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Grandparents News

Obesity rates higher when grandparents are around

Guangzhou - Are grandparents to blame for obese children? This generalization has some basis, at least in China where researchers have compared obesity rates in different households.

CA grandparents are allegedly using lethal amounts of meth

San Diego - According to government records Southern California deaths from meth have spiked among Baby Boomers. Addiction experts believe declining health and lack of support contribute to the trend.

Senior Millionaires and the education of their grandchildren

According to a 2014 Spectrem’s Millionaire Corner wealth level study, 39 percent of senior Millionaires over the age of 65 consider financing their grandchildren’s education one of their primary concerns.

Review: Xbox 360 Kinect is a great gift for anyone, even grandparents Special

One of the problems with becoming old is the ability to exercise usually declines as aging occurs. The reduction in physical activity can be due to a myriad of health problems such as arthritis or loss of muscle mass.

Missing grandparents rescued with the help of Facebook

New Lenox - Grandparents should be treasured, which could be why there is now an annual Grandparents Day. It is a day of celebration but for the family of Bill Byerley Sunday's Grandparents Day was extra special after a scare when both grandparents went missing.

Marriage advice from grandparents together 72 years goes viral

Move over Dr.Phil, meet the new love doctors in town. Unable to make the trip to their grandson's wedding, Kenny and Selma grabbed a webcam and recorded a message, that the newlyweds -- and the world, are unlikely to forget.

Florida couple arrested after towing granddaughter behind SUV

Sarasota - Two grandparents were arrested Sunday after Sarasota County Sheriff's deputies witnessed the couple towing a toy car behind an SUV with their granddaughter inside.

Calgary police warn Canadians about phone scam Special

People across Canada have been getting called by scam artists posing to be family members in need of money. The scammers tell the victims that they have been in an accident or arrested and need money quickly through a money transfer company.

Kids being raised by their grandparents and the recession

Grandparents raising their children's children are having a tough time during the current recession. While the unemployment rate is lower for those who are older once they lose their jobs it is more difficult for them to find work.

Why we sometimes resent being grandparents

Today, so many young moms who hold a job are relying on grandparents to do the babysitting to save money since daycare is so expensive. But how does the unpaid grandparent feel?

Teen Murderer Who Killed His Grandparents Receives Plenty of Support

Christopher Pittman was 12 years old when he shot his grandparents while they slept, but Janet Sisk still gets up at 5am to drive 100 miles to visit Christopher.

Grandparents Sued for Raising Girl in Retirement Community

Retirement community wants girl out even though her real mother is a drug addict and cannot take care of her and there is nowhere else for her to go.

Parents of 9/11 Victims Torn From Grandchildren

"All I had of my son's was his dog, and the dog died last year," said Barbara Krukowski-Rastelli, who has not seen her grandson, now 15, since 2002.

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Selma & Kenny Wedding Toast
Selma & Kenny Wedding Toast
screenshot/ YouTube
88 year-old Aileen Dendy  a great grandmother bowls with her grand daughter  Lyndsie Armstrong (left...
88 year-old Aileen Dendy, a great grandmother bowls with her grand daughter, Lyndsie Armstrong (left) on an Xbox 360 Kinect system while her great grand daughter watches.
Selma & Kenny Wedding Toast
Selma & Kenny Wedding Toast
screenshot/ YouTube
High definition graphics make it look like the real thing.  In this case  the player rolls a gutter ...
High definition graphics make it look like the real thing. In this case, the player rolls a gutter ball.