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Hand News

Moroccan Prince avoids hand kiss in funny viral video

A video featuring the current heir to the Moroccan throne,12-year-old Prince Moulay Hassan of Morocco, is going viral on the Internet.

Tampa family finds severed hand, 'pirate treasure' in attic [Vid]

Tampa - A family in Tampa was cleaning out the attic when they found an old box containing items collected by their great-grandfather thought to have belonged to the legendary eighteenth-nineteenth century buccaneer José Gaspar.

Man uses hand to unblock live lawnmower, nearly loses fingers

A man who nearly lost his fingers after using his hand to unblock his stalled lawnmower has described the "moment of madness" that followed.

Man chops his own hand off to end years of pain

Mark Goddard, 44, is a motorcycle crash victim who amputated his injured hand with a homemade guillotine to end 16 years of pain.

Luka Rocco Magnotta named as suspect in Ottawa body parts case

Police have identified a suspect wanted in connection with the discovery of a man’s torso stuffed in a suitcase in Montreal as Luka Rocco Magnotta. The torso is linked to the hand and foot mailed to the Conservative party headquarters in Ottawa.

People getting drunk on hand sanitizer

Regina - Police in Regina are picking up people who have become intoxicated from drinking alcohol-based hand sanitizer. They say the problem is most common in the downtown area of the Saskatchewan city.

Op-Ed: Palin's iPalm

Nashville - During a question and answer session on the weekend at the Tea Party Convention of Nashville, Tennessee, Sarah Palin got caught reading hand-notes.

Washing your hands doesn't stop swine flu

Most of us were raised as children to wash our hands after doing some of the most basic of things such as using the rest room, handling money, or going out and playing with other children. However, washing your hands is no defense against swine flu.

The Illusion of a Ghostly Hand in Space

A cloudy sky, images from outer space, the formations of the constellations all make for wonderful Rorschach inkblot imaginings.

Op-Ed: Handwriting? We Don't Need No Reeking Handwriting

"My son, who is in third grade, spends much of his school day struggling to learn how to form the letter 'G.' Sometimes he writes it backwards. Sometimes the tail on his lowercase T' goes the wrong way. [He] may fail the state assessment standards."

Vacuum designer Dyson sets sights on hand drying

Dyson introduces a novel hand dryer, Dyson Airblade to great reviews. It dries hands in less than 12 seconds with a blast of air at ambient temperature. The Airblade costs $1,400 and will be used primarily at Hospitals, Airports, and Theaters.

Feed Wild Birds by Hand

Feeding wild birds like Chickadees, Finches, Nuthatches is not a rocket science, with patience and in a week's time of practice it is easy to do. Once the birds trusts you, then they will feed from the hands without hesitation.

Is Hand Sanitizer effective???

Alcohol based hand sanitizer has been around for years, but the research was never quite clear whether it was as effective against germs as washing your hands.

Glove gives CPR a helping hand

Two engineering students from McMaster University have invented the CPR Glove to help anyone who does not know CPR to perform it on a victim of a heart attack.

Today's New Ideas -- Shopping Cart Handle Sanitizer

Latest invention that helps prevent the spread of bacteria.

Planet Moon drops PSP exclusives

Planet Moon Studios has revealed it now create games for other platforms, after announcing itself as a PSP exclusive developer.

Walt Disney rescues hand-drawn animation

Hand-drawn animation, out of fashion in the computer age, experienced a rescue worthy of a fairy tale on Thursday, when Walt Disney animators announced they would bring back the art form to the big screen.

Point & Shoot: Man Fires Electricity Out From Hand

In San Juan, Puerto Rico, TV repairman Jose Munoz demonstrates how he shoots electricity from his hands.

Doctor Gives Stripper A Severed Hand

A young doctor who befriended a stripper stole a hand from a cadaver and gave it to her after she requested it, she then put it in a jar and named it Freddy.

Man nails hand to wall

A Calgary man nailed his hand to a wall with a nail gun.

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At the IHT Luxury Conference on Friday  Bono described Africa as  remarkable creative  and entrepren...
At the IHT Luxury Conference on Friday, Bono described Africa as "remarkable creative, and entrepreneurial," and reminisced about conversations he shared with friends at EDUN's launch in 2005. "Our African friends said to us... 'Is it another charitable project?' And we're like, 'No, it's a business.' 'Oh thank GOD.'"
Kevin Ito
U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Gustavo Castillo
Dan Strange
Mike Traboe on Flickr
A person pointing a finger
A person pointing a finger
The back of an RFID chip
The back of an RFID chip
Elvis Pépin
A hand covered in the BP oil spill
A hand covered in the BP oil spill
Courtesy Gov Jindal's office / lagohsep

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