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Fuel cell News

Toyota — 'Fine-Comfort Ride' car with battery range of 620 miles

Tokyo - Toyota Motor Corporation will introduce its "Fine-Comfort Ride," a fuel cell vehicle (FCV) that will offer 50 percent more driving range, and include artificial intelligence and autonomous driving features.

Essential Science: Graphene holds the key to next-gen fuel cells

Scientists in the U.S. have developed nanocrystals wrapped in carbon atoms, which they report are critical for the safe storage of hydrogen for new fuel cell technology. The invention is important for future fuel technology.

Efficient microbial fuel cell made from paper

Fuel cells are one of the renewable sources of energy being actively worked on by scientists. The basis of many fuel cells are specific bacteria, and a new breakthrough has been made using a paper-based system.

Hydrogen production advanced through electron spinning

Hydrogen is one of the potential renewable energy sources and part of the strategy to reduce the use of fossil fuels. One of the problems is dealing with the generation of the chemical hydrogen peroxide. A new method overcomes this.

Toyota’s fuel cell bus to go on sale in Tokyo in early 2017

Tokyo - Hydrogen-powered fuel cell buses will go on sale in Tokyo starting early next year in another move by Japan to showcase its eco-friendly vehicle technology to the world.

Disposable battery runs on drops of water

A new disposable battery has been developed. The battery remarkably folds like an origami ninja star, and it runs on only a few drops of water.

Hydrogen-powered phone battery could provide charge for a week

A British firm has created a tiny hydrogen-powered battery that could let modern smartphones survive an entire week's usage without having to return to the charger. The company has already created a working iPhone 6 prototype device.

Human urine can be used for fuel cells

The world produces billions of gallons of urine each day, which is enough to fill 4,200 Olympic swimming pools. Most of us will label it as waste, but scientists are hoping to use urine to generate power for our society.

Toyota plans to launch zero-emission 'car of the future'

Toyota executives have announced plans to launch a fuel-cell powered car in 2015. With zero emissions and low cost, the cars are expected to be commonplace sooner than expected.

VOTO: Charging your cellphone without electricity (video)

For those living in underdeveloped parts of the world, or even those who enjoy camping in isolated areas, charging your cell phone can be a nightmare. VOTO has come up with the solution.

Fuel cell harvests electricity from glucose

Brigham Young University researchers have developed a fuel cell that harvests electricity from glucose and other sugars.

Pentagon Planning to Build $400 Million Solar-Powered Spy Airship

Sophisticated blimp will hover at 65,000 feet and will be powered by solar panel technologies and hydrogen fuel cells. Spy capabilities are constant - as it can remain airborne for 10 years.

World’s First Commercially Available Fuel-Cell Car Will Debut in 2008

The first hydrogen-powered fuel-cell car will launch in mid-2008, Honda announced. The FCX Clarity will be available to Southern California residents only at a lease term of $600 per month.

Boeing working on Fuel Cell Airplane

Boeing works on Fuel Cell and lithium powered Airplanes

Fuel Cells: Is Thin, In?

If this is true it will be a great help to getting fuel cell powered cars...

A Practical Fuel-Cell Power Plant

Nice Technology hopefuly it is Clean and Efficient...

Tiny jet engines to power future laptops?

Just think, next thing will be a 450 Horsepower turbo charged engine for your toothbrush.

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Fuel cell Image

The new Toyota fuel-cell  seen here  is yet to be named  but is expected to be released in 2015.
The new Toyota fuel-cell, seen here, is yet to be named, but is expected to be released in 2015.
VOTO  fuel cell - charges a cell phone from fire.
VOTO, fuel cell - charges a cell phone from fire.
2015 Toyota Mirai fuel cell sedan (right-hand side Japanese version).
2015 Toyota Mirai fuel cell sedan (right-hand side Japanese version).
Configuration of components in a fuel cell vehicle (FCV).
Configuration of components in a fuel cell vehicle (FCV).
This new disposable battery  developed at Binghamton University  folds like an origami ninja star an...
This new disposable battery, developed at Binghamton University, folds like an origami ninja star and could power biosensors and other small devices.
Jonathan Cohen/Binghamton University

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