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Hormone News

Cost of insulin for diabetics more than doubled in past decade

With the growing number of people diagnosed with an elevated blood sugar or diabetes, the cost of the hormone insulin, one of the most important drugs needed to treat the disease, has risen nearly 200 percent between 2002 and 2013.

Report: U.S. could lift ban on transgender soldiers in military

Washington - There could be as many as 15,000 transgender men and women in the U.S. military, although the exact number is understandably not known.

Stress hormone linked to depression

Cambridge - Scientists have identified elevated levels of a stress hormone in teenage boys. The researchers think that this hormone is a signpost of major depression.

Hormone shows promise in halting marijuana dependence

A hormone may lead to drugs that help people curb marijuana dependence. The hormone pregnenolone blunts marijuana’s effects in rats and mice, according to some published trials.

Dopamine - a pleasure and reward hormone? It's one big story

Storrs Mansfield - Dopamine is well-known as the pleasure hormone. One scientist who has researched its effects for decades says this isn't so; it's a "story" and says the claims that dopamine directly increases pleasure are untrue if literature is examined closely.

Hormone oxytocin may keep men from straying

Researchers have found that the hormone oxytocin may have a role to play in assisting partnered men to avoid extramarital affairs.

Researchers link hormone to 'human-like' behavior in fish

A group of Canadian researchers suggest that a hormone that influences human reactions has a similar effect on fish, noting that this behavioral impact has carried through since ancient times.

Unique cancer cells stay after anti-cancer treatment

Scientists found that after treatment, a subset of resistant cancer cells exist in breast cancer tumors. These cells look different, defining a "gene signature" that can be used to develop new drugs against the disease.

Op-Ed: Give Me A Steak and I Can Still Have Great Bed Gymnastics

Are you worried that the only way you can have fantastic sex is if you give up your hamburgers? Don't be. Just because PETA is telling all their vegetarian friends that they are the blue ribbon winners in bed it's not necessarily true.

Scientists discover 'Marilyn Monroe' hormone

American scientists claim they have identified a hormone in the body that is linked to the “hour-glass” bodyy shape in women and their sexual inkling. They have nicknamed it the “Marilyn Monroe” hormone after the famous actress.

Growth Hormone's Link to Starvation May be Longevity Clue

Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have determined that starvation blocks the effects of growth hormone via a mechanism that may have implications in treating diabetes and extending life span.

Roger Clemens' wife accused of using drugs

Roger Clemens' former personal trainer told authorities that he injected Roger Clemens' wife with human growth hormone as she prepared for a Sports Illustrated swimsuit photo shoot.

Hormone Found in Human Urine Could be High Blood Pressure Treatment

For more than 40 years, researchers have suspected there must be a natural hormone that could safely flush sodium out of the body and could be harnessed to develop more effective and safer treatments for high blood pressure, or hypertension.

Hormone Lepitin Controls Our Fondness For Food

A recent discovery by a A University of Cambridge team shows leptin, a key hormone that is responsible for reducing hunger and increasing the feeling of fullness, also controls our fondness for food.

Melatonin: The proven wonder drug?

Melatonin is considered an important hormone that helps regulate our wake-sleep-cycle. Over the past 20 years, store-bought melatonin has nearly made it from fringe to mainstream. With this type of success, it really must have wonderful properties, yes?

Lack of Sleep Causes Old Men's Testosterone to Drop

Less sleep causes testosterone(hormone) levels to drop in older men, a new study claims

Hormone Therapy


Hormone Therapy Does Not Improve Quality Of Life For Women, Finnish Trial Finds

My sister had alot of problems with this threapy and I'm sure alot of other woman do also...

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