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Green tea News

Antioxidant in green tea could help fight TB

An antioxidant found in green tea plant could help in fighting tuberculosis. The compound is epigallocatechin gallate and it can inhibit the growth of a tuberculosis-causing bacteria strain. This may pave the way for the development of novel drugs.

Teen develops hepatitis after drinking too much green tea

A teenage girl from Britain attempted to lose weight by drinking green teen. However, she drank too much of it and she ended up developing acute hepatitis.

Green tea shows promise in killing oral cancer cells

A compound found in green tea could trigger a cycle that kills oral cancer cells, and, at the same time, leave healthy cells intact.

Green tea, raw fish linked to longer life span in women

The Office of National Statistics has released a study on Japanese women and their long lifespan. The report found that drinking green tea and eating raw fish helped lead to an average life expectancy of 86 years.

World's favorite drink now being impacted by climate change

India grows about a third of the world's tea, and Assam tea accounts for over half. Kenya, Sri Lanka and China are the world's other major tea growers, and all these countries lie within an area of the globe known as the "tea-belt."

Study: Green tea blocks effects of blood pressure medication

A new study warns that drinking green tea can block the effects of the blood pressure medication nadolol. Patients drinking green tea had a significantly blunted response to the blood pressure lowering effects of the drug.

Drinking green tea can help you quit smoking?

Chinese researchers have recently come out with a unique recommendation to help you get over the nicotine urge – drink green tea. This recommendation now gets better with medical practitioners in Kerala, India reacting positively to the recommendation.

Green Tea ingredient hinders HIV infection

Scientists claimed that a chemical naturally found in green tea might be helpful in preventing sexual transmission of the virus which causes AIDS. The study recommends that the compound should be used in vaginal creams to supplement antiretrovirals.

Is green tea good for your health?

Many people drink green tea because they have heard fantastic health claims in the media, but how healthful is green tea really?

How to prepare Japanese green tea

Because of the often exaggerated health claims in the media, more and more people have started to buy Japanese green tea, but very few people know how to prepare it.

Does Green Tea Help Keep Aids in Check?

A new research study suggests that Green Tea may help in the fight against AIDS.

Would You Pay $14,000 for A Handful of Green Tea?

A Chinese man pays $14,000 dollars for 200 grams Dragonwell or Lung Ching Green tea. When the Dragonwell tea is steeped in water produces a yellow green color, rich flavor and aroma. It is considered the best of all Chinese teas.

Cute caterpillar commercial

I love Japanese commericials, don't you? Especially when they have a very cute caterpillar.

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