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Google Chrome comes to Cuba

Havana - Google Chrome has finally touched down in Cuba. In a Google+ post Wednesday, Google blames American export controls and sanctions that may prohibit the access of certain tools in Cuba.

New vulnerability found in Internet Explorer, Microsoft confirms

Microsoft has confirmed on Sunday night a new vulnerability affecting every version of its browser Internet Explorer. The once popular browser now equates to 26 percent of the internet browsing market.

Google Chrome security flaw exposes your saved passwords

A Google Chrome flaw found by software designer Elliot Kember allows anyone with access to your computer to find out all of your saved passwords with very little effort.

Op-Ed: Google Car can help the blind and beyond

Chicago - one of the biggest barriers for blind and visually impaired people is transportation. It has impacted education, employment, and social aspects of the blind and the visually impaired. That is changing.

New Microsoft commercial takes jab at Internet Explorer critics

Microsoft hit back at Internet Explorer critics Thursday by releasing a new commercial in response to a viral parody of its previous commercial.

Op-Ed: Mobile versus desktop — Windows 8, Mountain Lion 'phone-like'

Sydney - You could be forgiven for thinking that computer design had become more like fashion design reading the information about the new Windows and Apple systems. "Market wisdom" is pitting the boxes against the phones.

Google Chrome browser now lets you open all email links in Gmail

When working in Gmail it can be frustrating to click on the email address link of a friend or business client only to find you see Microsoft's Outlook Express or similar open up with the address pasted in the send field.

Op-Ed: Google TV – How to sell a product that could change the world?

Sydney - If there’s any Google product which is undersold to the point of being almost invisible, it’s Google TV. For a company which usually does things well even when they flop, Google has really been dragging its chain on the TV side.

Report: Google's Chrome 15 becomes world's top Internet browser

Boston - A new report suggests that Google's Chrome 15 is the world's most-used web browser. The global analysis showed that Chrome took 23.6 percent of the market, while Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 garnered 23.5 percent.

Google brings self-promoting ads to Chrome browser

Much in the same vein as their email provider, Gmail, Google has started to roll out self-promoting ads in their popular Web browser Chrome.

Web browser, IQ study discovered to be hoax Special

A recent study linking a person's use of a Web browser and IQ level has been found to be an elaborate hoax created by a disgruntled Web developer.

Google launches Chromebook laptop

Google announced today the launch of the Chromebook, a laptop which allows users to instantly access and browse the web.

Op-Ed: Google Chrome OS ready for launch, says industry buzz

The somewhat-hyped, but interesting, Chrome OS is said to be ready for launch in the fall. This is a lightweight computer operating system, not a PC-style system, the same sort of monster as a Windows OS.

Hands On: Google Chrome for Mac Special

Google Chrome for Macs has been launched. Although still in its development stages, the browser lacks several basic features like Flash for video support but it promises speed -- lots of it.

Op-Ed: Google’s Chrome may just be the beginning of a revolution in browser wars

IE, Safari and Chrome are proprietary software. Firefox is Google-affiliated. But nothing is “just a browser” any more. They’re also marketing tools. Google’s Chrome is seen as both a defence against Microsoft and a possible offense.

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Bustling business surrounds an electric billboard advertisement for Google s Chrome browser; in Nove...
Bustling business surrounds an electric billboard advertisement for Google's Chrome browser; in November 2011 Google began adding its own ads to Chrome's "New Tab" page.
Clive Darr (osde8info)/
New Google search page design
New Google search page design
Digital Journal
Adblock s Aprils Fools Day prank of 2012.
Adblock's Aprils Fools Day prank of 2012.
The browser battle begins.
The browser battle begins.
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Elliot Kember shows how easy obtaining a stored password is on his website.
Elliot Kember shows how easy obtaining a stored password is on his website.
Elliot Kember

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