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Glenn Beck may set astounding legal precedent on public figures

Glenn Beck, the famous conservative political commentator, has created the possibility of a groundbreaking legal precedent while defending himself in a defamation lawsuit.

Op-Ed: Can Glenn Beck reinvent himself?

Glenn Beck made a career on being the "rightest" of the right wing. However he has gone through a lot of changes with his career and life. His persona of always standing up for the right wing may be slowly crumbling.

Op-Ed: At last something we can't agree on, Iraq

Washington - It is often said that Republicans never met a war they didn’t like. That is usually said by Democrats. Republicans say Democrats never met a war they like didn’t like.

Glenn Beck thinks 'Watch Dogs' encourages hacking

Glenn Beck has created a firestorm of laughter and backlash among the gaming community after denouncing 'Watch Dogs' for teaching kids how to hack.

Glenn Beck sued for defamation

Boston - Right-wing agitator Glenn Beck will likely see the inside of a courtroom after suggesting a Saudi Arabian student was partly responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013.

Op-Ed: Note to Megyn Kelly of Fox News: Jesus Christ was not white

Fox News host Megyn Kelly told her viewers Thursday that Santa Claus is white and later added that Jesus Christ was white, too. Well Santa, fictional, can be white if she likes, as others can consider him another color. But Jesus? Not white.

Glenn Beck warns that Obama may create a monarchy

Glenn Beck has warned that Obama may form a monarchy in America, a monarchy that could lead to Americans getting their heads chopped off.

Glenn Beck Vince Vaughn to make reality TV show on pursuing truth

Conservative media pundit Glenn Beck, who recently tried to auction an Obama figure dipped in fake urine, has hooked up with actor Vince Vaughn to produce a new reality TV series called “Pursuit of the Truth.”

Glenn Beck says people criticize Israel due to 'Jew Hatred'

Conservative personality, Glenn Beck says Israel is treated with a double standard in its conflict with Palestinians, blames 'the Jew hatred.'

Op-Ed: OK, what now? Remember all those threats if Obama won?

It’s interesting see an election update, after the decision, where young 20 something gleeks in suits boo CNN and yell, “Turn on Fox!” You have to wonder where reality and the GOP part company, though. How much denial is enough?

Op-Ed: Insane Glenn Beck quickly becoming the voice of reason

Glenn Beck, first New York and now Dallas. Since leaving Fox news his Internet network has been a runaway hit. To go along with his publishing house, clothing line, documentary company, and Mercury One, Glenn's charity/action organization.

Beck: Gingrich is a Progressive that the Tea Party should avoid

Speaking on Fox News' 'Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano,' Conservative talk host Glenn Beck suggested Tea Party support for a Progressive Newt Gingrich was akin to racism.

Glenn Beck: Activists to 'drag you into the streets and kill you'

Conservative talk personality Glenn Beck, commenting on the Occupy Wall Street protests from his web-based GBTV program, characterized the anti-capitalist activists as 'radicals' that will 'kill everybody.'

Glenn Beck compares victims of Utoya shootings to Hitler youth

Controversial right-wing political commentator Glenn Beck has come under further criticism after likening the victims of last weeks Utoya shootings to "Hitler youth."

Op-Ed: ‘I’m not racist’ projection undermines political ideas

Behavioral scientists say one of the methods folks use to avoid taking responsibility for wrongful actions is to accuse one’s opponent of doing it also, and it is that psychological ploy that has created problems for both Democrats and Republicans.

Glenn Beck continues 'fear mongering' Egypt’s new freedom

Many people celebrate Egypt’s proclamation of freedom and promise of democracy as President Hosni Mubarack stepped down paving the way for it. But some say Glenn Beck raises fear by asserting the rebellion was inspired by Communists and fundamentalists

Op-Ed: NYC mosque should be seen as reconciliation not provocation

New York - A New York City panel cleared the way Tuesday for an Islamic Center and mosque to be built several blocks from Ground Zero and the tragedy of September 11, 2001.

Classes begin at Glenn Beck's online 'university'

For those who subscribe to Glenn Beck's "Insider Extreme" package, classes on Faith, Hope and Charity are available online.

Limbaugh declares Census Bureau skipping Republican areas

Rush Limbaugh makes a strong statement that the Census Bureau is skipping Republican areas even as the Federal Government has been on television and the Internet declaring how important it is to count every American.

Media Matters Names Glenn Beck 'Misinformer of the Year'

Glenn Beck made it to the top on the list of outrageous folk but not in some positive way. His brand of "facts" has been highlighted as chief in misinformation for the year.

Town Hit With Massive Bill For Glenn Beck Day

Last month, Bud Norris, the mayor of Mt. Vernon, WA, controversially decided to award hometown boy Glenn Beck the ceremonial key to the city and declare Sept. 26 “Glenn Beck Day.”

WH Aide Anita Dunn: 'Mao is One of My Two Favorite Philosophers'

Senior White House Aide Anita Dunn, who recently claimed FOX News was an arm of the Republican Party, was caught on video claiming that former Chinese Communist Party Leader Mao Zedong was one of her two favorite philosophers. The other? Mother Teresa.

UK Supermarket Pulls Fox News Ads Over Beck's Obama Remarks

The supermarket chain Waitrose has withdrawn its advertising from the Fox News Channel, shown in the U.K. on Sky, after its customers complained at remarks made about U.S. President Barack Obama by presenter Glenn Beck.

Op-Ed: Glenn Beck Crying with a Little Help from His Vick's Vapor Rub

Fox News host Glenn Beck is captured on video during a photo shoot having Vick's vapor rub smeared under his eyes to induce tears as he joked his eyes are getting used to it.

Rock band Muse resist Glenn Beck appraisal

American talk-radio host Glenn Beck had nothing but high praise for British rock band Muse and their new album, "The Resistance". That was, of course, until the band themselves asked for the comments to be retracted.

Is there racial bias in the media? Special

Governor Paterson claimed racial bias in the news? Was he right or was he simply covering his inadequacies? Is racial bias or racism prevalent in news; and if so, how is it manifested?

Op-Ed: Glenn Beck Barks Up The Wrong Tree When Criticizing Van Jones

Glenn Beck's criticisms of Barack Obama's appointed Czars is usually well aimed, but he's wrong when he slams Van Jones for the Green Jobs' czar cries for social justice.

Whole Foods 'Buycott' Scheduled for Sept. 1

In response to the Left-driven boycott of Whole Foods Markets over CEO John Mackey's Wall Street Journal Op-Ed opposing the ObamaCare bill, the National Tea Party Coalition is scheduling a 'buycott' encouraging the public to shop Whole Foods on Sept. 1.

Rush Limbaugh Making Big News On Kennedy, Beck, FCC

Rush Limbaugh said of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, "He was the Lion of the Senate, and we were his prey." Then Mr. Limbaugh appeared with Glenn Beck on FOX to sky-high ratings. Now Newsmax reports that a new FCC Chair called on liberals to go after Rush.

Beck raises questions on Obama aide after advertiser boycott

After the group Color of Change organized an advertising boycott of the Glenn Beck show on Fox News, Beck produces a feature on the group's founder - exposing his influence in the Obama presidency.
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