low cost, high output fuel generation for next-generation vehicles.

Essential Science: Graphene holds the key to next-gen fuel cells

Scientists in the U.S. have developed nanocrystals wrapped in carbon atoms, which they report are critical for the safe storage of hydrogen for new fuel cell technology. The invention is important for future fuel technology.

New catalyst could lead to carbon neutral solar-derived fuel

Australian researchers have made progress towards developing carbon neutral fuel. This is due to a new catalyst which can converts carbon dioxide from the air into a synthetic natural gas, using solar energy.

Gas stations soon to be provided directly by solar farms

Energy technologists have come up with a new method for safely and efficiently producing hydrogen at a central point, miles away from the solar farm. If commercialized this method will lower the cost of producing hydrogen and also for shipping it.

Hydrogen production advanced through electron spinning

Hydrogen is one of the potential renewable energy sources and part of the strategy to reduce the use of fossil fuels. One of the problems is dealing with the generation of the chemical hydrogen peroxide. A new method overcomes this.

The HY4 — a plane that runs on fuel cells and emits only water

Stuttgart - The vision of sustainable air travel took a great leap forward recently when German researchers took to the air in a four-seater airplane that runs on hydrogen fuel cells while emitting only water vapor.

Graphene holds the key to next-gen hybrid cars

A new innovation proves that graphene is the most remarkable material of our times. Graphene nanotube pillars hold the key for manufacturing next-generation hydrogen fueled cars.

Toyota’s fuel cell bus to go on sale in Tokyo in early 2017

Tokyo - Hydrogen-powered fuel cell buses will go on sale in Tokyo starting early next year in another move by Japan to showcase its eco-friendly vehicle technology to the world.

Hydrogen-powered phone battery could provide charge for a week

A British firm has created a tiny hydrogen-powered battery that could let modern smartphones survive an entire week's usage without having to return to the charger. The company has already created a working iPhone 6 prototype device.

Artifical platinum is the basis for cars of the future

Platinum is a rare and expensive metal, and one classed above gold. The metal has a more important use than jewelry; it is proving to be the most efficient catalyst for the power industry.

Clean hydrogen energy can allegedly be produced from methane

Rio De Janeiro - Researcher Fabio B. Noronha claims that he and his team with the National Institute of Technology may have found a way to convert methane into hydrogen energy.

Toyota plans to launch zero-emission 'car of the future'

Toyota executives have announced plans to launch a fuel-cell powered car in 2015. With zero emissions and low cost, the cars are expected to be commonplace sooner than expected.

Making low-cost hydrogen from bacteria

The goal of making cheap hydrogen fuel has been often discussed. Given that some bacteria make hydrogen as a by-product, scientists have looked towards microbes for some answers.

Super catalyst could make a hydrogen fuel cell

Bionic leaves might one day be developed to produce energy-dense fuels from sunlight, water and atmosphere-warming carbon dioxide, with no byproducts other than oxygen. The development of a new catalyst could represent a step towards this goal.

Hydrogen 'fuel' developed from water

A scientific team has produced a supply for hydrogen, a renewable energy source, from water using an inexpensive catalyst.

Op-Ed: The future of the hydrogen car

Swindon - The BBC ‘Breakfast’ programme this morning featured a car made from gold that will set you back £3 million, and another that runs on hydrogen that cost £9 million.

Life Without Oil: Towards a nuclear-hydrogen economy (Part 2)

Are we ready to embrace alternative energy such as hydrogen? Should we invest in nuclear power? These are some of the questions answered in the second excerpt from the book Life Without Oil: Why We Must Shift to a New Energy Future.

Is hydrogen a silver bullet to fix the environment?

Clean energy technologies are on the minds of many who want a silver bullet to fix the environment. Hydrogen and fuel cells are being touted as one of those magic bullets, but are they?

Renewable hydrogen production becomes reality at winery

The Napa Wine Company is conducting the first demonstration of a renewable method for hydrogen production from wastewater using a microbial electrolysis system.

Boeing successfully tests battery-powered plane

Boeing flew a hydrogen battery-powered plane for the first time in aviation history. Company officials said there is a promising future for such planes.

Fly Sydney to Brussels in 4 Hours, Emissions Free, at Mach 5

The European Space Agency is developing a new version of the Concorde plane, only faster and greener; it can fly from Sydney to Brussels in less than four hours using emissions-free hydrogen fuel.

Biodiesel's Production Process Delivers Discovery Of Hydrogen Gas As By-Product

Biodiesel is a renewable energy, alternative to rapidly depleting fossil fuels. Its main drawback is the production of low value crude glycerol, which potentially threatens the environment. But researchers say they've found the perfect solution to this.

His Energy Bill is $0.00

A man uses a combination of solar power and hydrogen fuel cells to power his entire house. The solar power helps to power the house most of the year. This whole setup generates enough electricity to power the entire home.

World’s First Commercially Available Fuel-Cell Car Will Debut in 2008

The first hydrogen-powered fuel-cell car will launch in mid-2008, Honda announced. The FCX Clarity will be available to Southern California residents only at a lease term of $600 per month.

New Permanent Hydrogen Fueling Station in Canada

This weekend, Canada's Environment Minister inaugurated a new $1.6M permanent hydrogen fueling station in Ottawa. Funded by the federal government and Air Liquide, a private energy company, the station is part of a wider hydrogen transportation program.

On Yer Hydrogen Bike

UK-based Valeswood Environmental Technology Development (VETD) have developed a new Hydrogen powered fuel cell that they have fitted to a electric bike.

Fuel of the Future

website is meant for students and teachers to know the fundamentals of hydrogen to be used as fuel and with models
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Hydrogen Image

H2O Power
The Tri-Gen plant will produce enough hydrogen to power about 1 500 vehicles on an average daily use...
The Tri-Gen plant will produce enough hydrogen to power about 1,500 vehicles on an average daily use cycle.
© Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
Toyota will use the hydrogen generated to not only fuel the Project Portal big truck  but also incom...
Toyota will use the hydrogen generated to not only fuel the Project Portal big truck, but also incoming Mirai fuel cell cars arriving at the port for delivery.
Investments in hydrogen storage technologies is growing. Shown here is a High power Ni-MH Battery us...
Investments in hydrogen storage technologies is growing. Shown here is a High power Ni-MH Battery used in the Toyota NHW20 Prius.
Hydrogen produced at the new facility will be used to fuel the Toyota Project Portal heavy-duty hydr...
Hydrogen produced at the new facility will be used to fuel the Toyota Project Portal heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell Class 8 trucks at its Long Beach Port facility.
The first filling station for hydrozine.
The first filling station for hydrozine.
Technical University of Eindhoven/ Bart van Overbeeke
Screen shot from accompanying video of co-founder and CEO of H2GO Power  Enass Abo-Hamed.
Screen shot from accompanying video of co-founder and CEO of H2GO Power, Enass Abo-Hamed.
Cartier Women's Initiative Awards in 2015

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