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Op-Ed: YouTube fights climate disinformation head on

Sydney - In a world where disinformation is a currency, YouTube has taken the BS by the horns with a new fact check for climate change videos. It is now being accused of being a left-wing organization for doing so.

Op-Ed: Can AI deal with climate change AND human stupidity?

Sydney - It’s official; predicting the weather is now very difficult, thanks to climate change. The weird jet streams, heat, floods and droughts are hitting hard, and knowing what happens next is crucial.

Even short-term heat waves could lead to failure of coffee crops

Coffee drinkers around the world may not be concerned about how hot it may be outside when they have that first cup of coffee in the morning, however, as the world gets warmer, finding that cup of coffee could become a lot more difficult.

Forecasting heat waves 50 days in advance? Well, maybe

Boulder - Patterns of warmer than normal and cooler than normal ocean temperatures can allow researchers to predict heat waves up to 50 days in advance. Previously, 10 day forecasts were about the best we could hope for with any accuracy.

Report warns how climate change threatens U.S. economy

Washington - The U.S. economy could face major, systemic disruption due to climate change unless legislators and businesses alike take urgent action to reduce climate risk, says a new report released this week.

Predicting U.S. heat waves

Scientists have located a distinctive atmospheric wave pattern high above the Northern Hemisphere. This pattern appears to appear prior to the emergence of summertime heat waves in the U.S.

Rising temps make it challenging to beat the summer heat Special

Toronto - Soaring temperatures have prompted a string of heat alerts across the city, as well as many other parts of the province, this year. On some days, it has even been warm enough to fry an egg outside, weather experts say.

Drought conditions worry producers in Central and Eastern Canada

Simcoe - As in parts of the United States drought conditions exacerbated by heat waves worry farmers in Canada. Producers in parts of Central Canada and Eastern Canada may see yields reduced because of drought.

UN weather agency says scorching heat will soon become routine

Cancuc - Intense heat waves such as the one Europe experienced in 2003 and the one Russia struggled with earlier this year may soon become normal experiences, the UN weather agency said on Tuesday.

UN: Heat Waves & Extreme Drought Increase With Climate Change

Scientists who met this week in Beijing, China, fore casted severe drought and searing heat will oppress wide swathes of the earth with increasing frequency this century.

Hottest place on Earth tomorrow? 47C in Australia

In Australia, you can’t say it’s hot until it’s in the high 30s. Recent massive heat waves are atypical, though. About 70 people died in South Australia, mirroring the European heat waves of recent years. But these are breaking records as well.

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By the end of the century  Oregon  Washington  and Idaho could well have more days above 95°F each ...
By the end of the century, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho could well have more days above 95°F each year than there are currently in Texas; babies being born right now in the Southwest could see nearly four additional months of days over 95°F within their lifetimes.
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