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Genomes News

New study shows ancient Israelites didn't wipe out the Canaanites

The Bible suggests the Canaanites were wiped out by the ancient Israelites, at least that's what the O.T. Book of Deuteronomy tells us. However, a new genetic study shows that 90 percent of Lebanese are descended from the survivors of the slaughter.

Essential Science: How pythons regenerate their organs

Pythons are remarkable in many ways and this includes the ability to regenerate their organs. Unlocking the genetic secret of this could aid medics who seek to improve the way people, recover from injuries.

Discovery of giant viruses sparks debate over tree of life

The discovery of some new giant viruses in an Austrian waste-water treatment plant has added new fuel to the debate surrounding the origins of viruses.

Byzantine skeleton provides clues to maternal sepsis

While excavating a late Byzantine era cemetery near Troy in modern-day Turkey, researchers discovered an 800-year-old skeleton of a woman. Two calcified nodules found at the base of her chest have yielded the complete genomes of two pathogenic bacteria.

Understanding the genetics of birds

A staggering advancement in genetics this week concerning the genome of birds. A series of eight paper have been published in one journal which present 45 bird species genomes. Previously only five species had been genetically mapped.

Human genomes can be sequenced for $1,000

The cost of sequencing human genomes continues to fall. The company Illumina has said that its newest sequencing system can churn out whole human genomes for $1,000 apiece.

Despite Their Heft, Many Dinosaurs Had Surprisingly Tiny Genomes

They might be giants, but many dinosaurs apparently had genomes no larger than that of a modern hummingbird.

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