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Op-Ed: DuckDuckGo — Google Chrome updates list of default search engines

The new update to the chromium engine that underlies the popular Google Chrome browser has quietly increased the list of default search engines it offers, expanding the choices that users can make for searching around the globe.

Google switches on Chrome's built-in ad blocker

Google has enabled Chrome's controversial built-in ad blocker in an update released today. Starting with Chrome version 64, the browser will now automatically remove ads that Google deems to be intrusive. Users cannot globally disable the setting.

Google Chrome's built-in ad blocker to be enabled in February

Google's announced when it's going to enable built-in ad blocking in Chrome. Chrome will strip ads from certain websites on February 15 as Google pushes the ad standards defined by the Coalition for Better Ads. Only non-compliant ads will be impacted.

Chrome's radical new Android UI gets a step closer to release

Google has started to roll out a major redesign of Chrome's interface on Android phones. It features a new navigation bar that's moved to the bottom of the display. Called "Chrome Home," it's available now in the latest version of the Chrome Dev app.

Google confirms that Chrome is getting a built-in ad blocker

Google has announced significant changes to its approach to online advertising. Confirming previous rumours, it has said it will enable automatic ad blocking in Chrome next year. It will also withdraw its own ads from sites that use them irresponsibly.

Google Chrome bug lets sites secretly record from your webcam

A bug in Google Chrome could allow malicious webpages to surreptitiously record video without your knowledge. The warning comes from a security researcher who discovered a way to bypass Chrome's usual indication that a recording is active.

Google plans to add a built-in ad blocker to Chrome

Google is planning to add a built-in ad-blocking feature to its Chrome web browser, according to a report. It will be available on Chrome's desktop and mobile apps and could be unveiled next month. It's already facing scrutiny from industry bodies.

Chrome update saves battery life by throttling background tabs

Google has announced an important change in the latest version of its Chrome web browser that could lead to significant battery life improvements on laptops and tablets. Chrome will aggressively throttle background tabs to stop them using resources.

Chrome hackers use 'missing fonts' to get you to install malware

A new scam and malware campaign targeting Google Chrome users is claiming to help fix "missing fonts." The popup window claims a new font must be installed for websites to load correctly. Clicking OK downloads money-making malware.

Google open-sources Chrome for iOS

Google has open-sourced the iOS version of its Chrome web browser, enabling external developers to experiment with the code and build their own versions. The work has taken several years to complete, owing to the complexity of Chrome's iOS app.

Google prepares to label some HTTP webpages 'Not Secure'

Google has rolled out a beta version of Chrome that marks traditional HTTP websites with password and credit card fields as "not secure." The company hopes the move will pressurise websites into using the secure HTTPS protocol to transmit sensitive data.

Google goes after Safe Browsing 'repeat offenders'

Google has announced it is rolling out an update to its Safe Browsing technology that will filter out "repeat offender" sites. The company said it had observed webpages using flaws in Safe Browsing's implementation to continue displaying harmful material.

Google Chrome now runs 15 percent faster on Windows

Google has announced that it has sped up the performance of its Chrome web browser on Windows by up to 15 percent. The improvements have come from incorporating Microsoft technology that allows the code to run more efficiently.

Google Chrome to make slow PCs a little faster this December

Google has announced that an upcoming version of its Chrome web browser will reduce memory usage by as much as 50 percent. In some cases, even more significant savings could be observed. The improvements will make Chrome easier to use on low-end PCs.

Google to phase out Chrome apps on Windows, Mac and Linux

Google has announced it will discontinue support for in-browser Chrome apps on Windows, Mac and Linux PCs in 2018. It launched Chrome apps to allow developers to build rich online experiences, but it admits better solutions are now available.

Google Chrome to start blocking even more Flash content

Google is preparing for the next step in its journey towards completely banishing Adobe Flash from its Chrome web browser. It has announced that Chrome will soon block the Flash plugin entirely, preventing any content from running.

Chrome bug lets you download full Netflix movies for free

A recently discovered bug in Google's Chrome web browser makes it possible for anyone to download full movies from DRM-protected sources including Netflix and Amazon. Pirates could easily bypass Chrome's copy protection systems to access content.

Microsoft: Edge gives you 50% more battery than Chrome, Firefox

Microsoft has slammed the battery life of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, claiming its own Edge browser allows laptops and tablets to last for up to 50 percent longer on a charge. It is also updating Edge with even more power saving features.

Safari joins Chrome and Edge in blocking Flash content by default

Apple has announced it is joining other major browsers in blocking Adobe Flash content by default in Safari. The change will be made with the next release of Safari and is designed to accelerate the rate of adoption of newer technologies.

Anti-Semitic Chrome extension highlights Jewish names on the web

Google has blacklisted a rogue Chrome extension that aimed to identify Jewish people on the Internet by highlighting their names on webpages. The free plugin had over 2500 users before Google pulled it and its far-right developer from the store last week.

Google disables pressing backspace to go back in Chrome

Google has removed the "press backspace to go to the previous page" feature from experimental versions of Chrome after determining people frequently trigger it by accident in forms. After entering lines of data, hitting backspace can delete it all.

Google Chrome to start blocking Flash content on every website

Google has outlined a proposal to start blocking Flash content altogether in its Chrome web browser. It already disables Flash content by default and is now planning to take this further. It wants to completely block Flash media, excluding only 10 sites.

Save webpages to read later with Google's new Chrome extension

Google has quietly launched a new Chrome extension that lets you save webpages to the cloud for later reading. The extension rivals existing tools with the same purpose including Pocket, Evernote and Microsoft OneNote.

Chrome to dethrone Internet Explorer as most popular browser

Google Chrome is now very close to becoming the world's most popular web browser. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are about to swap places in the charts as Microsoft's aging browser continues to quickly fall out of favour with many consumers.

Chrome app launcher being killed off as Google simplifies browser

Google has announced it will remove the app launcher from Windows, Mac and Linux versions of its popular Chrome web browser. The company is making the change to streamline the browsing experience as few people actively use the feature.

The power of the Physical Web is now available to Android users

The Android version of Google's Chrome web browser now includes support for the Physical Web, the concept of real devices sending notifications and alerts to the phone in your pocket. Google says Physical Web beacons are becoming more widespread.

Major security flaw found in antivirus firm's 'secure' browser

A major security flaw has been found in Avast's SecureZone browser, also known as Avastium, that allows an attacker to remotely read any file on the user's computer, over the Internet. Antivirus firm Avast quickly patched the embarrassing bug.

Google goes to war against fake download buttons

A common trick used by advertisers and scammers is to design fake software download buttons to display alongside websites with legitimate links. Google has announced it will start to protect users against these deceptive buttons with a Chrome update.

The next version of Google Chrome could be up to 26% faster

Google is claiming some impressive performance improvements for the next version of its Chrome browser, due in a few weeks. The use of a new compression engine known as Brotli could let some webpages load as much as 26 percent faster.

Google Chrome can now save up to 70 percent of your mobile data

The Android version of Google's popular Chrome browser now features an enhanced Data Saver mode which can reduce mobile data usage by as much as 70 percent. It is supposed to improve performance on slow networks and lower bills.
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Google Chrome s new  Not Secure  flag for websites which put sensitive information at risk
Google Chrome's new "Not Secure" flag for websites which put sensitive information at risk
Updated Data Saving mode in Chrome Mobile
Updated Data Saving mode in Chrome Mobile
Adblock s Aprils Fools Day prank of 2012.
Adblock's Aprils Fools Day prank of 2012.
Google Chrome
Google's Chrome.
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Digital Journal
Save to Google extension for Chrome
Save to Google extension for Chrome
Elliot Kember shows how easy obtaining a stored password is on his website.
Elliot Kember shows how easy obtaining a stored password is on his website.
Elliot Kember
 Missing fonts  Chrome malware
"Missing fonts" Chrome malware
Mahmoud Al-Qudsi
 Missing fonts  Chrome malware
"Missing fonts" Chrome malware
Mahmoud Al-Qudsi
Google Chrome app launcher
Google Chrome app launcher
Google s Chrome.
Google's Chrome.
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